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Jun 25, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

Marketing Tactics Beyonce Utilized for her New Album

Beyoncé released the highly anticipated Cowboy Carter album at the end of March this year. With this album being so successful, the marketing methods used sparked much attention. The initial move to promote her album was put out via Instagram on her story exactly one week before the album came out to the public. This demonstrated and provoked excitement for her new album. Within the new album, many songs became extremely popular. Beyoncé's hit single Texas Hold 'Em' sat at the top spot with 31.7 million streams. This also made Beyonce the first black woman to achieve a top chart hit on the top ten country music charts.

Ultimately, Beyoncé supplies us with a combination of creativity and innovation as she markets her music. She consistently knocks down boundaries and creates music in any genre while staying true to her roots. Her marketing displays tactics that people should take notes on, she always continuously puts out strong narratives and successfully engages her audience. The process of marketing for beyonce always connects her with her fans, the excitement and build up of suspense has people obsessing over her, therefore when she promotes her new album people get extremely involved in the process and little to no advertising is needed.

Image credit Pitchfork 

Furthermore, it is extremely evident that for her new album, she started her marketing process very early on. Beyonce extended her promoting efforts to a fun thing known as Guerrilla marketing, which is typically done outdoors and involves imagery. She had the cover of her new album posted on the museum wall with lights on the side of a museum. If you are wondering where this happened, it was in the Guggenheim Museum to be specific.

One detail about Guerrilla Marketing is that it is often easily performed and quite affordable. It utilizes elements of surprise and innovativeness, to create something spectacular, but build suspense.

More so, Guerrilla marketing is known for five essential elements that are important to think about. The first one being the focal point of the ad, the image needs to be clear, concise and have a transparent purpose. Along with the transparency of the whole presentation, it is vital that the image has an impact and can begin building feelings of  passion in the eyes and hearts of its viewers. That is when you know if it was successful or not. Secondly, it is essential that you keep it simple. Although this is in the public sphere and can have negative connotations around it, you want to keep it as simple as possible so that the message is easily attained, and this can help eliminate negativity. Another point of action is creativity. Since this is basically a one-minute wonder, it is paramount that the image has multiple functions and is found entertaining. Essentially, you want to promote as easy as possible within this method, therefore, an element of shock is okay. The fourth element is flexibility, therefore this element refers to easy modifications and adjustable content. This is a cautious area and it is okay to have a back up plan. Lastly, the element of persistence, there needs to be a dedication to the ad and a state of persistence to your views and audience, this helps with the development of the promoted content and it being consistently and concisely presented.

Image credit LinkedIn

Furthermore, there are more types of marketing behind this new album implementation. Beyonce also put some eggs in the partnership marketing basket. Meaning, her relations publicly have been forms of marketing that have evidently impacted her new album and even her popularity among her fans and the public. This all started when she was portrayed in one of the Super Bowl commercials.

To understand better, Partnership marketing relies on two separate entities coming together in a collaborative effort that mutually benefit both parties. Some examples of partnership marketing are seen everyday and uniquely with many brands. Therefore, it is things offered while shopping such as loyalty programs or even through visuals like sponsored content. Additionally, there are various elements to think of with partnership marketing. First off, there is a large need for a contract, this means that the collaboration needs to have a solidified outline of what each party is set out to do and essentially which each of the parties need in order to perform and agree. Then, it is vital that for this type of marketing to happen there needs to be multiple parties and a mutual agreement. There must be agreement on the profits; how they are split, what percentage for each party. After, there must be an arrangement in the navigation of the contract. How do each of the parties help and act throughout this contract, who is managing what? Essentially, who does what and how do you each take part in reaching the end goal?

Image credit Demetrius Walker website

More so, with such strong efforts to market this album Beyonce also has to make sure she has her fans engaged and drawn in on what was coming. When your fans are excited for you, they promote you. This is a type of content creation and this specifically  is known as user generated content. Typically, this form of marketing is seen on social media platforms because it is so effective and affordable, it is free really. It's effective because it is often creators who look up to you that are engaging and making this content for you. Therefore, many audiences are reached and the fans feel more connected to Beyonce because they are promoting and supporting her. The levels of love and excitement that fans have when creating content for Beyonce is immense.

Beyonce, also known as queen B, knows her fans love her and if she itches just a little she knows they will follow.  Therefore, after promoting her album cover outside the side of the museum it supplied people with content ideas, the fans started to start creating exciting narratives online and promote Beyonce in ways she does not need to worry about promoting now. Furthermore, Beyonce fans are hoping to be noticed by her and that's partly the motive behind the content creation. Additionally, the type of content can be in the form of images, videos, reviews or even podcasts.

Image credit TikTok

More so, think of how Beyonce acts and what she does that instill her fans to love her and want her to succeed. She embraces and informs a form of inclusivity with fans. She embodies a distinct voice and shares different stories that aren't often heard as these make her fans fall for her openness and transparency. Additionally, she creates opportunities for marginalized groups to feel included and loved. She supports her fans and embraces people of different races, with different voices and from different places. Therefore, with the multi-sought out marketing tactics she's performed to help her album, her fans do a large aspect of her marketing for her because of the love and support she instills and has helped her fans develop. She truly is Queen B after all.

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