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May 8, 2024
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Apr 26, 2024

Amazing Luxury Brand Collaborations and How They Helped Both Companies

Hype culture has been around for generations but has taken many forms along the way. The term hype culture refers to a culture devoted to seeking out the last "big thing", a cultural trend within contemporary consumer culture. Lately, one of the largest trends has been brand collaborations. Brands often establish strategic partnerships for various reasons, and when they are conducted properly, they can benefit each other. With the right combination of insights, perspectives, and creativity, companies can gain access to previously untapped segments of customers, gain strategic positioning, and shape the image of their brand.

By establishing strategic partnerships and taking advantage of hype culture, companies can find the perfect balance and satisfy their consumers’ needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of Brand Vision’s favorite luxury brand collaborations.  

Louis Vuitton & Supreme

Hypebeasts, fashion lovers, and sneakerheads everywhere have solely to blame LV x Supreme. In June 2017, this collection hit the shelves of pop-up shops in Beijing, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and LA, taking the world by storm. A wide selection of products were available in the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration, including sneakers, clothing, and trunks. In addition to being accessible to the masses, it also appealed to a new group of clients that Louis Vuitton didn't have before.

By leveraging the growth of streetwear and through the power of brand collaborations, the two established companies were able to gain credibility in their opposing respective markets. In fact, Louis Vuitton’s profit saw a 23% increase in only the first half of 2017, from which the bulk can be attributed to this partnership, and the rest thanks to Louis’ Vuitton’s later collaboration with Jeff Koons.

Gucci & Balenciaga

The co-branded show “The Hacker Project” dropped at 74 pop-up stores worldwide on November 15. The show combined the aesthetics of both houses, particularly on a number of wide-shouldered blazers, bags, high-rise boots, and jewelry, all with iconic co-branding throughout the production. Although avoiding referring to their combined efforts as a collaboration, the two houses gave each other all access to everything the other was known for, which resulted in each using one house's distinctive signifier in a very different way. Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia had a unique idea when they came up with this concept, the result was stunning their audiences and bringing an aesthetic of hype-glamor into the spotlight.

Virgil Abloh & IKEA

During London Fashion Week, the collaboration held a ‘try-on’ exhibition experience called ‘FITTING ROOMS’. As the collection was launching in November and homeware being a much larger commitment than fashion, this pop-up idea was a great way to showcase the collection in the correct setting. It really helped to ease people into the idea of investing by letting clients feel, use and experience their wishlist items.

IKEA genuinely capitalized on an opportunity to align its brand with one of the biggest events of the year without going too far from its comfort zone. By taking advantage of London fashion week madness to align with Virgil’s status - the two brands were able to clash the worlds of fashion, art and home living in perfect harmony.

Polaroid & Lacoste

In spring 2021, Lacoste collaborated with Polaroid to take the meaning of color to the next level. With a combination of oversized polo tees, T-shirts, track pants, hoodies, and sneakers in a vibrant mix of red, blue, green, and yellow, the collection was a nod to Polaroid's rainbow logo from their first instant color film developed in 1963. The collaboration also included a limited-edition Polaroid 600 instant camera, a tribute to values that are shared by both brands such as joy, boldness and freedom.

This unexpected yet exciting collaboration perfectly presented worlds colliding for the better. By implementing layers of branding strategy, these companies were able to provide a unique brand experience and an enhanced shopping experience for their clients, which in turn can result in long-term loyalty.

Brand Collaborations and Their Effectiveness

Strategic partnerships enable brands to work together to benefit one another in many ways.  Collaboration between brands can lead to the introduction of new products or services to new audiences, resulting in an expansion of the market. As a result of cross-contamination of fan bases and assets, partnerships can also lead to an increase in brand recognition and image, which can further increase profitability.

In the modern business environment, startups and large organizations need to adapt or lay foundational branding practices to remain relevant. At Brand Vision, our goal is to nurture your vision and provide innovative, custom solutions for all your marketing needs. At Brand Vision, we understand the value of your brand and work together using proven strategies that excel beyond just the logo, branding package or website.

Want to find out how Brand Vision can elevate your company? Request a free consultation today to ensure marketing and branding success.

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