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Logan Paul and KS’s Prime collaboration with Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and the UFC

Logan paul and KSI
Image Credit: bbc.com

The world of sports beverages is highly competitive, with big names like Gatorade and Powerade dominating the market for a long time. However, a new player has emerged and gained popularity in a short span of time. YouTubers and businessmen KSI (Olajide Olatunji) and Logan Paul created the sports drink PRIME, which has gained enormous market traction since its launch in January 2022. PRIME's incredible success can be attributed not only to its tasty beverage but also to its smart partnership with major players in the sports and entertainment industries. This article explores the amazing story of PRIME, discussing its collaborations with football giants Arsenal, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich, as well as its notable involvement in the world of UFC.


When you first see it, PRIME really catches your attention. The packaging of this product is really colourful and attention-grabbing, and the flavours are super lively and exciting. It's made specifically to attract younger audiences and stands out from regular sports drinks. What makes PRIME stand out is the duo behind it—KSI and Logan Paul. Not only are they social media sensations, but they are also professional boxers. PRIME's incredible rise can be attributed to their celebrity status and their team’s ability when it comes to marketing.

KSI, who has always been a big fan of football, and his partner Logan Paul decided to take on a new challenge with a bold goal—to shake up the sports drink industry. They recognized how much they could influence the younger demographic and cleverly leveraged it to benefit themselves. PRIME wasn't just any ordinary drink; it was a lifestyle brand that had the support of two internet giants. But how did this new and emerging drink manage to become popular in the world of professional sports?

logan paul prime
Image Credit: sportskeeda.com

Arsenal: Where It All Began

In July 2022, PRIME made a big move into the sports world by teaming up with Arsenal Football Club, which is known for its rich history in English football. This partnership was truly a dream come true for KSI, who happens to be a passionate Arsenal fan. The agreement between Arsenal and PRIME made PRIME the official hydration drink partner of the club. This partnership marked a significant milestone for PRIME, showing that they were expanding their reach beyond the digital world.

Fans were really able to connect with KSI because of his genuine love for the club and its supporters. He was really excited about the partnership and said, "Honestly, I can't believe it. This is something I've always dreamed of since I was a child." Fans were really touched by PRIME's genuine connection to the club's history and traditions. It made them feel even more confident in PRIME's place in the sports world. The partnership between Arsenal and Chelsea was more than just a business deal. It showed the incredible influence of true fandom.

logan paul ksi prime
Image Credit: arsenal.com

Barcelona: Taking the Global Stage

With Arsenal supporting it, PRIME was on track to achieve success. However, the ambitious pair had even bigger aspirations. In July 2023, PRIME made a big move by becoming the official energy drink sponsor for FC Barcelona, just a year after partnering with Arsenal. Barcelona, a highly esteemed football club on a global scale, has expanded PRIME's reach in a significant way.

Juli Guiu, the vice president of marketing for Barcelona, emphasized the significance of engaging with a younger audience. He explained that the partnership they have formed is not only strategic for the club but also a way to connect with younger fans worldwide. This particular collaboration involves an innovative product that promotes rehydration and enhances the enjoyment of sports activities. Barcelona, with its focus on nurturing young talent and playing an attractive style of football, saw PRIME as a perfect match to share its values and connect with its fans.

Bayern Munich Partnership

After the successful partnerships with Arsenal and Barcelona, PRIME was determined to keep up the momentum and continue making strides. In August 2023, there was an important announcement that PRIME had established a strong presence in the German football market by forming a partnership with Bayern Munich. Bayern, who are the current champions of the Bundesliga and one of the most successful football clubs in the world, were a great addition to PRIME's portfolio.

Bayern's executive board member, Andreas Jung, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that FC Bayern is thrilled to collaborate with PRIME and introduce the company to the German market. This partnership is exciting because it involves a young and energetic brand. It shows that FC Bayern is expanding globally and wants to connect with a new group of people. The agreement with Bayern not only helped PRIME establish itself in Germany but also highlighted its popularity worldwide. Bayern Munich's large number of fans and their success in European competitions made them an ideal choice for PRIME's goal of reaching a wider audience.

logan paul ksi prime
Image Credit: fcbayern.com

UFC Collaboration

PRIME has ventured into various sports beyond just football. In 2022, the brand decided to venture into combat sports and formed a partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The UFC, which became very popular very quickly, gave PRIME a chance to reach combat sports fans all over the world. In this partnership, PRIME became the official sports drink of the UFC, which helped establish its presence in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Dana White, who is the president of the UFC, shared his excitement about the partnership. He mentioned that with the UFC's wide global reach and Prime's large social media following, they will be able to expose the Prime brand to millions of fans worldwide. PRIME's partnership with the UFC showed how versatile the brand is and its ability to connect with different sports audiences.

Israel Adesanya, who is one of the top fighters in the UFC, recently became an athlete ambassador for PRIME. Adesanya's charm and skill in the octagon made him the perfect choice to represent the brand. The endorsement he received really highlighted how PRIME is dedicated to partnering with top athletes who believe in performing at their best and striving for excellence.

PRIME's partnership with the UFC has really strengthened its position as a well-known sports beverage brand worldwide. It wasn't only about focusing on one particular sport or group of people; it was about establishing a well-known presence in the wider realm of sports and fitness.

prime ufc
Image Credit:www.sportcal.com

PRIMES’s Recipe for Success

So, what is the secret behind PRIME's rapid rise in the sports drink market? Several factors have contributed to its success:

1. Authenticity:

KSI and Logan Paul's genuine passion for sports and their dedication to their brand make PRIME's connection with fans feel authentic. This authenticity is crucial in an era where consumers seek brands that align with their values.

2. Influencer Power:

The influence of KSI and Logan Paul, with their massive social media followings, cannot be overstated. Their ability to promote PRIME to a younger audience has been instrumental in the brand's success.

3. Strategic Partnerships:

PRIME's partnerships with top-tier sports clubs and organizations have provided it with unparalleled exposure. Associating with clubs like Arsenal, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich has allowed PRIME to tap into the fan bases of these iconic teams.

prime flavours
Image Credit: hoopla-marketing.com

4. Marketing Innovation:

PRIME's marketing strategies, including limited-edition releases and the "drop culture" methodology, have created a buzz around the brand. Scarcity and exclusivity have been used to great effect, driving demand and curiosity.

5. Product Quality:

While marketing and partnerships are crucial, the quality of the product itself should not be underestimated. PRIME's appealing flavours  and functional benefits have played a significant role in winning over consumers.

6. Global Ambitions:

Prime's expansion into different countries and sports markets demonstrates its commitment to becoming a global brand. This global outlook positions PRIME for continued growth and success.

The Broader Implications

PRIME's journey offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of sports sponsorships and brand partnerships. It highlights several key trends:

prime vs redbull
Image Credit: dailymail.com

1. The Power of Social Media:

In today's digital age, influencers and social media platforms play a pivotal role in brand success. PRIME harnessed the influence of KSI and Logan Paul to reach a global audience.

2. Fandom and Authenticity:

Fans appreciate when brands connect with their passions authentically. PRIME's partnerships with football clubs allowed it to tap into the deep emotional connections that fans have with their teams.

3. Diversification of Partnerships:

PRIME's expansion into different sports, including football and MMA, showcases the benefits of diversifying partnerships. It allows brands to access a more extensive and varied audience.

4. Youth Engagement:

Engaging with younger audiences, such as Gen Z, requires innovative marketing strategies and products tailored to their preferences. PRIME's success demonstrates the value of understanding and catering to the next generation of consumers.

5. Responsibility and Ethics:

Consumers are increasingly conscious of brands' values and ethics. PRIME's partnerships align with the values of the clubs and organizations it associates with, reflecting a broader trend of responsible sponsorship.

logan paul ksi prime
Image Credit: australiansportsnutrition.com.au

The story of PRIME is truly inspiring. They started as a small sports beverage brand and have now become a major player on the global stage. This success is a result of their smart partnerships, effective influencer marketing, and genuine connections with their fans. PRIME has become a significant player in the sports drink industry by partnering with renowned football clubs like Arsenal, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich, as well as establishing a presence in the world of MMA through its association with the UFC. The success of the brand provides important lessons for businesses that want to make a difference in the sports and beverage industries. This emphasizes how important it is to stay true to your values, use your influence on social media, and form partnerships with a diverse range of people to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, the story of PRIME highlights the importance of being genuine and having a responsible approach to branding in today's consumer landscape, where people are becoming more aware and mindful. PRIME is constantly growing its presence worldwide and venturing into exciting new opportunities in the sports industry. It's truly inspiring to see how their passion, innovation, and strategic partnerships work together seamlessly to achieve remarkable success.

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