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Sorry Barbie, Bratz Is In Now

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Here come the Bratz! While this summer has been a huge success for Barbie, the director of Bratz has made some astute choices that have helped put the brand back on the map. Seen as the edgier, more unconventional alternative to the iconic Barbie, Bratz has undergone a revival in recent years. TikTok, an app known for birthing trends and reviving nostalgia, has played a significant role in this resurgence. Additionally, Bratz's bold foray into the world of adult collectors and celebrity collaborations, like the recent one with Kylie Jenner, is proof that this iconic brand is embracing the future while leaving Barbie behind. In this article, we'll explore the rise of Bratz, TikTok's contribution to its resurgence, why Barbie might be losing its dominance, and the significance of Bratz's partnership with Kylie Jenner.

The Return of Bratz: Nostalgia Meets TikTok

From 2001 to 2023: The Resurrection

The Bratz dolls made their debut in 2001, bringing with them a unique style and attitude that made them stand out from other dolls, especially Barbie. The dolls became really popular with young girls because they had different looks, cool clothes, and a rebellious attitude. However, Bratz also faced its fair share of controversies. Some parents didn't like the revealing clothes their children wore because they thought it made them look too sexual. Even though the brand received both positive and negative feedback, it continued to push forward. Reminiscence, particularly among women who grew up with these dolls and are now adults, is what is driving this year's revival of the Bratz dolls. TikTok has been a significant factor in the recent resurgence, especially among Generation Z, who are big fans of this social media platform. Bratz has successfully reignited the passion of its original fans by implementing creative campaigns and encouraging user-generated content.

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TikTok: A Platform for Nostalgia

TikTok is known for bringing back trends from the past on a regular basis. Bratz, with its nostalgic early 2000s aesthetic, is a perfect fit for this revival of fond memories. The platform allows users to come together and express their love for Bratz. They can share things like doll makeovers and fashion tributes. The reason why Bratz content on TikTok is so successful goes beyond just the numbers. It's the incredible passion and creativity shown by the creators that truly set it apart. The animations, makeovers, and throwback content are all contributing to the brand's revival by making it more current than ever.

A Social Media Experiment for Bratz

"Always Bratz" is an experiment that uses TikTok, a platform where many people are already interested in nostalgic content. The series was originally intended for TikTok, but it has also been shared on Instagram, which has helped it reach a wider audience. The use of this cross-platform approach has really boosted the number of viewers and how engaged they are. The series brings back the original Bratz dolls—Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade—and shows them as older versions of themselves. This series follows four iconic characters as they navigate the challenges and adventures of young adulthood. If you were a fan of Bratz's previous TV series, movies, and music albums when you were a kid, you'll find that the content really connects with you. "Always Bratz" has the potential to be more than just a social media series; it could actually be a pilot for a complete animated Bratz TV series. In the series, there's a main storyline where the four girls are working together to pitch a new TV series to a streaming service. This storyline reflects the real-life efforts of the Bratz team. It seems like fans are really enjoying this social media series and they're excited to see more of Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade's adventures. 

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The Changing Landscape of Fashion Dolls

It seems like Barbie, the famous doll that has been a beloved toy for many years, might not be as popular in the fashion doll market anymore. Barbie has always had a more traditional and conservative image, unlike Bratz, which focuses on edgy fashion and appeals to teens’ preferences. Sometimes, Barbie's emphasis on pleasing moms has caused it to miss out on staying up-to-date with the latest trends and cultural changes. On the other hand, Bratz dolls were all about embracing a wide variety of looks and styles, which really connected with a younger crowd. Bratz dolls were able to connect with a wider range of teens due to their diverse appearances, which allowed more kids to relate to the dolls. This was a departure from the long-standing image of Barbie, who was typically portrayed as white with blonde hair.

Bratz and the "Kidult" Phenomenon

There is a growing trend of adults called "kidults" who are embracing their inner child and collecting things that are typically considered childish. Bratz noticed this trend and began focusing on appealing to adult collectors. MGA Entertainment, the company responsible for Bratz, has decided to shift its attention from the highly popular LOL Surprise franchise to bringing back Bratz. Bratz's strategy focuses on reconnecting with their original fans, who are now in their twenties and thirties. Bratz is now shifting its focus towards adult collector-oriented dolls, which is making the brand appeal to people of all generations. The recent partnership with Kylie Jenner shows how Bratz is still attracting doll collectors in their twenties and early thirties.

The Bratz x Kylie Jenner Collaboration

kylie jenner bratz
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Bratz recently made an exciting decision by teaming up with Kylie Jenner for a special collaboration featuring a celebrity doll. The goal of this collaboration was to reach out to Gen Z and millennial audiences and bring a modern-style icon into the world of Bratz. However, there were some controversies surrounding the collaboration. Some critics mentioned that the dolls' skin tones were darker than Jenner's, which led to concerns about the practice of "blackfishing." However, this collaboration demonstrates that Bratz is dedicated to adjusting to the preferences and expectations of the current generation, all while maintaining its rebellious nature.

The success of Bratz, fueled by TikTok and smart partnerships, shows how a timeless brand can make a remarkable comeback in the digital era. The fact that "Always Bratz" has been successful and the partnership with Kylie Jenner demonstrate how Bratz is able to keep up with current trends, appeal to people's fond memories, and attract adult collectors. On the other hand, it seems that younger generations are becoming less interested in Barbie's traditional approach. As Bratz moves forward into the future, it's evident that the love for fashion is still going strong. Bratz is determined to be at the forefront of this passion and guide the way.

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