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May 8, 2024
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Jul 11, 2023

7 Clever Squid Game Social Media Posts and Ads by Brands

Squid Game has been on top of the world ever since the show was launched on September 17, 2021.  Brands have jumped on the hype train knowing Squid Game is the world’s sensation and using their little twists on advertising will make customers engage in their brand more. Tieing the social trends with your product is a great way to grab the attention of your audience.

Here are some of the ways brands are showing their angle and the meaning behind them.

1. Heineken

  • Heineken has had a star logo on its beer for most of the years, The star is thought to represent a brewer’s symbol or the various stages of the brewing process.
  • The way Heineken is portraying Squid games is by adding the other three options which the characters had to choose from while the star also being one.

2.  Budweiser

  • The way Budweiser put their little twist on this trend was by showing how difficult the umbrella was to do.

3.  Pepsi

  • Pepsi is also one of the many companies that jumped on the trend and placed their logo on the cookie.

4. Durex

  • Durex never slacks when it comes to humour online. They have exchanged the circle of the Squid Game logo with their product and the caption says "How long can you last?"

5. Dominos

  • The original invitation to the squid game was a circle, triangle, square.
  • Dominos has shown their twist by making the circle into a pizza, the triangle into a pizza slice, and the square into their new slogan ‘’ it all about you’’.

6. Marygold HL Milk

  • In a scene of squid game, they were handing out milk, and as a man said he is lactose intolerant he needed chocolate milk as an alternative but they denied his request
  • The way Marigold HL Milk has made the scene into a clever comedic ad is by saying “ they may not have chocolate milk, but we do’’

7. Gillette

  • If the objective of Squid Game is to stay as long as possible in the arena. The brand has found a funny and effective way to praise the lifespan of its blades: "We do not know about you but Mach 3 Turbo will last up to 15 shaves".

UPDATED - March 17th, 2023

Squid Game Season 2 is Coming

Get ready to step back into the world of Squid Game! The nail-bitingly intense Netflix series is set to return for a second season, and fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this global phenomenon. But, brace yourself, as we won't be able to see the new season until at least Fall or Christmas 2024, as filming is expected to last a whopping ten months starting this summer.

We're keeping our ears to the ground and gathering all the juicy details about Squid Game season 2, including what we can expect, cast updates, production news, and of course, the official Netflix release date. Directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk, this South Korean Netflix Original series has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, cementing its place as one of the most popular titles to come out of the country since Kingdom and Crash Landing on You.

It's no secret that Netflix has invested a fortune in Korean movies and television shows, and Squid Game is undoubtedly a shining example of this growing partnership. Get ready to dive back into the gritty world of Squid Game, and prepare for another round of nail-biting thrills, suspense, and jaw-dropping twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Now we are interested to know what brands will be working with Squid Game for promoting season 2! We can't wait to see what collaborations and partnerships are in store for this highly-anticipated series. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and announcements as we count down the days until the release of Squid Game season 2 on Netflix!

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