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7 Responsive E-Commerce Websites

Here are a list of online stores that stand out from the crowd.

  1. Bliss

  • This website has a fun element and makes good use of gradients which are very trendy in digital marketing right now

  • Uses bright colours-- eye catching

Bliss E-Commerce Website


  • POGG’s website stands out from other food websites because the graphics used enhances the food’s texture

  • Good photos of food

  • Has a good colour scheme-- uses pink and gold throughout

POGG E-Commerce Website


  • Poketo’s website stands out because of the bright colours

  • The website is set up in a minimalist way, using white and black text to their advantage

POCKETO E-Commerce Website

4. Helbak

  • This website is a great example of not over doing a small business website

  • The products are cleanly laid out and features a minimalist design

  • Uses white space well to demonstrate the products fully-- puts all the attention on the products rather than graphic design elements.

HELBAK E-Commerce Website

5. Skullcandy

  • Skullcandy’s website takes a different approach from say Helbak’s

  • Skullcandy’s website is busy but displays their products well, the website comes to life with vibrancy

  • There’s just the right amount of text on the homepage, visuals, and again, gradients which work with the brand’s colour scheme

Skullcandy E-Commerce Website

6. Frank Body

  • Frank Body has a successful homepage because they have identified who they are and their target audience

  • They have a clear brand-- and use brown and baby pink for the theme

  • The website is fun, simple, and does a good job at promoting their products with coupon codes, etc.

Frank body E-Commerce Website

7. Boxhill

  • Boxhill has a great e-commerce store and has good design elements

  • First they use professional photos of their furniture-- gives a sense of luxury

  • The website uses neutral colours-- has an inclusive yet pristine vibe

  • The layout of the website is also simplistic, professional, and sophisticated

BOXHILL E-Commerce Website