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Jun 24, 2024
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Jun 24, 2024

Must Try Seafood Places in Toronto

Toronto boasts an abundance of local and international seafood options, from specialized oyster bars to colossal crab legs and hearty cuts of halibut. These offerings delight seafood enthusiasts throughout the city.


Image credit Joso’s IG

Owned and operated by Leo and Shirley Spralja and founded by Joso Spralja in the 1960s, you can find this joint at 202 Davenport Road, Toronto. Joso's Restaurant has maintained over 45 years of continuous success and is recognized as a landmark in Toronto's hospitality scene. The restaurant offers a distinctive dining experience that draws inspiration from the Dalmatian coast. Guests are immersed in Joso’s artistic expressions, featuring Adriatic Sea motifs, depictions of female forms, and various gold and jewelled trinkets displayed throughout the venue. The menu showcases a diverse selection of fish from around the world, each described in detail by knowledgeable servers. Meals are prepared with simple, traditional flavours and presented to highlight their natural beauty, making them ideal for sharing or enjoying individually.

Pearl Diver

Image credit Pearl Diver IG

Open 4:40 pm until 10:00 pm and on weekends until 11:00 pm you can find this restaurant at 100 Adelaide street east. This is an intimate and relaxed oyster bar and seafood restaurant with a wide selection of fresh oysters and seafood sourced from all over the world. With amazing reviews, this seafood restaurant will definitely leave you feeling full.

Pink Sky Toronto

Image credit Pink Sky IG

Found at 480 King street west, Pink Sky is a sea-to-fork restaurant featuring a robust menu of fresh seafood, craft cocktails, and chilled pints. It serves as both a neighbourhood favourite and a popular night-out destination. The restaurant caters to seafood enthusiasts with its raw bar, offering east and west coast oysters, ceviche, crudo, a Daily Catch Menu, and a variety of fresh shellfish.

Market Street Catch

Image credit Market Street Catch IG

Located at 14 Market Street downtown Toronto, their seafood arrives cool and fresh, with most products delivered fresh. Previously frozen items are thawed at temperatures not exceeding 4°C, marinated, vacuum-sealed, and ready to enjoy. All seafood portions are marinated in garlic and herb olive oil before being vacuum-sealed. Open from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm this seafood joint has amazing reviews. People are always complimenting the shrimp and the salmon.

Prime Seafood Palace

Image credit Prime Seafood Palace IG

Prime Seafood Palace is located 944 Queen Street west and is a modern steakhouse featuring a curated selection of beef, seafood, and vegetables, sourced from trusted purveyors. The restaurant offers a unique in-person experience, with its main entry situated in a serene courtyard away from the bustling Queen Street West. Inspired by Matty Matheson's East Coast roots and his appreciation for architecture, the design resembles a light-filled cathedral clad in white maple. The menu pays homage to the classic steakhouse tradition.

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