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May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024

Snapchat: A Rising Powerhouse for Influencers

Does the fate of a social platform hinge on the presence of influencers? 

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What is Snapchat?

Snapchat, a dynamic social media platform, offers users the ability to share brief photos and videos that vanish within seconds of being viewed. This ephemeral nature extends to messages, which can be set to last for a brief duration before disappearing permanently. Additionally, Snapchat introduces "Stories," enabling users to compile posts for a 24-hour period, granting friends unlimited access. Recent updates enhance user interaction, introducing video chatting, facial recognition filters for playful transformations, and a diverse array of emojis and animations for direct messaging.

At its core, Snapchat's mission is to empower users to express themselves authentically, seize the moment, explore the world, and enjoy shared experiences. It fosters genuine connections by facilitating visual communication, self-expression, and storytelling. The platform envisions its camera as a catalyst for transforming how individuals perceive and engage with the world, seamlessly blending real-world experiences with digital possibilities.

Snapchat History 

Back in July 2011, the innovative minds of Stanford University students Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel, and Reggie Brown birthed what we now know as Snapchat, initially dubbed Picaboo and exclusively available on iOS. Shortly after two months, it underwent a transformation, adopting the name Snapchat. Rapidly gaining traction, the app soon piqued the interest of notable investors, including Lightspeed Ventures, Benchmark Capital, and Institutional Venture Partners.

At its core, Snapchat was designed for swift, ephemeral exchanges among friends, utilizing the unique feature of timed photo messages, known as "snaps." The app's meteoric rise can be attributed to two primary factors. 

  1. Its model closely mirrors real-life interactions, capturing the fleeting essence of in-person conversations that swiftly disappear.
  2. As older generations dominated platforms like Facebook, younger users gravitated toward Snapchat as a fresh alternative. 

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The Downfall 

As other social platforms began implementing their own story-sharing features, Snapchat's prominence dwindled, leading to a decline in both usage and popularity. The turning point came in 2016 when Instagram introduced its own version of story sharing. Ironically, data indicates that users are significantly more engaged with Instagram Stories compared to Snapchat Stories.

Snapchat's ambitious redesign in 2017/2018 aimed to challenge social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by pioneering the separation of 'social' from 'media'. However, the initial rollout faced criticism due to confusion in navigation, particularly in locating friends' stories within the new layout. Subsequent adjustments merged friends' stories with those of celebrities and content from publishers under the 'Discover' button, causing further disconnect among users. Ultimately, Snapchat's redesign, while introducing more features, resulted in heightened confusion and dissatisfaction among its user base, leading to a significant shift away from the platform.

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Using Influencers to Become A Competitor Again 

Snapchat has evolved beyond a mere communication platform, steadily rising in prominence as it introduces new programs enticing influencers to join. In a bid to attract influencers, Snapchat offers incentives, recognizing the sway they hold over audiences who seek to stay connected across platforms. With the introduction of the Creator program, influencers now have a means to generate revenue based on their posting frequency. This initiative has transformed Snapchat into a space for influencers to share candid aspects of their lives, fostering authenticity and engagement.

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Utilizing Snapchat's features, influencers craft compelling and genuine content that resonates deeply with their followers. From behind-the-scenes glimpses to exclusive access and brand promotions, influencers leverage the platform's intimacy to captivate their audience. Earnings for influencers vary based on factors like follower count, engagement rate, content quality, niche, and brand collaborations. For instance, influencers with 10,000 to 50,000 followers may earn between $500 to $2,000 per sponsored post, while those with over 100,000 followers can command upwards of $10,000.

Influencer Marketing 

Recognizing Snapchat's popularity, brands have embraced partnerships on the platform, leveraging influencers to integrate advertisements into their story posts seamlessly. This approach diverges from traditional ads, capturing the attention of Gen-Zers who typically bypass conventional promotions. With influencers capitalizing on its potential, Snapchat has emerged as a formidable force in the realm of influencer marketing.

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Authenticity: Embrace Snapchat's ephemeral essence to cultivate genuine, unfiltered content, establishing an authentic connection with users.

Engagement: Harness the power of AR filters, stickers, and interactive polls to foster deep engagement between influencers and their audience.

Reach: Tap into Snapchat's vast user base through influencers, extending your brand's reach to millions and boosting brand awareness.

Targeting: Utilize Snapchat's advanced targeting capabilities to pinpoint specific demographics based on location, interests, and behaviours, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience.

Measurable Results: Track the performance of influencer campaigns using metrics like views, engagement, swipe-up rates, and conversions, gaining valuable insights for future endeavours.

Strategies for Success:

Find the Perfect Fit: Collaborate with influencers whose values, style, and audience align seamlessly with your brand.

Define Clear Goals: Establish concrete objectives for your campaign, whether it's enhancing brand visibility, driving web traffic, or increasing sales.

Craft Compelling Content: Work hand in hand with influencers to develop authentic, captivating content that seamlessly weaves your brand message.

Foster Engagement: Utilize Snapchat's interactive features to encourage audience interaction and cultivate a sense of community around your brand.

Monitor and Adapt: Continuously assess the performance of your influencer campaigns, adapting strategies based on insights to optimize results and drive success.

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Snapchat influencer marketing provides a unique avenue for brands to connect with consumers in today's crowded digital landscape. Through authenticity, creativity, and real-time engagement, brands can build meaningful connections and drive results. With Snapchat's ongoing evolution, the platform offers limitless opportunities for influencer marketing, solidifying its position as a game-changer in digital marketing. This resurgence positions Snapchat as a formidable competitor, particularly among Gen Z audiences.

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