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Jun 6, 2024
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Jun 6, 2024

Messi's New Hydration Drink Más+: A Game-Changer or Controversial Copy?

Soccer icon Lionel Messi often hailed as the G.O.A.T., has made a notable entrance into the competitive hydration drink industry with the launch of Más+. This announcement is generating significant buzz, with many drawing comparisons to Prime Hydration by Logan Paul and KSI, a leading brand in the industry.

Photo from MásbyMessi Website 

About Más+

Lionel Messi emphasizes the importance of hydration in achieving his goals and his continuous pursuit of improvement. He sought a drink that combines great taste with the right ingredients but found that many healthy drinks taste unpleasant, while many flavoured drinks contain high levels of unhealthy ingredients like sugar, calories, artificial additives, and caffeine. Messi believes that people shouldn't have to choose between better ingredients and better taste.

Mark Anthony Brands, the owner of White Claw and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, is expanding its portfolio with Más+, its latest venture into non-alcoholic beverages. Responding to the trend of consumers reducing alcohol consumption and the blurring lines between drink categories, the company has introduced new options like White Claw 0% Alcohol Seltzer. This expansion reflects the company's commitment to offering a wider range of choices to meet evolving consumer preferences.

Más+ with the promise of making you feel hydrated like a champion through "Positive Hydration." These drinks are packed with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, all sourced from natural flavours. Free from artificial sweeteners, colours, and caffeine, Mas+ promotes a positive lifestyle with the slogan, "Think Positive. Drink Positive. Get More Out Of Life." Available in both 12-ounce cans and 16.9-ounce bottles, the 12-ounce option contains only seven calories and less than a gram of cane sugar, while the 16.9-ounce bottle offers 10 calories and a single gram of cane sugar.

Photo from MásbyMessi Website 

The Flavours 

The new Más+ line of drinks comes in four distinct flavours, each named after inspirational milestones in the legendary soccer player’s career.

  • Más+ Miami Punch: Inspired by Messi’s current life in Miami as the star of MLS club Inter Miami, this flavour features a balanced blend of berry flavours with a hint of pineapple, delivering a refreshing fruit punch taste.
Photo from MásbyMessi Website 

  • Más+ Orange d’Or: Celebrating Messi’s record of eight Ballon d’Or trophies as soccer’s best player, this flavour offers a delightful mix of orange and tangerine, providing a balanced citrus taste.

Photo from MásbyMessi Website 

  • Más+ Berry Copa Crush: Honoring Messi’s seven Copa del Rey titles with Barcelona and his Copa America win with Argentina, this flavour combines sweet and luscious berry and cherry flavours for a deliciously fruity experience.

Photo from MásbyMessi Website 

  • Más+ Limón Lime League: Inspired by Messi's three-time UEFA Champions League victories, this flavour features a sweet, fruity, and zesty citrus taste, capturing the essence of his success on the European stage. 

Photo from MásbyMessi Website 

Creation of the Name 

Lionel Messi selected the name "Más+" (Spanish for "more") from a pool of about 450 options. The name embodies his career and life philosophy of always striving to give more. The "+" symbolizes an extra boost of positivity and inspiration, encouraging people to enjoy more music, laughter, friends, and family, and to get the most out of life, according to the press release.

Messi expressed on Instagram, "This name captures what my life and career have always been about: Más means more. I believe we can always give a bit more, and I’ve achieved more than I thought was possible by thinking positively."

When and Where will Más+ be Available? 

The new drink will make its debut in Miami on June 13, available in both cans and bottles. Starting June 14, it will be stocked in select Publix and Walmart stores, and available for delivery via GoPuff in South Florida. In July, commemorative special edition variety packs containing two bottles of each flavour, along with individual 16.9-ounce bottles, will be available online at masbymessi.com. The pack also comes with a letter from Messi. By August, the drink is set to expand to supermarkets across the U.S., with a global launch planned for later this year.

Fans also have the chance to enter an exciting contest to win a trip to Miami to meet Lionel Messi. To participate, visit the Más+ website and fill out the entry form. Additionally, follow @masbymessi on Instagram, tag a friend in Messi’s post, and use the hashtag #MasbyMessiSweepstakes for your chance to win. 

Photo from MásbyMessi Website 

The Public Reaction: Positive or Negative?

The release has sparked considerable debate and controversy. Many fans and commentators have accused Messi of copying the design of the popular PRIME Hydration drink, co-founded by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. The similarities in branding and bottle design have led to accusations of plagiarism, with even KSI commenting, “Looks familiar…” on social media. This has fueled online discussions and mockery, with some predicting potential legal action against Messi’s brand. However, despite the visual similarities, Más+ distinguishes itself with fewer calories and sugar compared to PRIME. Some fans argue that the branding overlap is minimal and not enough to warrant legal concerns, noting that elements like black text on a solid colour bottle are too generic to be copyrightable.

Andrea Hernandez, CEO of Snaxshot, expresses that simply adding Lionel Messi's name to a beverage doesn't ensure its success in a competitive market dominated by established brands like Prime, Gatorade, and BodyArmor. Success in this saturated category depends on competitive pricing and strong distribution agreements. While Messi's immense popularity, especially in Latin America, provides an edge, it doesn't guarantee success. Hernandez notes that Prime has not yet fully penetrated the Latin American market, which could be advantageous given Messi's hero-like status among the new generation of athletes in that region.

Ultimately, the new drink is generating a lot of buzz, both positive and negative, but it's certainly capturing attention. Stay tuned for the official release and experience "Positive Hydration" with Más+ as it aims to make a splash in the beverage industry.

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