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Pomp and Circumstance is a leading public relations agency with notable clients such as Mercedes Benz and Grey Goose. The agency has a futuristic view and is known for its ability to adapt to changing trends and technologies.

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Pomp and Circumstance is a leading public relations agency with notable clients such as Mercedes Benz and Grey Goose. The agency has a futuristic view and is known for its ability to adapt to changing trends and technologies. Recently, Pomp and Circumstance underwent a redesign by Brand Vision to enhance its brand identity. The agency's strong track record and forward-thinking approach position it for continued success in the future.


Pomp and Circumstance is a renowned and respected public relations agency that has made a name for itself as a leader in the industry. The agency's ability to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating and adapting to changing trends and technologies has enabled it to maintain its position at the forefront of the PR industry. With major clients like Mercedes Benz and Grey Goose, Pomp and Circumstance has demonstrated its ability to deliver outstanding results and help its clients achieve their business objectives. The agency's team of seasoned professionals has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which enables them to provide customized strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. Brand Vision, a reputable creative agency specializing in brand development and design, recently undertook a redesign of Pomp and Circumstance. The redesign has further improved the agency's brand identity, setting it up for continued success in the future. Pomp and Circumstance has an excellent track record of delivering exceptional results for its clients, making it a highly respected and successful PR agency. Its forward-thinking approach and impressive roster of clients position the agency as a leading player in the PR industry for years to come.

The Website:

After careful consideration of Pomp and Circumstance's requirements, the Brand Vision team decided to use Webflow for the redesign of their website. Webflow is a website design and development platform that offers a visual drag-and-drop interface, allowing designers to create custom, responsive designs without requiring coding skills.

One of the main benefits of using Webflow is its flexibility in creating visually appealing designs that are unique and tailored to the client's specific needs and preferences. With its extensive library of design elements and templates, Webflow enables designers to create beautiful and engaging websites that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Webflow also offers advanced functionality for creating dynamic and interactive elements, such as custom animations and e-commerce capabilities, which helps to increase visitor engagement and drive conversions. The platform's content management system (CMS) allows for easy editing and updating of content, making it simple for Pomp and Circumstance to make changes and updates to their website as needed.

Moreover, Webflow provides robust hosting and security features, ensuring that the website is fast, reliable, and secure. The platform's built-in SEO tools also help to optimize the website for search engines, improving its visibility and reach.

In conclusion, Webflow provides Pomp and Circumstance with a powerful and flexible platform for designing and developing a custom website that meets their unique needs and helps to drive business success. With its advanced functionality, easy content management, and robust hosting and security features, Webflow is an excellent choice for the redesign of Pomp and Circumstance's website.

The Design and Development Process:

At Brand Vision, we take a comprehensive approach to the design and development process to ensure that our clients' websites meet their goals and exceed their expectations. Here's a detailed overview of the steps we took in designing and developing the Pomp and Circumstance website:

Step 1: Site goals review - Our team at Brand Vision started by reviewing and understanding the goals of the website. We had in-depth discussions with Pomp and Circumstance to understand the desired functionality and overall purpose of the site.

Step 2: User persona - We created user personas to better understand the target audience for the website. We identified the types of individuals who would be visiting the site and tailored the design and content of the website to the needs and interests of these users.

Step 3: Sitemap creation - Based on the goals and target audience of the website, we developed a sitemap outlining the structure and hierarchy of the site's pages and content. This sitemap served as a roadmap for the rest of the design and development process.

Step 4: Sketched low-fidelity wireframes - Using the sitemap as a guide, we created low-fidelity wireframes to visualize the layout and structure of each page on the website. These wireframes served as a rough draft for the design of the site and allowed us to make changes and adjustments before moving on to more detailed designs.

Step 5: UX and UI design - After refining the wireframes, we moved on to designing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the website. This included deciding on the look and feel of the site, as well as the placement of elements such as buttons and forms.

Step 6: Mobile design - To ensure that the website was fully responsive and accessible on mobile devices, we designed a separate version of the site specifically for mobile users.

Step 7: Figma prototypes - Using Figma, a design prototyping tool, we created interactive prototypes of the website to test and refine the design before moving on to development.

Step 8: Mockups - Using the prototypes as a guide, we created high-fidelity mockups of the website to serve as a visual reference for the development process.

Step 9: General website development - Using the mockups as a blueprint, we began the process of building the actual website. This included front-end development, such as coding the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that make up the site's design and functionality.

Step 10: Front-end mobile development - In addition to general website development, we also focused on front-end development for the mobile version of the site.

Step 11: Plugin/API implementation & optimization - To enhance the functionality of the website, we implemented various plugins and APIs as needed. We also optimized the site to ensure that it was running smoothly and efficiently.

Step 12: Cross-browser and device testing - Before launching the website, we thoroughly tested it on a variety of browsers and devices to ensure that it was fully compatible and looked and functioned as intended.

Step 13: User testing - To get feedback on the website from actual users, we conducted user testing to gather insights and identify any areas for improvement.

Step 14: Hosting setup - Once the website was fully developed and tested, we set up hosting for the site and prepared it for launch.

Step 15: Launching and support - Finally, we launched the website and provided ongoing support to ensure that it remained up-to-date and functioning properly.

At every step of the way, we worked closely with Pomp and Circumstance to ensure that the final product met their needs and exceeded their expectations. Our team of designers, developers, and project managers ensured that the website was visually stunning, highly functional, and optimized for search engines.

Brand Vision’s Impact:

Brand Vision's contribution to the website design project for Pomp and Circumstance (P&C) was more than just a run-of-the-mill service delivery. We went above and beyond to ensure that the final outcome was nothing short of transformative. Our team of expert designers and developers worked tirelessly to develop a new design for the P&C website that represented a revolutionary improvement from the previous version.

We took a user-centric approach to the design, creating a sleek and modern look that effectively highlighted the agency's portfolio and services. By working closely with P&C, we were able to identify the key features and functionality needed to meet their goals and tailor the design to their target audience.

Our attention to detail was evident in the custom-coded elements we incorporated into the design. These unique features helped the website stand out in a crowded market and gave P&C a competitive edge. We utilized the latest technologies to enhance the user experience, ensuring that the website was responsive, accessible, and optimized for search engines.

The final product was a resounding success and received positive feedback from both P&C and their high-profile enterprise clients. The website served as a valuable marketing tool, helping P&C to effectively showcase their services and capabilities to their target audience. Our agency was proud to have played a role in P&C's success and looked forward to continuing to support them in the future.

At Brand Vision, we understand the importance of collaboration and communication in delivering high-quality results. Throughout the entire design and development process, we worked closely with P&C to ensure that the final product met their needs and exceeded their expectations. Our team of designers, developers, and project managers worked diligently to deliver a visually stunning, highly functional, and user-friendly website.

In conclusion, our impact on the Pomp and Circumstance website design project was significant, transformative, and reflective of our commitment to excellence. We take pride in the role we played in helping P&C achieve their goals, and we look forward to continuing to support them in their endeavours.

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