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Top 10 Logo Designs of 2021

Check out our list of the best logo designs of 2021. Read about what makes these logos in particular special and why they stand out from the crowd.

1. NBA Logo

  • The entertainment logo appeals to patriotic sentiments with the colour choice of red, white and blue
  • Did you know the recognizable silhouette is Jerry West’s frame? West was a legendary Los Angeles Lakers player and Hall-of-Famer
  • West’s figure and the colours have given rise to the NBA’s significance and its identifiability in sports today.

2. Hopper

  • Hopper, the travel app takes on the imagery of a happy bunny jumping across the screen
  • The logo is dynamic and has energy. Beyond that, the bunny is in motion, displaying that the company is forward moving.
  • The logo does a good job at convincing users to use their platform as the bunny is the imagery of moving people across the world

3. Mercedes-Benz

  • The Mercedes-Benz logo is simple yet radiates power through its modern design
  • The logo is ahead of its time and the three-pointed star represents the domination of land, air and sea.
  • The messaging behind the logo propels the brand forward. It symbolizes a company of innovators and dreamers entering new markets.

4. 23andMe

  • 23andMe’s logo evokes warm feelings and has a friendly vibe
  • Through the logo, the company is able to convey to its consumers that they can trust and safeguard their DNA with the brand
  • What stands out about the logo is its minimalist shape and crisscrossing of green and pink lines
  • The company connects the imagery back to its brand’s purpose by using the shape of human chromosomes in its logo. This shows that the company is deeply research-oriented.

5. Surf Group

  • Surf Group is Brazil’s fast-growing mobile network operator and a leader in the tech industry
  • The surf logo is symmetrical and modern but adds layers of excitement and innovation with the use of gradients which is a popular trend in 2021
  • The word “surf” generates memorability and attention. Its typography using the sans-serif font has the perfect letter spacing

6. FedEx

  • FedEx, short form for “Federal Express” is in blue and orangey/red
  • The logo has brand recall and recognition which is useful for competition in the shipping and delivery market


  • Lego’s logo uses interlocking bricks to display creativity
  • The brand uses bright, attention-grabbing colours. These colours: red, white and yellow are also popular Lego blocks. We can see that Lego emulates its product in the colour palette.
  • The typography visually stands out on a shelf against competitors, bolstering the emotional connection between customers and lego

8. Rolex

  • Rolex has an iconic logo, using the crown to symbolize prestige, victory and perfectionism
  • This messaging is conveyed through using a Crown in the logo.
  • Specifically, the company’s slogan is “A Crown for every Achievement”
  • The symbol of the Crown is a gentle reminder of company values and what it means to own a Rolex

9. Google

  • Google has a memorable logo with bright and playful colours
  • It can be universally recognized and its identity is used across emails, apps, and other brand touchpoints

10. Netflix’s New Animated Logo

  • Netflix has upgraded their logo. When you turn on your tv or device and open Netflix, you are greeted by this newly animated logo
  • Instead of using “Netflix” as a branding tool, they just use N. Netflix is a very established international brand, and now people can recognize the brand just by the mesmerizing “N”

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