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Aug 1, 2023
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Aug 1, 2023

Web Design for Real Estate Company

Leaside Blvd

Brand Vision Marketing flawlessly executed a branding and website design project for Leaside Blvd Residences, an exciting pre-construction project coming soon.

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Leaside Blvd
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Brand Vision Marketing beautifully designed and created a branding and web design project for Leaside Blvd Residences, a pre-construction development coming soon.

The comprehensive branding initiative encompassed meticulous brand research, strategic brand development, captivating visual identity creation, and an array of stunning brand collaterals. As for the website, Brand Vision crafted a captivating user experience with exquisite graphic design, thoughtfully designed iconography and copywriting of the Leaside Blvd website content.

In the competitive landscape of real estate, our team at Brand Vision Marketing took on the exciting challenge of crafting an all-encompassing branding and website design strategy for The Leaside Blvd Residences. Collaborating closely with the client, our team delved into their ideas, vision, and goals, allowing us to create a seamless brand identity that beautifully encapsulates the essence of this extraordinary project.

Meticulously, Brand Vision designed a sleek and contemporary website that serves as a stunning showcase for the development's captivating architecture and opulent features. With its lightning-fast loading speed, top-notch imagery, and comprehensive details about the project, the website also boasts interactive tools empowering prospective buyers to explore available units and amenities with ease.

Brand Vision being the leading real estate marketing agency in Canada and Toronto, our expertise in branding and website design ensured that The Leaside Blvd Residences received a powerful marketing service. Our team effectively communicated the project's unique value proposition, igniting curiosity and interest among potential buyers, and making it stand out in the crowded market.

Brand Vision Marketing skillfully crafted persuasive and captivating copy for Leaside Blvd Residences, showcasing its unique features and elevating its position in the competitive market. The compelling language drove interest, built trust, and contributed to the project's overall success. Additionally, Brand Vision Marketing used impactful iconography to convey Leaside Blvd Residences' essence simply and engagingly, making the visual identity cohesive and memorable.

Brand Vision Marketing maximized efficiency and organization by utilizing Asana, a powerful project management tool, for The Leaside Blvd Residences project. Asana streamlined task assignments, progress tracking, and transparent communication, ensuring a seamless collaboration among team members. The result was timely delivery, agile adaptation, and an exceptional outcome for the project.

Branding For The Leaside Blvd Residences

In the fiercely competitive real estate market, Brand Vision Marketing was entrusted with the mission of solidifying The Leaside Blvd Residences as a symbol of luxury. To achieve this, Brand Vision Team embarked on a comprehensive branding journey, meticulously crafting the following key components:

  1. Brand Research 

Brand Vision Marketing tackled a comprehensive brand research expedition, delving deep into what The Leaside Blvd Residences is up against in the pre-development market. Our objective was to gain an all-encompassing understanding of their target audience, decipher the strategies of their competitors, and navigate the ever-changing currents of the real estate market. Analyzing consumer behaviour, market trends, and competitor positioning, we learned invaluable insights that became the bedrock of our transformative branding approach.

  1. Brand Strategy

Drawing upon the knowledge our team gathered during the brand research stage, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive branding strategy for The Leaside Blvd Residences. Within its pages, we masterfully defined the development's unique selling points, revealing its captivating brand personality and establishing a distinctive and resonant brand voice. With each carefully chosen word, our strategy artfully emphasized the allure of the luxurious and modern living experience offered by The Leaside Blvd Residences. We painted an exquisite ideology that positioned The Leaside Blvd Residences pre-development as the ultimate sanctuary for discerning individuals seeking a life of sophistication.

  1. Visual Identity

Infused with inspiration, our team then brought The Leaside Blvd Residences' vision to life through a visual identity that breathed modern luxury, elegance, and refinement. The logo, a seamless fusion of sleek design and sophistication, became the very essence of the pre-development. Adorned with a moody natural colour palette, it artfully reflected the surrounding beauty of nature and gracefully embraced the neutrality of city life. We carefully curated a captivating set of typography and imagery guidelines, ensuring each brushstroke and letter aligned perfectly, creating a symphony of brand consistency across every marketing material.

  1. Brand Collateral

To enrich The Leaside Blvd Residences' brand journey, we curated a delightful collection of brand collateral that resonated with the vision of our clients and the hearts of potential buyers. From the enchanting fence coverage to the distinguished stationery, the striking signage to the memorable letterheads, the alluring business cards to the signature email signatures, the captivating corporate presentation to the grand hoardings and banners, and the informative brochures, each piece was a work of art. We harmoniously showcased the development's unique selling points, crafting a cohesive and unforgettable brand experience that captured the hearts of those with a refined and sophisticated lifestyle.

  1. Style Guide

But that wasn't all. We equipped The Leaside Blvd Residences with a comprehensive style guide that held the full potential of their brand elements in all future marketing endeavours. This ensured that every touchpoint resonated with its target audience, establishing a consistent and recognizable brand presence.

The Result:

With our dedication and branding expertise, we gifted The Leaside Blvd Residences a formidable and recognizable brand that towered above the rest in this fiercely competitive real estate market. We are confident that the allure of The Leaside Blvd Residences will captivate the city and beyond, setting a new standard for sophisticated living.

Copywriting for The Leaside Blvd Residences

Brand Vision Marketing showcased its expertise in copywriting, a critical aspect where our in-house team of experienced copywriters, well-versed in real estate-related material, took the helm. Our journey commenced with thorough research on the real estate industry, the target audience, and the client's values and mission. These valuable insights served as the bedrock for our talented team to skillfully craft compelling copy that seamlessly resonated with the intended audience.

Fueled by creativity and passion, we adeptly composed headlines and slogans that encapsulated the very essence of The Leaside Blvd Residences and its unique selling points, propelling it to stand out amidst fierce competition. Going beyond mere headlines, we delved deep into sculpting the tone and voice of the website's copy. We aimed to create a voice that exuded approachability and professionalism, yet emanated a profound sense of knowledge, beautifully mirroring the development's premium quality.

Every word was carefully selected to establish direct communication with the target audience, meticulously spotlighting the development's features and benefits clearly and concisely. We strategically optimized the copy for search engines, ensuring widespread visibility and reach. Above all, we diligently ensured that the copy aligned harmoniously with the client's brand values and mission.

Throughout the process, our overarching goal remained steadfast—to craft a compelling and captivating user experience that resonated effortlessly with the target audience while authentically representing the client's brand identity. With our expertly woven copy, we wholeheartedly believe that we breathed life into The Leaside Blvd Residences setting it apart as a gem in the ever-evolving market of competitors.

Web Design for The Leaside Blvd Residences

Brand Vision Marketing made a strategic and forward-thinking decision by choosing Webflow as the website design and development platform for The Leaside Blvd Residences project. Webflow's remarkable drag-and-drop interface revolutionized our workflow, empowering our team to craft custom, dynamic, and responsive designs. The platform's vast library of design elements gave us the creative freedom to fashion a visually stunning website tailored to meet the client's precise needs and preferences. Our dedicated team crafted over 18 custom pages, highlighting the development's exceptional selling points and alluring features.

What truly set Webflow apart was its provision of advanced functionality, elevating the website's performance to a whole new level. We seamlessly incorporated dynamic and interactive elements, such as custom animations, complex forms, and a frictionless website experience, captivating visitors and keeping them engaged. With Webflow's powerful content management system, the client gained effortless control over the website's content, streamlining the management process.

Webflow's commitment to providing a robust hosting and security infrastructure ensured that The Leaside Blvd Residences' website boasted unparalleled speed, reliability, and security, guaranteeing a smooth and secure browsing experience for every visitor. To add to its allure, Webflow's built-in SEO tools were instrumental in optimizing the website for search engines, significantly enhancing its visibility and reach. In essence, our decision to leverage Webflow proved to be an excellent choice, allowing us to deliver an awe-inspiring website that effortlessly embodied The Leaside Blvd Residences' essence.

Alongside Webflow as the website design and development platform, Brand Vision Marketing used the impressive capabilities of Figma as the primary design software for The Leaside Blvd Residences project. Figma proved to be a powerful and collaborative design tool, empowering our team to craft high-fidelity designs, iterate swiftly, and seamlessly collaborate with our clients. By utilizing Figma, we could share design concepts with the client in real-time, enabling valuable feedback that informed our design decisions. Its collaborative features facilitated teamwork, culminating in a cohesive and visually captivating website design.

Figma's remarkable flexibility and user-friendly interface made it the perfect choice for this project, enabling us to leverage its features to create a website that not only boasted an appealing appearance but also provided an exceptional user experience. The combined prowess of Figma and Webflow delivered a potent and adaptable platform for designing and developing a bespoke website that exceeded The Leaside Blvd Residences' unique needs, fostered business success, and ensured a seamless and engaging user experience for every visitor.

In Summary, our steps for The Leaside Blvd Residences project followed a structured outline, with each phase distinctly compartmentalized:

Discovery Meeting with Client: We commenced the process where we closely listened to our client's aspirations and goals, gaining valuable insights that would shape the project.

Project Management Tool: To ensure seamless execution and organization, we harnessed the power of a robust Asana project management tool, streamlining tasks and timelines to maintain a smooth workflow.

Branding: In this pivotal phase, we conducted in-depth brand research, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive brand strategy. Crafting a striking visual identity for the brand, we meticulously designed and developed brand collateral, breathing life into the essence of The Leaside Blvd Residences.

Copywriting: Our experienced team of copywriters engaged in crafting compelling and resonant copy, ensuring that the brand's voice aligned with its identity, captivating the intended audience.

Website Design/Development: Extensive UX/UI research paved the way for a meticulously crafted website design. We formulated a detailed project plan, setting milestones to guide the development process. Utilizing Figma, we brought wireframes and mockups to life, while Webflow empowered us to develop the website with seamless integration of diverse features, including an SEO strategy. Thorough testing on multiple platforms ensured optimal functionality and security, culminating in a successful launch. We provided training and ongoing support to our clients, ensuring they could harness the website's potential to the fullest.

Throughout both the branding and website design/development phases, collaboration was at the core, engaging in regular feedback and transparent communication with our client, ensuring the end result perfectly aligned with their unique vision and objectives.

Our Impact

The successful branding and web design project had a profound impact on The Leaside Blvd Residences, leading to a significant increase in brand awareness, engagement, and interest among potential buyers. The revitalized branding enabled them to stand out in a competitive market, while the user-friendly and engaging website provided an exceptional experience for visitors. With a clear and consistent message across all marketing channels, The Leaside Blvd Residences effectively communicated their value proposition and unique selling points to potential customers.

What was client’s reaction

With the strong brand identity and a compelling online presence that Brand Vision's team has created, The Leaside Blvd is now positioned for future growth and expansion in the Real Estate industry. We are exceptionally happy with collaborating with them.
Leaside Blvd
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