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Jan 16, 2024
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Jan 16, 2024

How Influencers Made Stanley The Global Water Cup Icon

Source: Stanley

Stanley, a brand with over a century of history, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Traditionally known for creating products designed for outdoor enthusiasts, it has now become a cultural phenomenon and a coveted status symbol, not just in the United States but across the globe. This shift in perception can be attributed to the strategic use of influencers, particularly in the UK, where the Stanley Quencher water cup has transcended its functional roots to become a must-have accessory. This article delves into the journey of how Stanley harnessed the power of influencers to turn a functional water cup into a global status symbol.

Stanley's Quencher water cup, introduced in 2016, started gaining attention in the US through the female lifestyle space. However, its true breakthrough came in recent years as it became one of the top trending drinking cups on platforms like TikTok. The success was not just limited to its functionality; it was about the lifestyle it represented. Its popularity reached a point where it caught the eye of social media users in the UK.

The UK Market Entry:

The decision to launch the Stanley Quencher in the UK marked a crucial turning point. Within months of its introduction, the water cup transformed into the 'it girl' status symbol, with every new colour drop resulting in a sell-out success. The UK department store John Lewis even recognized the Quencher as one of its 'products of the decade.' The question is: How did a company known for producing useful products successfully pivot to become a cultural good that UK social media users lusted after?

North American Market Entry:

Stanley, encouraged by its success in the UK, set its sights on dominating the North American market by applying the lessons it had learned from its influencer victories across the Atlantic. Recognizing the diverse landscape of North America, Stanley's approach was tailored to resonate with a broad audience. The brand tapped into influencers with a wide range of backgrounds, ensuring that the Quencher appealed to the varied tastes and preferences of consumers in the United States and Canada. From lifestyle enthusiasts to fitness gurus and parenting influencers, the strategic mix aimed to capture the attention of different segments of the North American population, solidifying the Quencher's status as a versatile and desirable product.

Images via Tiktok/@perkinsonparkway, TiKtok/sammorgana.

Understanding that the North American market poses unique challenges and opportunities, Stanley fine-tuned its influencer marketing strategy to align with regional trends and preferences. The brand collaborated with influencers who could authentically integrate the Quencher into their daily lives, showcasing its relevance in various settings, from bustling urban environments to outdoor adventures. By prioritizing authenticity and adapting content to resonate with North American sensibilities, Stanley aimed to seamlessly weave the Quencher into the fabric of everyday life. As the Quencher made its mark in the North American market, the brand solidified its reputation as a global cultural icon, transcending geographical boundaries and turning a functional water cup into a symbol of lifestyle and aspiration.

The key to Stanley's success lies in its meticulous influencer marketing strategy. Eline Wojnar-Gijselings, Stanley’s consumer marketing specialist for EMEA, recognized the potential of leveraging influencers to introduce and popularize the Quencher in the UK market. UK Fusion Media was entrusted with the task of building a localized influencer program, the goal being to create a community that effectively communicated the unique selling points of the Quencher as a vital hydration aid. The heart of the influencer strategy was authenticity. Fusion Media sought influencers who were already familiar with the product due to its hype in the US and had engaged with Stanley products. The emphasis was on ensuring that influencers seamlessly integrated the Quencher into their lives, fostering authentic content creation. By capturing genuine experiences, influencer marketing aimed to resonate with the influencers' audiences, creating a sense of connection that transcended the typical brand-consumer relationship.

Source: X @Dmurr68

Understanding the diverse nature of its potential audience, Fusion Media strategically selected a mix of macro- and mega-influencers from various backgrounds. This inclusive approach encompassed lifestyle, fitness, and first-time moms, ensuring that the Quencher was presented in a relatable way to a broad spectrum of potential consumers. The success of the campaign was not solely dependent on heavy investment but on understanding who the consumers followed and bringing the Quencher to them. A well-thought-out content strategy played a pivotal role in the success of the influencer campaign. Fusion Media implemented a diverse range of content types, including Instagram reels, stories on launch day, unboxing videos, and 'a day in the life' style clips. The purpose was to provide a comprehensive view of the Quencher, highlighting its unique features and demonstrating its tangible benefits in everyday life. This approach aimed to capture the attention of the influencers' audiences through engaging and educational content.

On launch day, the influencer-driven campaign seamlessly translated into tangible results, driving both sales and website traffic. What was once an American phenomenon became a sought-after hydration companion for the UK audience. The Quencher not only translated into sales but also turned something as functional as a water cup into a must-have cultural commodity. Lucy Harding, influencer specialist at Fusion Media, provided valuable insights into running a successful influencer campaign based on their experience with Stanley. The four tips are:

Influencer Campaign Tips from Fusion Media:

1. Prioritize Authenticity and Relevance: Stanley's success in transforming the Quencher into a global status symbol began with the foundational principle of prioritizing authenticity and relevance. In the realm of influencer marketing, Lucy Harding's advice to align influencers' values with the brand's ethos proved instrumental. By carefully selecting influencers whose personal beliefs resonated with the functional yet stylish nature of the Quencher, Stanley established a genuine connection between the product and its advocates. This authenticity, in turn, laid the groundwork for building trust and credibility, crucial elements in the often-skeptical landscape of influencer endorsements. The Quencher ceased to be just a product; it became a lifestyle accessory, seamlessly integrated into the influencers' daily lives and, by extension, those of their audiences.

2. Diversify Influencer Mix Strategically: Fusion Media's strategic approach to influencer selection showcased the importance of diversity in reaching a wide-ranging audience. The inclusion of macro and mega influencers from distinct backgrounds, spanning lifestyle, fitness, and first-time moms, ensured that the Quencher's appeal transcended niche boundaries. By strategically diversifying its influencer mix, Stanley broadened its reach, speaking to varied demographics with different interests and lifestyles. This inclusive approach not only elevated the Quencher to a universal product but also showcased its adaptability to different consumer needs. The influencers became conduits for the brand's message, effectively transforming the Quencher from a niche item to a versatile and sought-after lifestyle accessory.

3. Create Purposeful Content Splits: Fusion Media's emphasis on purposeful content splits was pivotal in conveying a holistic brand narrative. The integration of diverse content types, including Instagram reels, launch day stories, unboxing videos, and 'a day in the life' clips, served distinct purposes within the campaign. Educational content strategically highlighted the Quencher's unique features and benefits, ensuring that potential consumers were informed about its functionalities. Simultaneously, promotional content was tactfully designed to drive sales, capitalizing on the influencers' credibility to encourage their audiences to make a purchase. This thoughtful content split not only catered to the diverse preferences of social media users but also contributed to a comprehensive understanding of the Quencher, solidifying its appeal in the minds of consumers.

4. Establish Real-Time Discovery Experiences: Fusion Media's innovative approach to real-time discovery experiences added a dynamic and spontaneous dimension to the influencer campaign. Encouraging influencers to discover the Quencher in real-time and share their experiences authentically contributed to the overall narrative. This strategy mirrored the organic growth that the Quencher experienced in the US, fostering a sense of curiosity and excitement among audiences. The real-time aspect created a genuine connection between the influencers and their followers, as audiences felt they were part of an unfolding story. By capturing these unscripted and authentic moments, Stanley not only capitalized on the influencers' discovery but also created a narrative that resonated with the inherently curious nature of social media users, further propelling the Quencher into the realm of a cultural phenomenon.

Source: Stanley

Stanley's journey from a functional brand to a global status symbol exemplifies the transformative power of influencer marketing done right. The strategic collaboration with influencers, focusing on authenticity, diversity, and purposeful content creation, not only propelled the Quencher into the limelight but also cemented its place as an icon on both sides of the Atlantic. This success story serves as a blueprint for brands looking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing and turn their products into cultural phenomena.

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