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May 27, 2024
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May 27, 2024

Dr. Beaverton

Branding & Packaging for a Small Business

Dr. Beaverton collaborated with Brand Vision to create a memorable illustrated character for its soap business.

At Brand Vision, we do more than just logo design and branding. We create custom typography and illustrations to make your design stand out against its competitors.


Project Summary

Dr. Beaverton wanted a design and packaging that included unique features such as its typography, color palette and character illustration.

Brand Vision’s Impact

The impact we had on this project:

Brand Vision was responsible for understanding the company's needs by executing the perfect idea and design.

At Brand Vision, we take great pride in delivering unparalleled services to our clients. For this specific project, our team placed a strong emphasis on crafting a visually striking and timeless platform. We recognized the project's significance to the client and ensured effective results by establishing clear goals and milestones throughout the project. Our determination was unwavering in creating a design that not only stands out among the competition but also effectively communicates the client's message and offerings.

The name "Dr. Beaverton" was illustrated with custom typography that seamlessly integrated with the brand's theme. The typography exuded a sense of professionalism and elegance, further reinforcing the brand's image as a premium provider of natural soap products. The use of custom typography also helped Dr. Beaverton stand out in a crowded market, ensuring instant recognition among consumers.

The primary goal of Dr. Beaverton was to establish a strong brand identity that resonated with their target audience of men while also being inclusive and appealing to a wider demographic. The brand sought to differentiate itself from competitors by offering a unique character-driven approach, coupled with high-quality natural soap products.

The packaging design played a crucial role in enhancing the brand's identity and user experience. Dr. Beaverton's packaging featured a unique cutout behind the character, allowing customers to see the soap inside while also serving as the backdrop for the character. This innovative design not only showcased the product effectively but also enabled customers to smell the soap through the packaging, enticing them to make a purchase. Additionally, the packaging design was environmentally conscious, utilizing materials that were both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

Dr. Beaverton's character was meticulously crafted to reflect the brand's core values of sophistication, cleanliness, and masculinity. The character, a beaver adorned in a suit and bowtie, exuded a refined and put-together appearance, symbolizing the brand's commitment to quality and elegance. By choosing a beaver as the mascot, the brand cleverly incorporated a playful yet recognizable element into its identity.

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Dr. Beaverton
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