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May 8, 2024
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Apr 26, 2024

McDonald's Did a Great Job With This Brading Trick Related To the Queen!

Leveraging global or public events is a great way to create shared experiences and create genuine connections with potential clients around the globe. In the increasingly digital world, generating buzz around new products, services or campaigns is a cost-effective way to get prospects talking about your brand, and promote the likelihood of making a purchase in the future. It’s important to leverage these events to nurture your existing clientele, engage with new potential customers and demonstrate brand versatility.

As the Queen’s 70 years of service on the Royal throne has been the highlight of every news outlet this past week, we see brands implementing marketing campaigns taking advantage of the public holiday across the board. Mcdonald’s campaign in particular caught our eye here at Brand Vision.

With all the attention paid to this event, the global fast-food giant has become an official partner of the Silver Jubilee. Other partners for the televised event include Burberry and Moët & Chandon, Bloomberg, Cadbury, Endava, Meta, Sotheby's, and Whispering Angel.

In previous years, McDonald’s marketing team has always been on the ball when it comes to generating buzz around campaigns, but this royal celebration was a chart-topper! One of the most exciting aspects of Mcdonald’s Silver Jubilee campaign was the release of their first-ever temporary slogan, "One's Lovin' It," as an official part of the multi-channel campaign with Ready10 and Leo Burnett.

The limited-edition slogan was presented as the infamous five-note jingle and was played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The new slogan and jingle will be used on TV, outdoor ads, and across the company's 1,400 UK dining locations.

Other aspects of this exciting campaign included a new packaging design, accompanied by discounts and out-of-home creative activities which were released in waves throughout the days leading up to the event. The company’s marketing and branding initiatives follow an explicit strategy, to help “connect audiences in a playful way to this cultural moment.”

Furthermore, Mcdonald’s has promised 70 lucky winners royal commemorative McDonald's product packaging. Each set contains hand-moulded, glaze-finished china recreations by Leo Burnett himself, and the prize includes a potato chip sleeve, milkshake cup, and a burger clamshell. For a chance to win this exciting meal, customers must use the McDonald's app to claim McDelivery offers designed specifically for the celebration in partnership with the Together Coalition's Big Jubilee Lunch.

With the rising costs of running marketing campaigns, connecting with your current and future audiences through global or public events is an excellent way to enhance your brand’s image. As Mcdonald’s has proven time and time again, by getting involved in such events, brands can foster meaningful connections with a wider range of consumers through cross-channel promotion. Furthermore, by fostering relationships through common interests, companies can align their values with potential consumers’ and highlight the versatility of their brand. Large-scale public events happen once every few years, and it is important to take advantage of these opportunities.

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