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Jun 4, 2024
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Jun 4, 2024

Design Made Effortless: Exploring Canva's Latest Updates!

Canva, launched in 2013, has reached its 10-year milestone with over 185 million monthly users, according to Canva News. To celebrate this achievement, Canva is unveiling new upgrades to its platform that continue to empower individual designers while also encouraging entire organizations to embrace design.

Photo by Canva 

During the Canva Create event in Los Angeles in May 2024, exciting updates were released, designed to enhance Canva's appeal for professional teams and workspaces. Unveiling a completely revamped Canva experience, the platform now boasts new product features designed for organizations, a completely reimagined editor experience, a bespoke solution tailored for global enterprises, and significant enhancements to its suite of remarkable AI tools. 

Be among the first to explore Canva's new editing features! The initial release is exclusive to the first one million users who find the secret portal hidden on their Canva homepage. This exciting opportunity is available now and will open to the entire Canva community in August. 

The New Canva Experience 

Experience the seamless integration of content creation with Canva's latest updates. The revamped homepage and enhanced editing capabilities provide effortless transitions between projects, while intuitive shortcuts and powerful search filters ensure you jump straight into designing. The streamlined editing experience places your most-used features upfront, allowing creativity to flow effortlessly. Collaborate seamlessly with team resources, brand guidelines, and design projects, all accessible with the new quick-action toolbar and one-click background remover. Set up your workspace for maximum efficiency by starring important designs and templates, and easily share crucial content with teams via the "Starred for Team" section. Enhance collaboration further with organized commenting and suggested editing options, streamlining workflow, and keeping everyone updated with convenient sidebar notifications. With Canva's latest updates, teamwork has never been smoother.

Photo by Canva 

Canva Enterprise 

To meet the growing demand and unique needs of large organizations, Canva partnered closely with business leaders, IT departments, and professionals worldwide to craft our newest solution: Canva Enterprise. This all-in-one platform is designed to supercharge content creation, boost productivity, and reduce costs. Canva Enterprise also includes dedicated support for design, onboarding, training, and custom integration development.

Canva Enterprise empowers organizations to create high-impact visual content quickly and effectively, which is essential in today’s visually-driven professional landscape. With advanced security, reporting, administration, brand management, and integration capabilities, it’s the perfect fit for large organizations. The platform offers revolutionary visual work tools for creating external and internal content, centralized brand assets and features, and access to an extensive ecosystem of leading workplace apps. Additionally, Canva Enterprise provides enterprise-level security, including multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, advanced admin controls, and compliance with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type I certification.

With Canva already widely used across many organizations, Canva Enterprise consolidates and enhances this usage, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

Photo by Canva 

Integrated Courses 

Canva, traditionally celebrated for its prowess in external communication, is now expanding its horizon. The launch marks a suite of tools aimed at enhancing internal communication, starting with Canva Courses—an innovative solution designed to elevate workplace learning. Beyond creating content, users can now actively engage and interact with it directly within Canva.

With Canva Courses, organizations can transform Canva designs into dynamic and interactive learning materials. These materials are formatted into sequenced lessons, allowing team members to explore and learn at their own pace. The platform also features a centralized dashboard for assigning courses and tracking progress, making it easier to manage and monitor learning activities.

This new tool simplifies the rollout of learning and development programs, whether the goal is to onboard new employees, disseminate company updates, or upskill team members. Canva Courses integrates seamlessly into the Canva ecosystem. 

Designed to suit every learner's pace and tracking needs, Canva Courses is set to inspire a new level of educational engagement and progress within organizations. 

Work Kits 

After years of collaboration with subject matter experts across various professions, Canva has seamlessly integrated its expertise into its platform. With the introduction of Work Kits, accessing best practices is now simpler, regardless of profession.

The new Canva Work Kits offer tailored hubs for Marketing, Creative, Sales, and HR teams, providing a curated collection of resources, templates, playbooks, and apps designed to enhance productivity and creativity. These tools, powered by leading AI technology, enable teams to work visually, streamline collaboration, and boost productivity. 

Photo by Canva 

Magic Design AI Tool Upgrades 

Over the past year, artificial intelligence has taken center stage, with the Magic Studio tools being utilized over five billion times since their launch. Now, these popular AI tools have received significant upgrades. Magic Media, renowned for its image and video generation capabilities, has expanded its repertoire to include flawless graphics creation. With Magic Write, users can now access personalized, high-quality copy tailored to their unique brand voice. Leveraging advanced generative AI technology, the upgraded Magic Design produces higher-quality templates with minimal need for additional editing. Styles simplify design cohesion by allowing users to match colours, fonts, and decorative elements with a single click. Layouts offer design inspiration by showcasing various slide arrangements, applicable with just one click. The Resize & Magic Switch feature streamlines workflow by transforming designs into custom documents effortlessly. Canva’s AI-powered photo editor now provides more control with Magic Grab, enabling effortless element selection, movement, removal, or replacement within images. Additionally, the Mockups tool can analyze images and convert them into mockup templates. In the realm of video editing, Canva’s AI-powered features have expanded, offering tools like Highlights to capture the best moments and Enhance Voice to remove background noise, enhancing the overall video creation process.

Photo by Canva 

New and Updated Tools 

Canva is dedicated to empowering visual creativity by consistently delivering innovative tools that save time and enhance the creative process. At Canva Create, a suite of groundbreaking tools was introduced to revolutionize content creation and marketing workflows:

Bulk Create: This invaluable tool speeds up marketing efforts by allowing users to generate on-brand assets at scale. By uploading a CSV or Excel file, Bulk Create automatically updates images, text, and graphics across multiple designs, removing the need for manual edits.

Ad Tech Integrations: Canva now streamlines the ad creation and optimization process within its platform. Users can access ready-made templates, receive personalized suggestions from partner apps, and publish ads directly to Google, Meta, or Amazon.

Data Autofill: Impress clients with data-driven materials using Data Autofill. This feature allows seamless integration of business data from sources like Salesforce and MLS into pitch decks, brochures, and other high-impact sales assets with a single click.

Recordings: Enhance personalized customer interactions with recordings. This feature allows for narrating presentations, recording entire screens, or adding voiceovers to designs, ensuring pitches are flawlessly delivered and ready to share with teams or clients.

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