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May 8, 2024
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Dec 27, 2023

The Ultimate Recap Of Top 13 TikTok Trends of 2023

sophia richi
Source: Thetab

Have you missed out on some TikTok trends or been confused about what they mean? Fortunately, TikTok has just released its official year-end summary, providing a thorough rundown of the app's most popular content from 2023. Girl dinners and the Roman Empire are just two examples of the viral phenomenon that visitors can revisit in this article. 

Curious about what took centre stage on the app this year, as determined by TikTok itself? Discover the highlights below. Due to the constant changes on TikTok, many new styles and trends have appeared, each with its own unique appeal and cultural effect. TikTok trends  play an active role in shaping conversations, redefining fashion norms, and providing a captivating glimpse into the collective creativity of millions of people.

1. Quiet Luxury Trend

In stark contrast to the vibrant Coastal Cowgirl trend, Quiet Luxury emerged as an inspiration from Sophia Richie - a contemplative trend focusing on timeless, neutral fashion choices. TikTok became a platform for discussions around the affordability of luxury and alternatives to high-end products. This trend not only showcased a distinctive aesthetic but also sparked conversations about the intersection of fashion, affordability, and personal style.

2. Barbiecore

Barbiecore, a vibrant and playful aesthetic reminiscent of the iconic Barbie doll, made a triumphant return in 2023. Bursting with magenta, sequins, bows, and tulle, Barbiecore took over runways, red carpets, and, of course, TikTok. This trend encapsulated the joyous and exuberant spirit of Barbie, becoming a source of inspiration for users eager to inject a dose of playfulness into their lives.

3. #Girl Trend

Originating from Mikayla Nogueira's accidental song, #GirlDinner took TikTok by storm, inviting users to embrace the art of assembling small snacks and random items for meals. This delightful trend turned kitchens into creative havens, inspiring users to share their unique culinary concoctions with catchy soundtracks. The trend's simplicity and relatability propelled it to several million views, turning snack time into a cultural phenomenon.

Additionally, Girl Math emerged as a term coined for the mental gymnastics women perform to justify an expensive or unnecessary purchase. TikTok became a space for humorous explorations of these justifications, with users showcasing their creative and often amusing reasoning. Whether it's considering a purchase with cash for free or finding unique ways to rationalize spending, girl math has become a relatable and lighthearted trend in the realm of personal finance.

girl math
Source: HufftPost

4. Coastal Cowgirl: Sun, Sea, and Sundresses

Coastal Cowgirl emerged as a quintessential summer-inspired aesthetic, infusing TikTok feeds with beachy elements and a dreamy palette. The trend celebrated sundresses, headscarves, and warm hues, transporting users to idyllic coastal destinations. The emphasis on carefree and romantic summer vibes resonated widely, garnering millions of views and inspiring users to embrace the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic in their own unique ways.

5. Roman Empire Trend: Unravelling the Humour

The Roman Empire trend took TikTok by storm with its humorous premise—men think about the Roman Empire more often than women. This light-hearted exploration became a viral sensation, with users creating content around the amusing idea. The hashtag #RomanEmpire amassed a staggering several million views, showcasing the community's penchant for turning historical musings into comedic gold.

roman empire
Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

6. Tomato Girl Makeup: A Mediterranean Summer Affair

Tomato Girl Makeup, a captivating summer trend, drew inspiration from Mediterranean locales, adding a romantic twist to makeup palettes associated with the region. Pops of red, orange, and warm hues dominated TikTok as creators embraced the aesthetic with fervour. The trend not only showcased artistic makeup skills but also transported users to the sun-kissed landscapes that inspired it.

7. McDonald's Grimace Shake: A Quirky Celebration

What began as a celebration of Grimace's birthday with a special purple shake evolved into a Blair Witch-style mini-movie trend. TikTok users infused unexpected horror themes into their reviews, creating suspenseful and entertaining narratives around the seemingly innocent McDonald's Grimace Shake. The trend showcased the community's creativity in turning everyday moments into captivating and unexpected stories.

8. Wes Anderson's Films Trend: Obituary's Cinematic Influence

The song "Obituary" from "The French Dispatch" served as inspiration for the Wes Anderson Films trend. TikTok became a canvas for users to recreate scenes reminiscent of Wes Anderson's distinctive visual style. The hashtag #WesAnderson gained popularity, amassing millions of views and becoming a testament to TikTok's ability to celebrate and reinterpret artistic influences.

9. My Red, Green, and Beige Flags: Navigating Personal Signifiers

Source: TheStuff

My Red, Green, and Beige Flags trend delved into the nuanced exploration of personal behaviours as red, green, or beige flags. Red flags signified warnings or bad signs; green flags represented positive attributes; and beige flags indicated neutral traits or habits. TikTok users engaged in candid discussions, reflecting on their own behaviours and dissecting societal norms through the lens of these color-coded flags. Accompanying the exploration of flags was a visual effect revealing "beige flags." This effect, used in a staggering 25 billion videos to date, allowed users to playfully unveil their own beige flags, showcasing the ubiquity of seemingly neutral behaviours in the TikTok community.

10. "Attenzione, Pickpocket" Viral Trend: From Humour to Controversy

The viral trend "Attenzione, Pickpocket" originated with a 57-year-old Italian woman, turning a simple phrase into a widespread trend. However, as the trend gained traction, links to far-right politics were discovered, sparking a nuanced conversation about the unintended consequences of seemingly innocuous trends. In response to the controversial roots of the trend, 22-year-old Amine Ouadrhiri brought a fresh take, shouting the phrase at passersby on the streets of Paris. This reinterpretation showcased the dynamic nature of TikTok trends, allowing users to reclaim and redefine content in their own unique ways.

11. NPC Streaming Trend: The Rise of Pinky Doll

Source: TokTok PinkyDoll

NPC streaming, pioneered by Fedha Sinon, known as Pinky Doll, emerged as a captivating trend where livestreams imitated video game "non-playable characters" (NPC). Not only did Pinky Doll's streams go viral, but they also served as an inspiration for a brand new genre that well-known people like Trisha Paytas and others frequently spotted in Soho attempted. The trend became a new streaming genre, with creators across the platform embracing the concept of embodying video game NPCs. This trend highlighted the intersection of gaming, performance art, and social media, showcasing TikTok's ability to birth entirely new content categories.

12. Mikayla Nogueira’s L’Oréal Ad Controversy: Unmasking the Makeup Drama

The year witnessed a significant controversy as TikTok creator Mikayla Nogueira posted a sponsored video for L’Oréal’s new Telescopic Lift mascara. In the video, Nogueira expressed amazement, claiming that the mascara made her lashes look like false lashes. Due to specific camera cuts in the video, astute viewers hypothesized that the impressive effect might be due to the use of real false lashes. The controversy stirred discussions about authenticity in sponsored content and the role of influencers in the beauty industry. The controversy gained momentum due to specific camera cuts in the video, leading many TikTok users to question the authenticity of Nogueira's claims. The incident underscored the scrutiny influencers face and the impact of transparency in the age of social media. As of now, Mikayla Nogueira has not addressed or denied the speculations surrounding the use of false lashes, leaving the authenticity of the mascara's results under scrutiny within the TikTok community. The controversy serves as a microcosm of the evolving dynamics between influencers, brands, and their audiences on TikTok.

13. Mermaidcore: Nautical Fantasies Post-Little Mermaid

Due to the release of Disney's live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid and the mythical creatures that inspired it, mermaidcore emerged with enchanting creativity. TikTok became a canvas for creators to showcase pearl-encrusted eyeshadow looks, fishtail plaits, and ethereal dresses. Halle Bailey's red carpet looks and Gen-Z's nostalgic tendencies fueled the trend's popularity, turning TikTok into an underwater fantasy realm.

As we reflect on the diverse and dynamic trends that graced TikTok in 2023, it becomes evident that the platform is more than just a space for entertainment—it's a cultural melting pot where creativity, humour, and controversy converge. From the sun-soaked aesthetics of Coastal Cowgirl to the whimsical world of GirlDinner, each trend tells a story, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving canvas of TikTok. Whether it's exploring the depths of mermaidcore or navigating the complexities of justifying expenses with girl math, TikTok trends have a way of transcending screens and becoming part of our cultural lexicon. As we eagerly await what TikTok has in store for the coming year, one thing remains certain: the journey through viral trends is a rollercoaster of laughter, introspection, and, sometimes, a touch of controversy.

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