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May 8, 2024
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Apr 8, 2024

New Spotify AI Creates Playlists Based On Your Prompts

Spotify is testing its AI playlist feature, which creates playlists based on your prompts. With this tool, Spotify is expanding its suite of AI-powered services, following the success of its AI DJ feature.

Available initially in the U.K. and Australia for Android and iOS devices, the AI Playlist feature enables users to input a variety of prompts ranging from genres, moods, artists, and decades to more creative and niche requests like “songs to serenade my parrot” or “office music but make it feel like I’m a princess.” Spotify uses large language models (LLMs) to accurately interpret user intent and offer a customized music discovery and listening experience.

The process of creating an AI playlist on Spotify begins with the user entering a prompt. The technology behind the feature then combines Spotify’s understanding of the user's musical preferences, gleaned from their listening history, with the input prompt to generate a personalized playlist. This playlist can be further refined through additional commands or by swiping left on unwanted tracks, illustrating the interactive and iterative nature of the feature. This approach indicates a sophisticated use of AI and machine learning, showcasing Spotify's investment in cutting-edge technologies to enhance the user experience

Spotify claims that AI Playlist can respond to requests that incorporate a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to: locations, animals, activities, movie characters, colours, emoji, and more. "That contain a combination of genres, moods, artists or decades" will generate the "most successful" playlists.

Spotify has implemented safeguards around the AI Playlist feature to ensure it does not generate playlists based on offensive prompts or those related to current events or specific brands, highlighting the company's commitment to responsible AI use.

This AI Playlist feature was first hinted at in October 2023 when tech analysts stumbled upon code snippets suggesting Spotify’s exploration into AI-powered playlist creation. The confirmation came later, when a TikTok video surfaced, revealing the feature in action and hinting at Spotify’s broader strategy to leverage AI for content curation.

Photo by Glenn Villas on Unsplash

Where Is The Spotify AI Playlist?

Accessing the AI Playlist feature is straightforward. Users can find it in the “Your Library” tab within the Spotify app, signified by a plus button. This integration within the existing user interface ensures ease of access and encourages experimentation with the feature. For those seeking inspiration or unsure where to start, Spotify provides a range of suggested prompts, from mood-based selections like “get focused at work with instrumental electronica” to genre explorations such as “exploring a pixie house.”

The introduction of AI Playlists represents just one facet of Spotify’s ongoing investment in AI technology to refine and expand its service offerings. Previous innovations include the AI DJ feature and plans for AI-generated audio ads and podcast summaries, reflecting CEO Daniel Ek’s vision for AI’s role in Spotify’s future. Moreover, the launch of AI Playlists may signal upcoming subscription price adjustments, reflecting the added value these advanced features bring to the Spotify experience. As the feature continues to evolve and potentially expand to other regions, it presents an exciting development in personalized entertainment that will redefine how we discover and enjoy music.

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