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Marketing Strategies That Led Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skin To Selling Out Within Minutes.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber, an international model, social media personality, and influencer, has successfully ventured into the beauty industry with the launch of her skincare brand, Rhode. The journey began with the brand's official release on June 15, 2022, showcasing a strategic approach that seamlessly blended skincare essentials with effective marketing strategies. Hailey Bieber's multifaceted career, which ranges from modelling to influencing, marks her foray into entrepreneurship. Her desire to address typical skincare issues and emphasize the need for inexpensive, environmentally friendly products led her to launch Rhode. The brand's inception traces back to Hailey's personal struggle to find skincare solutions that align with her values. In a recent interview, Hailey expressed her commitment to the venture: "Rhode is more than a skincare brand; it's a reflection of my values—simplicity, affordability, authenticity, quality, and transparency."

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Rhode's Humble Beginnings:

The brand's origin story dates back to 2019, when Hailey filed a trademark for "Bieber Beauty," a name that was eventually rejected due to prior trademark filings by her husband, Justin Bieber. Undeterred, Hailey pivoted to her middle name, Rhode, and in the first quarter of 2022, Rhode released three skincare products:

1. Peptide Glazing Fluid

2. Barrier Restore Cream

3. Peptide Lip Treatment

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These products aimed to provide a clean and high-quality skincare routine, encapsulating Hailey's pursuit of a "glazed donut" complexion. Despite the initial trademark hurdle, Rhode was met with tremendous success upon its launch, garnering widespread attention and appreciation. At the tender age of 26, Hailey Bieber emerged as a sassets—moneyepreneur, offering valuable insights to aspiring businesswomen. Three key lessons from Hailey's journey to stand out are:

  • Know Yourself and Your Market: Hailey recognized her assets—money, popularity, and influence—and leveraged them strategically. Developing brand values of simplicity, affordability, authenticity, quality, and transparency set Rhode apart in the saturated beauty market. Hailey acknowledges, "I know I’ll have other celebrity beauty brands as competitors upon launching Rhode, so I developed my brand's values that separate me from others."
  • Quality Over Quantity: Rhode embraces the "slow beauty" movement, emphasizing fewer high-quality items over a multitude of products. The brand's initial launch included only three hero products, reassuring customers of the brand's commitment to clean, high-quality skincare. Hailey advocates for the slow beauty approach: "Customers deserve products that are clean, high quality, and thoughtfully sourced. It's about prioritizing quality over quantity. 
  • Work With a Purpose: Rhode revolves around women's empowerment, evident through the Rhodes Future Foundation. Hailey ensures that her brand supports initiatives involving women, aligning business goals with a higher purpose. The foundation benefits organizations such as Black Mamas Matter Alliance, Inc. (BMMA), LIFT Family Goal Fund, and Accion Opportunity Fund. Hailey underscores the importance of purpose-driven businesses: "When a brand serves a higher purpose, customers are more encouraged to buy. It also provides a clear path for the business to follow.

Instagram story highlights from Hailey Bieber

Recognizing her limited expertise in skincare and business, Hailey Bieber strategically assembled a powerhouse team to drive Rhode's success. Collaborating with Michael D. Ratner, Founder and CEO of OBB Media, Lauren Rothberg, a marketing expert, and Melanie Bender, founding President of Versed, Hailey ensured that Rhode had a diverse range of talents steering the ship. In Hailey's own words, "I'm no expert in skincare, but I know the importance of surrounding myself with people who are. The dream team we've built is the backbone of Rhode's success."

Strategic Marketing and Social Media Presence

Instagram story highlights from Hailey Bieber

Rhode's marketing strategy was a key contributor to its rapid rise in the beauty industry. Leveraging Hailey's immense popularity and collaborating with marketing experts like Lauren Rothberg, the brand utilized social media platforms strategically. The emphasis was not only on the products but also on the brand's values, fostering authenticity and transparency. Hailey's collaboration with Lauren Rothberg, who had previously worked with brands like Reformation and Michael Kors, brought a unique blend of fashion and skincare expertise to Rhode. This collaboration played a pivotal role in establishing the brand's identity and resonating with its target audience.

Rhode's success metrics showcased the brand's impact on the beauty landscape. The Peptide Lip Treatment consistently emerged as Rhode's top-selling product, on track to sell its millionth unit. The initial launch in June 2022 witnessed all Peptide Lip Treatment offerings selling out within three days, amassing a waitlist of 440,000. Hailey's strategic collaboration with Krispy Kreme for the "Strawberry Glaze" campaign contributed to Rhode's viral success. The partnership, initiated in 2021, emphasized Hailey's foresight and commitment to creating a brand with a unique identity. Customers connected with the brand's emphasis on nostalgia in product development, which was evident in the scents that brought back childhood memories. Hailey explained, "When we were formulating the Peptide Lip Treatments, I wanted them to be super steeped in nostalgia."

Source: Rhode Skin

Karin Eldor, a senior contributor at Forbes, highlighted Rhode's continued success and expansion. Riding on the momentum of the limited-edition "Strawberry Glaze" Peptide Lip Treatment, Rhode entered the colour cosmetics market with the Peptide Lip Tint. The launch, scheduled for September 28, introduced four sheer-but-buildable shades, adding a playful touch to Rhode's skincare line.  Rhode's global footprint expanded into five new European markets, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Ireland. This followed earlier launches in the UK and Canada, demonstrating the brand's growing international presence.  Hailey Bieber's multifaceted role as a supermodel, founder, and marketer showcased her prowess as a mogul. Eldor emphasized, "Bieber, who as a supermodel has graced the cover of a multitude of international glossies, is flexing her muscles as a mogul."

Additionally, the focus on powerful copywriting, impactful visuals, and a holistic campaign stood out during the skincare launch. The copywriting, featuring strong words like "Glazed," "Juicy," and "Hydrated," resonated visually, creating a strong association with the products. The website's design, colour choices, and emphasis on product-centric visuals communicated simplicity and cleanliness, aligning with Rhode's skincare philosophy.

The holistic campaign encompassed social media, web, and traditional PR channels, leveraging Hailey's star power and influential network. The collaboration with Vogue and Byride for key profiles and features showcased the brand's story. Additionally, GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos added a personal touch, revealing how Hailey incorporates the products into her everyday life. Recognizing the importance of an online presence, Rhode invested in a well-thought-out website, utilizing platforms like Shopify for e-commerce functionality. The website's design and functionality aim to enhance the user experience and build brand credibility. The inclusion of various payment processors, including Apple Pay, widened the brand's customer base. A closer look at the website's technology stack reveals a thoughtful approach to online retail, reflecting Rhode's commitment to providing efficient customer service and maintaining a strong brand identity.

Source: Rhode Skin 

Thoughtful Marketing and Holistic Campaigns

Building on the success of the initial skincare products, Rhode made a significant foray into colour cosmetics with the launch of Peptide Lip Tint. The recent photoshoot for Peptide Lip Tint cleverly paired each shade with a matching food product, creating a sensory experience that resonates with consumers. The dopamine-inducing association between the lip product and sweet treats aimed to enhance the product's desirability. Coming in four universally flattering tones—espresso, ribbon, toast, and raspberry jelly—the tinted version of the popular Peptide Lip Treatment marked a pivotal period for the brand. A thoughtful approach to branding and marketing went hand in hand with the strategic decision to add colour to the product line. The "boring" grey packaging of the original skincare line set the stage for Rhode's expansion into colour cosmetics. The intentional focus on ingredients rather than packaging communicated transparency and simplicity.  Hailey shared, "I think that skincare and beauty should be fun, and these tints are meant to be playful." The names of the shades, reminiscent of food, carried a personal touch. "Ribbon" paid homage to Hailey's childhood days as a ballet dancer, connecting her personal experiences with the product line.

Legal Challenges: Despite the odds favouring Rhode in various aspects, the brand encountered legal challenges only a week after its skincare launch. Another company, a fashion line by the name of RHODE, filed a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement. Founders Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers contended that Hailey's use of the brand name was detrimental to their company. However, the court ruled in Hailey's favour, dismissing the lawsuit. The legal victory underscored Rhode's resilience and determination to maintain its brand identity and the brand's continued growth.

Source: PeepingMoon

Hailey Bieber founded Rhode Skin, which has become a pioneer in the beauty industry by fusing cutting-edge marketing strategies with efficient skincare solutions. From its humble beginnings to overcoming legal challenges, Rhode reflects Hailey's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to providing quality products. As Rhode ventures into the world of colour cosmetics with Peptide Lip Tint, Hailey's creative direction continues to guide the brand towards success. The brand's expansion into new markets and its emphasis on purpose-driven business practices position Rhode as a global force in the beauty industry. In Hailey's glazed playground, where skincare meets creativity, Rhode Skin stands as a testament to the power of authenticity, thoughtful branding, and a commitment to making beauty accessible to all.

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