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May 23, 2024
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May 23, 2024

TikTok Notes Updates: A Blend of Instagram and Pinterest?

TikTok is stepping up its game in the social media arena with the launch of TikTok Notes, a new image-sharing app, poised to rival the much-loved Instagram. This move signifies TikTok's bold strategy to expand its influence and capture even more of the social media landscape.

As of April 2024, TikTok has expanded its reach, officially soft-launching TikTok Notes on IOS and Android in Australia and Canada. Users were notified of the app through a notification from the TikTok platform. The platform's dedication to short-form video content has not only solidified its position at the forefront of social media but has also prompted other major platforms to adapt and compete. Instagram has introduced Reels, and YouTube has launched Shorts, both in direct response to TikTok's soaring popularity. As TikTok continues to revolutionize the social media landscape, the competition among platforms intensifies, each striving to capture the attention of the global audience.

Photo by TikTok Notes 

What is TikTok Notes?

TikTok is taking a bold step away from its video-centric roots with the launch of its new app. Unlike the original TikTok, this app focuses on photo sharing, leaving video content behind. Users can now share single images or photo carousels, each accompanied by a caption and/or headline. Captions on TikTok Notes can contain up to 4,000 characters, almost double the limit of Instagram. Additionally, TikTok Notes allows for carousel posts with up to 35 pictures, a significant increase compared to Instagram's limit of 10. Notably, the popular Stories feature from the original app will not be making an appearance in TikTok Notes. This new direction highlights TikTok's commitment to diversifying its platform and exploring different ways for users to express themselves.

Photo by TikTok on App Store 

Feed Layout

TikTok Notes is making waves with its fresh and engaging design. If you’re familiar with Pinterest, you’ll feel right at home. TikTok Notes features a visually driven format where images take center stage, complemented by headlines that succinctly describe what each post is about. The feed is divided into two streams: the For You Page and the Following tab. Instead of displaying just one post at a time, multiple posts are visible simultaneously, allowing for a more dynamic browsing experience.

Photo by TikTok on App Store  

Profile Layout 

Your profile showcases your content, including liked and saved posts. Unlike Instagram, TikTok Notes allows you to view both your own and others' liked and saved posts, with the added option to keep them private.

How to Use TikTok Notes?

If you already have a TikTok account, good news! You can easily log in to the new TikTok Notes app using your existing credentials. This integration means that whenever you post images on TikTok, they will automatically appear in the TikTok Notes app as well.

Many users have noticed a notification stating that "existing and future public TikTok photo posts" will be shared across both apps. But don't worry—if you prefer to keep your content separate, you have the option to turn off this feature. Enjoy the convenience of cross-platform sharing or maintain your content independently; the choice is yours!

Photo by TikTok on App Store 

What’s Next?

Since its soft launch, TikTok has maintained a low profile as the app undergoes testing in Canada and Australia. As of now, there is no confirmed release date for other countries. As TikTok Notes gathers feedback from its users, it consistently implements updates. Positioned in a competitive landscape, TikTok combines elements from both Instagram and Pinterest as it enters the field.

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