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May 8, 2024
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Mar 26, 2024

iOS 18: Everything You Need To Know About The Next Update

There's a lot of excitement surrounding the newest iOS 18, the next big update for iPhone users. Apple has not made any official announcements about iOS 18 yet, but there are rumours and insights from industry experts that provide interesting hints about what users might expect. It is expected that iOS 18 will be released in September, alongside the next iPhone 16. This new version of Apple's iOS has the potential to bring significant improvements and introduce new features. 

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There is a lot of speculation about the features and improvements that we can expect in iOS 18. According to Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple analyst, iOS 18 might be one of the most important updates ever released for iOS. Gurman's insights suggest that there may be some exciting advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), although the details are not yet clear. Users can look forward to improvements in Siri and the integration of AI features into different native iOS apps like Messages and Safari. These improvements have the potential to completely transform user experiences. They would include features such as intelligent text proofreading and webpage summarization, bringing iOS up to speed with the latest advancements from competitors like Samsung and Google.

There's another exciting improvement coming in iOS 18 that focuses on messaging features, especially when it comes to how iOS and Android users can interact with each other. Apple has officially announced that it will be adopting the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging standard. This means that texting experiences across different platforms are expected to get much better. Typing indicators and read receipts, which were previously only available for iOS-to-iOS communication, will probably be made available for interactions between iOS and Android devices. This will make the messaging experience better for users.

On iOS 18, there will also be a focus on improving accessibility features. According to reports, there are some new improvements in the works. One of them is Live Speech, which will have a new feature called "Categories." This feature will let users organize commonly used phrases so they can find them more easily. Moreover, if "Adaptive Voice Shortcuts" were introduced, it would give users the ability to assign personalized phrases to specific accessibility features. This would greatly improve the efficiency of navigating the device for people with different needs.

In addition, iOS 18 might bring more customization choices for Home Screens, which is a change from Apple's usual conservative style when it comes to personalizing the interface. There is speculation that there might be new features that allow for more options in arranging icons and greater flexibility in customizing the Lock Screen. Apple is making some changes that will give users a better and more personalized experience. They want to keep improving user satisfaction and how well their devices work.

Overall, from what we know so far, the update has the potential to be a major step forward for Apple's iOS. These include advancements in AI integration, messaging functionality, accessibility features, and user interface customization.

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