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Aug 18, 2023
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Aug 18, 2023

Web and Collateral Design for a Tech Company


Brand Vision Marketing was the ideal partner for Tova's website redesign project, demonstrating their exceptional capabilities in branding and website design.

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Tova, a dynamic and innovative cashless tipping system, sought to elevate its brand presence and reimagine its digital platform to better connect service providers and customers. To achieve this vision, Tova recognized the need for a creative and experienced partner capable of delivering exceptional design solutions. After an extensive search for a design agency that could understand and capture the essence of Tova's brand, they chose to collaborate with Brand Vision. Renowned for its expertise in transformative design, Brand Vision emerged as the perfect fit to bring Tova's vision to life and create a new face for its website, logo, and business materials. Together, Tova and Brand Vision embarked on an inspiring journey to revolutionize the way people express appreciation in the service industry, working in harmony to craft a unique, modern, and up-to-date brand identity that would captivate audiences and foster stronger connections between givers and recipients of gratitude.

Branding for Tova by Brand Vision Marketing

Tova's Website Design:

  1. Research and Analysis: Brand Vision began the project by conducting in-depth research and analysis to understand Tova's target market and the user expectations. They conducted interviews with Tova's stakeholders and studied the existing website's analytics to identify pain points and areas for improvement. This research helped Brand Vision gain valuable insights into Tova's core values, brand identity, and user preferences.

  2. User Experience (UX) Design: Based on the research findings, Brand Vision developed a comprehensive UX design strategy for Tova's website. They focused on creating a seamless and intuitive user journey by streamlining the navigation and optimizing the information architecture. Brand Vision also emphasized the importance of responsive design, ensuring that the website would adapt seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes.

  3. Visual Design: To give Tova's website a new face, modern and up-to-date, Brand Vision's design team crafted a visually captivating and contemporary aesthetic. They employed a clean and minimalistic design approach, using bold typography, vibrant colors, and high-quality imagery to convey a sense of professionalism, trust, and sophistication. The visual elements were carefully chosen to align with Tova's brand identity and create a positive emotional connection with the target audience.

  4. Interactive Elements and Animation: Brand Vision introduced interactive elements and animations strategically throughout the website to enhance user engagement and create an immersive experience. These elements included subtle hover effects, smooth transitions, and interactive forms that would encourage users to interact with the website and explore its features. The animations were implemented thoughtfully to add visual interest without overwhelming the user experience.

  5. Responsive Web Development: Brand Vision's development team transformed the visual designs and UX wireframes into a fully functional and responsive website. They ensured that the website adhered to industry standards and best practices, optimizing its performance, security, and accessibility. The development team also integrated Tova's existing backend systems seamlessly to maintain the functionality of the cashless tipping system.
  6. Testing and Optimization: Before the website's launch, Brand Vision conducted rigorous testing to identify and fix any bugs or usability issues. They performed cross-browser and cross-device testing to ensure a consistent experience across different platforms. Brand Vision also collaborated with Tova's team to gather feedback and make iterative improvements, ensuring that the final product met all the project goals.

  7. Results and Impact: Following the launch of the redesigned website, Tova experienced several positive outcomes. The website's modern and up-to-date look aligned well with Tova's brand vision and positioned it as an industry leader in the digital gratuity space. The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation enhanced the overall user experience, resulting in increased engagement and a higher conversion rate. The improved website also strengthened Tova's credibility and fostered a stronger connection between customers and service providers.

Through their collaboration with Brand Vision, Tova successfully transformed its website into a contemporary and visually appealing platform. The redesigned website showcased Tova's innovative cashless tipping system while providing a seamless and convenient experience for users. Brand Vision's expertise in UX design, visual aesthetics, and web development enabled Tova to establish a strong online presence and reinforce its position as a pioneer in the digital gratuity industry.

Website Design Mock up for Tova by Brand Vision Marketing

More detail on Tova's Visual Elements:

Visual Design and Custom IllustrationsIn addition to the overall visual design, Brand Vision recognized the need to provide clear visual explanations of Tova's cashless tipping system to potential clients and website visitors. To address this, Brand Vision created custom illustrations that depicted the process of the tipping system and showcased how things looked on the backend.

Brand Vision's design team worked closely with Tova's stakeholders to understand the intricacies of the tipping system and identify key stages and interactions that needed to be illustrated. They developed a series of engaging and informative illustrations that visually communicated the step-by-step process of using Tova's system.

These custom illustrations not only served as eye-catching visual elements but also played a vital role in educating viewers about Tova's services. They helped potential hotel clients visualize how the tipping process would work for their staff and understand the seamless integration of Tova's system into their operations.

The illustrations were carefully designed to align with Tova's overall visual aesthetic, utilizing the same color palette, typography, and design elements. They were strategically placed throughout the website, accompanying relevant content to enhance comprehension and engagement.

By incorporating these custom illustrations, Tova's website became a powerful tool for demonstrating the benefits and functionality of the cashless tipping system. The visuals allowed viewers to grasp the concept quickly, providing a memorable and immersive experience that went beyond textual descriptions.

The custom illustrations not only showcased the frontend process but also provided insights into the backend operations. They depicted how Tova's system seamlessly integrated with the hotel's existing infrastructure, illustrating the simplicity and efficiency of the backend workflow.

Overall, the custom illustrations created by Brand Vision added an additional layer of visual storytelling to Tova's website. They helped viewers understand the process, functionality, and advantages of Tova's tipping system, making it easier for potential hotel clients to envision the benefits of implementing the service.

The combination of a modern visual design, high-quality imagery, and custom illustrations worked in harmony to provide an engaging and informative experience for website visitors. Through these visual elements, Tova's website effectively conveyed its value proposition, fostering trust and confidence in potential clients while showcasing Tova's commitment to innovation and user-friendly solutions.

Branding Guideline for Tova by Brand Vision Marketing

Improving Tova's User Experience:

Brand Vision approached Tova's website redesign with a strong focus on creating an exceptional user experience (UX). They understood that a seamless and intuitive user journey was crucial in engaging visitors and encouraging them to explore Tova's cashless tipping system. Here's how Brand Vision tackled the UX design aspect:

Streamlined Navigation:

Brand Vision recognized the importance of easy navigation to ensure visitors could find the information they needed effortlessly. They conducted a thorough analysis of the existing website's navigation structure and simplified it to provide a clear and logical flow. The navigation menu was strategically organized, allowing users to access different sections of the website with minimal effort.

Responsive Design:

Brand Vision recognized the need for Tova's website to be accessible across various devices and screen sizes. They adopted a responsive design approach, ensuring that the website seamlessly adapted to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. This responsiveness allowed users to have a consistent experience and access the website's features and functionalities regardless of the device they were using.

Intuitive User Flows:

To guide users through the website, Brand Vision designed intuitive user flows. They analyzed user behaviors and anticipated their needs at each stage of the customer journey. By strategically placing call-to-action buttons and relevant links, Brand Vision encouraged users to take desired actions such as signing up for the service, learning more about specific features, or contacting the Tova team for inquiries.

Accessibility Considerations:

Brand Vision was committed to ensuring that Tova's website was accessible to a wide range of users. They followed accessibility best practices, including the use of alternative text for images, appropriate color contrast, and keyboard navigation compatibility. These considerations ensured that users with disabilities or impairments could access and navigate the website effectively.

User Testing and Iterative Improvements:

Brand Vision conducted user testing sessions throughout the design and development process. They invited participants to navigate the website and provide feedback on its usability, intuitiveness, and overall experience. This iterative approach allowed Brand Vision to identify pain points, address usability issues, and make continuous improvements to the user experience.

By focusing on creating a seamless and intuitive user experience, Brand Vision transformed Tova's website into a platform that effortlessly guided visitors through the cashless tipping system's features, benefits, and implementation process. The result was a user-friendly interface that left a positive and lasting impression, enhancing engagement and encouraging visitors to explore Tova's services further.

Isometric Mockup of Tova Mobile by Brand Vision

Tova's QR Code Card Designs:

  1. Research and Requirements Gathering: Brand Vision initiated the design process by conducting research and gathering requirements for Tova's QR Code cards. They collaborated closely with Tova's team to understand the specific needs and use cases for these cards. This involved identifying the different sizes required, such as table tent, post card, and business card, and understanding the branding guidelines of each hotel to ensure a unique and customized design for each card.

  2. Concept Development: Based on the gathered requirements and insights, Brand Vision's design team brainstormed creative concepts for the QR Code cards. They explored various design directions that would align with Tova's brand identity and the unique branding of each hotel. The team considered factors like color schemes, typography, and visual elements that would complement the overall aesthetic and create a cohesive brand experience across different card sizes.

  3. Visual Design and Branding: Once the concept direction was finalized, Brand Vision started the visual design process. They integrated Tova's branding elements, such as the logo, color palette, and typography, to ensure consistency with Tova's overall brand identity. Additionally, they incorporated the specific branding elements of each hotel, such as the hotel logo, colors, and any unique visual assets, into the design. This customization allowed the QR Code cards to be distinctly branded and reflective of the individual hotel's identity.

  4. Size Considerations and Layout Design: Brand Vision designed each QR Code card to fit its specific size and intended use. For table tents, they focused on creating an eye-catching design that would attract guests' attention and fit seamlessly on restaurant tables. Postcard-sized cards were designed to convey the necessary information about the tipping system while maintaining an appealing visual layout. Business card-sized cards aimed to be compact yet informative, making it easy for guests to carry them and access the QR code easily. The layout design involved strategically placing the QR code, Tova's branding elements, and any relevant information to ensure clarity and readability.

  5. QR Code Integration: Brand Vision ensured that the QR code was seamlessly integrated into the design of each card size. They carefully positioned the QR code in a prominent and easily scannable location, ensuring that users could effortlessly scan it with their smartphones. The QR code was visually enhanced to make it visually appealing while maintaining its scannability.

  6. Iterative Design and Feedback: Throughout the design process, Brand Vision engaged in iterative design and sought feedback from Tova's team. They shared design iterations, allowing for collaboration and adjustments based on feedback received. This iterative approach ensured that the final design of the QR Code cards met the expectations and needs of both Tova and the individual hotels.

  7. Finalization and Delivery: After incorporating feedback and making necessary revisions, Brand Vision finalized the designs of the QR Code cards. They prepared the files for production, ensuring that they met the specifications required for printing in various sizes. Brand Vision delivered the final design files to Tova, ready for production and distribution to the respective hotels.

By following this design process, Brand Vision created a series of QR Code cards that were customized to each hotel's branding while maintaining a consistent and recognizable Tova brand identity. These cards provided a visually appealing and user-friendly way for guests to access the tipping system, further enhancing the overall experience and engagement between guests and hotel staff.

All new Post Design for Tova by Brand Vision
Post card mock up for Tova by Brand Vision

Tova's Logo Redesign:

  1. Evaluation and Analysis: Brand Vision began the logo redesign process by evaluating Tova's existing logo and understanding the reasons behind the need for a facelift. They analyzed the logo's strengths and weaknesses, considering factors such as relevance, visual appeal, scalability, and alignment with Tova's brand identity. This evaluation provided a foundation for identifying areas of improvement and setting the direction for the redesign.

  2. Brand Discovery: To gain a deeper understanding of Tova's brand, values, and target audience, Brand Vision conducted brand discovery sessions with Tova's stakeholders. They explored Tova's mission, unique selling points, and desired brand image. This process helped clarify the message that the new logo should convey and ensured that the redesigned logo would align closely with Tova's brand vision.

  3. Concept Development: Based on the insights gathered during the evaluation and brand discovery phases, Brand Vision's design team embarked on the concept development stage. They brainstormed a range of design directions and explored various visual elements, typography styles, and color palettes that could effectively represent Tova's brand values and resonate with its target audience. The team considered elements that would symbolize the essence of Tova's cashless tipping system and the connection between service providers and customers.

  4. Typography Selection: Brand Vision recognized that typography played a crucial role in the logo's visual impact and brand representation. They carefully selected a typography style that reflected Tova's desired image and brand personality. The typography needed to strike a balance between being modern, approachable, and conveying a sense of professionalism and trust. The chosen typography was refined to ensure legibility, scalability, and a strong visual presence across various applications.

  5. Color Palette: Brand Vision considered the power of color in communicating emotions and evoking desired responses from the audience. They reviewed Tova's existing color palette and explored different options to create a refreshed and cohesive color scheme. The new color palette was designed to convey Tova's brand attributes, such as trust, innovation, and positivity. The colors were carefully chosen to enhance the logo's visual appeal, ensuring that it would stand out and be memorable.

  6. Spacing and Visual Balance: Brand Vision paid close attention to the spacing and visual balance within the logo design. They carefully adjusted the letter spacing and kerning to create a harmonious and visually pleasing composition. This ensured that each letter in the logo was legible and had the right amount of breathing space, contributing to a balanced and polished overall design.

  7. Iterative Design and Feedback: Throughout the logo redesign process, Brand Vision engaged in an iterative design approach. They shared design concepts and variations with Tova's team, actively seeking feedback and incorporating revisions based on the input received. This collaborative process ensured that the final logo design met Tova's expectations and effectively represented its brand identity.

  8. Finalization and Delivery: After incorporating feedback and making necessary refinements, Brand Vision finalized the redesigned logo. They delivered the logo files to Tova in various formats, ensuring its versatility and adaptability across different digital and print platforms. Brand Vision provided comprehensive guidelines for logo usage, including specifications for size, color variations, and clear space requirements, to ensure consistent and cohesive brand representation.

By following this logo redesign process, Brand Vision successfully revitalized Tova's logo. The improved logo featured an updated color palette that reflected Tova's brand attributes, typography that conveyed a modern and trustworthy image, and carefully balanced spacing to create a visually pleasing composition. The new logo became a powerful symbol that represented Tova's brand identity and effectively communicated its values to customers and stakeholders.

Logo design fot Tova by Brand Vision Marketing

Tova's Business Card Design:

  1. Branding Guidelines: Brand Vision began the business card design process by referring to Tova's branding guidelines. These guidelines provided essential information on Tova's brand identity, including the logo, color palette, typography, and overall visual style. By following these guidelines, Brand Vision ensured that the business card design would align seamlessly with Tova's existing brand image.

  2. Design Exploration: To create a unique and memorable business card for Tova, Brand Vision's design team embarked on an exploration of design concepts. They brainstormed various layouts, visual elements, and compositions that would capture the essence of Tova's brand while standing out from traditional business card designs. The team sought innovative ways to incorporate Tova's branding elements into the design, such as the logo, colors, and typography.

  3. Color Palette: Brand Vision considered Tova's color palette when designing the business card. They selected colors that complemented the brand's existing colors, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials. The chosen colors evoked the desired emotions and reflected Tova's brand attributes, such as trust, innovation, and positivity. These colors were strategically applied to the business card design, creating visual interest and enhancing brand recognition.

  4. Typography and Layout: Brand Vision paid careful attention to typography selection and layout design. They used typography that aligned with Tova's brand personality, ensuring legibility and visual appeal. The typography choices were consistent with Tova's overall branding and reflected a modern and professional style. The layout of the business card was carefully crafted to maximize readability and present information in a clear and organized manner. Strategic placement of text, logo, and contact details contributed to a visually balanced composition.

  5. Branding Integration: To make the business card unique and reflective of Tova's brand, Brand Vision integrated Tova's branding elements thoughtfully. They incorporated the Tova logo in a prominent position on the business card, ensuring it was instantly recognizable. Additionally, they utilized visual elements, patterns, or graphics inspired by Tova's cashless tipping system to create a visually engaging design. The goal was to create a business card that would leave a lasting impression and reinforce Tova's brand identity in the minds of recipients.

  6. Spacing and Proportions: Brand Vision paid close attention to spacing and proportions within the business card design. They ensured that elements on the card had sufficient breathing space, allowing for easy readability and visual balance. Consistent spacing and alignment between different elements, such as the logo, text, and contact details, created a cohesive and professional look. Attention to these details contributed to a visually pleasing and polished business card.

  7. Proofing and Feedback: Throughout the design process, Brand Vision engaged in proofing and sought feedback from Tova's team. They shared design iterations and received input on the overall design, color choices, typography, and branding integration. This collaborative process ensured that the final business card design met Tova's expectations and effectively represented its brand identity.

  8. Finalization and Delivery: After incorporating feedback and making necessary refinements, Brand Vision finalized the business card design. They prepared the design files for printing, ensuring they met industry-standard specifications for size, resolution, and color profiles. Brand Vision delivered the final design files to Tova, ready for production and distribution.

By following this business card design process, Brand Vision created a unique and memorable business card for Tova. The design integrated Tova's branding elements, including the logo, colors, and typography, in a visually appealing and cohesive manner. The layout, spacing, and proportions were carefully considered to ensure readability and create a professional aesthetic. The final business card design became a powerful tool for representing Tova's brand identity and leaving a positive impression on recipients.

Business Card design for Tova by Brand Vision

Our Impact:

Brand Vision's partnership with Tova had a transformative impact on both the website and collateral designs, enhancing Tova's brand image and overall visual identity. Through their expertise in design and branding, Brand Vision successfully elevated Tova's online platform to a new level of sophistication and user-friendliness.

In regards to Tova's website, Brand Vision's meticulous attention to detail resulted in a visually captivating and modern online platform. By incorporating Tova's branding elements, such as the logo, color palette, and typography, they created a cohesive and memorable visual identity. The user experience (UX) design strategies implemented by Brand Vision ensured a seamless and intuitive navigation flow, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore Tova's services and understand the benefits of their cashless tipping system.

Additionally, Brand Vision's impact extended to Tova's collateral designs, which played a crucial role in supporting Tova's marketing efforts. With their expertise in graphic design, typography, and color theory, Brand Vision crafted visually appealing and consistent brand collaterals. These collaterals, including brochures, business cards, and stationery, reflected the modern and up-to-date visual identity established for Tova, contributing to a cohesive brand presence across various touchpoints.

Overall, Brand Vision's collaboration with Tova left a lasting impact on their website and collateral designs. The transformed website provided a seamless and engaging user experience, effectively conveying Tova's value proposition and strengthening their brand identity. The visually appealing and consistent collateral designs further reinforced Tova's brand image, ensuring a cohesive and professional representation in their marketing materials. Through their expertise, Brand Vision successfully brought Tova's brand vision to life, leaving a lasting impression on both current and potential clients.

Full page website design for Tova by Brand Vision Marketing

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