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Aug 6, 2023
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Aug 6, 2023

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Sylvestre & Co

Brand Vision developed a sleek and professional website for Sylvestre & Co., showcasing their corporate image through a modern design. The website offers effortless navigation and visually engaging animations, complemented by custom graphic design work.

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Brand Vision developed a sleek and professional website for Sylvestre & Co., showcasing their corporate image through a modern design. The website offers effortless navigation and visually engaging animations, complemented by custom graphic design work.


Sylvestre & Co. is a highly reputable and award-winning qualitative research agency with a rich history spanning over 50 years and three generations of ownership. With a global reach and an unwavering commitment to building meaningful human-scale connections, Sylvestre & Co. offers a unique and insightful approach to helping businesses grow and succeed. Sylvestre & Co. provides valuable insights and recommendations to companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in today's ever-changing market through their highly intentional qualitative research designs.

The Website:

After research and evaluation of the clients requirements, the Brand Vision team decided to use Webflow for building the website. Webflow is a website design and development platform. Webflow offers a visual drag-and-drop interface that allows for the creation of custom, responsive designs without requiring coding skills. One of the main benefits of using Webflow is the flexibility it provides for creating unique and visually appealing designs. The platform's powerful visual editing tools, along with its extensive library of design elements and templates, enable designers to create beautiful and engaging websites that are tailored to their clients' specific needs and preferences.

In addition to its design capabilities, Webflow also offers advanced functionality that allows for the creation of dynamic and interactive elements such as custom animations, complex forms, and e-commerce capabilities. This provides Sylvestre & Co. with the ability to create a rich and engaging user experience that helps to increase visitor engagement and drive conversions.

Another benefit of using Webflow is the ease of content management it provides. The platform's content management system (CMS) allows for easy editing and updating of content, giving Sylvestre & Co. the ability to quickly make changes and updates to their website as needed.

Finally, Webflow provides robust hosting and security features that ensure the website is fast, reliable, and secure. The platform's built-in SEO tools also help to ensure that the website is optimized for search engines, helping to improve its visibility and reach.

Overall, Webflow provides Sylvestre & Co. with a powerful and flexible platform for designing and developing a custom website that meets their unique needs and helps to drive business success.

Key Features:

The end result of this project is a sleek and professional website with a clean and modern design, simple navigation, engaging animations, and custom graphic design work. This new website effectively showcases the expertise and capabilities of Sylvestre & Co. and sets them apart in their industry.

- Multi-language support: This website was developed to cater to a diverse audience, with the added feature of being accessible in English and French. This ensures that the website is easily accessible and understandable to a wider range of users, regardless of their preferred language. 

- Custom-made interactive animations: The website features custom-made animations that engage visitors and enhance their overall experience. These animations are seamlessly integrated into the design, adding a dynamic and interactive element to the website.

- User-friendly design: The Sylvestre & Co. website was designed with the user in mind, prioritizing a user-friendly and intuitive experience. This was achieved by optimizing the layout and navigation for ease of use and designing for various screen sizes and devices.

- SEO Strategy: The Sylvestre & Co. website was optimized for search engines, with Brand Vision implementing an effective SEO strategy to improve its ranking and visibility in search results. This included optimizing the website's content, meta tags, and technical elements to attract search engines.

- Speed Optimization: Speed and screen optimization are crucial for a successful website, and the Brand Vision team paid close attention to these aspects in their redesign of Sylvestre & Co.'s website. This ensures the website loads quickly and performs smoothly for users, regardless of their device or internet connection.

- Screen Optimization: The Sylvestre & Co. website was optimized for different screen sizes and devices through the use of responsive design techniques. This allows the website's layout and content to adjust automatically to fit the size and resolution of the user's device, delivering a seamless and consistent experience across all devices.

- Mobile Optimization: The Sylvestre & Co. website was optimized for mobile use, with a layout and navigation system designed for smaller screens and features optimized for mobile users. The mobile version of the website automatically adjusts to fit the device's dimensions, providing a consistent and seamless experience for users on any device.

The Design:

When building a website, the use of color is an important aspect of the design process. In the case of a website built with Webflow, the platform provides users with pre-defined primary and secondary color palettes to choose from, as well as the ability to create custom colors.

By using Webflow's color palettes, designers can ensure that the color choices are consistent and complementary throughout the website, which creates a cohesive visual identity. This consistency and harmony in color choices can enhance the overall aesthetic of the site, making it more appealing to users and reinforcing the brand's identity.

Additionally, integrating color in graphic design elements, such as images, icons, and typography, can add visual interest and provide emphasis on important elements. When used strategically, color can also guide the user's eye and improve the user experience.

Overall, Webflow's use of color palettes and its design tools provide a way to carefully plan and execute a unified color scheme that contributes to a visually pleasing and effective website design.

The Animation:

Animations are an important aspect of modern web design as they add an interactive and engaging element to the user experience. In the case of this website built with Webflow, our team explored different variations of animations for each custom graphic design element to ensure that they were both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

We aimed to strike a balance between providing an engaging user experience and ensuring the website's performance was not impacted by excessive animation. Our team of developers tested each animation to ensure that they were optimized for speed and functionality across various devices and browsers. Ultimately, our approach to animation was aimed at creating an immersive experience for the user while ensuring a fast and reliable website.

Our Steps:

- Before embarking on the redesign of Sylvestre & Co's website, the Brand Vision team conducted a comprehensive research phase. This involved analyzing Sylvestre & Co's competitors, target audience, and key trends in their industry. The team also identified the best practices in the field to ensure that the finished website would meet the specific needs and goals of the company.

- To ensure a smooth and organized design process, the Brand Vision team created a detailed project plan. This plan outlined the design and development tasks that needed to be completed, along with timelines and milestones for the project. The project was organized in Asana.

- During the design phase, the Brand Vision team created wireframes and mockups of the website's layout and visual design. We used Figma as the tool for designing this project. These designs were then tested and refined based on user feedback, ensuring that the final design would be user-friendly and intuitive.

- The development phase involved building the website using Webflow. The team integrated various features and elements as outlined in the project plan, including an SEO strategy to improve the website's search engine ranking and visibility. The website's content, meta tags, and technical elements were optimized to make it more attractive to search engines.

- Before launching the website, the Brand Vision team conducted thorough testing to ensure that it was functioning properly and that all elements were working as expected. This included testing the website on different devices and screen sizes, as well as testing the website's speed and performance.

- After successfully completing the testing phase, the website was officially launched and made live on the internet. The Brand Vision team provided training and support to the Sylvestre & Co team to ensure that they were able to manage and maintain the website efficiently. With a focus on user-friendliness, optimized performance, and a modern, professional design, Sylvestre & Co's website was effectively revitalized by the Brand Vision team.

The Impact:

The new website developed by Brand Vision has had a significant impact on Sylvestre & Co. By enhancing their online presence, Sylvestre & Co is better positioned to reach a wider audience and connect with its customers more effectively. The new website's sleek, modern, and professional appearance aligns with the essence of the Sylvestre & Co brand. The site's easy-to-use navigation system allows visitors to find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently. The interactive animations, coupled with the custom graphic design elements, create a unique look and feel that elevates the visual appeal of the site.

One of the most significant impacts of the new website is the seamless user experience it delivers. The website is optimized for performance and can be viewed seamlessly on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. By providing a consistent and engaging user experience, the website has made it easier for Sylvestre & Co to connect with its customers and potential clients.

In conclusion, the redesigned website by Brand Vision has provided Sylvestre & Co with a professional and engaging online presence. By delivering a seamless user experience, the website has made it easier for Sylvestre & Co to connect with its customers, share its message, and continue to grow its business. The innovative and dynamic design of the website, combined with its strategic use of custom graphic design elements, has enabled Sylvestre & Co to stand out from its competitors and showcase its brand to its full potential.

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