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Jul 11, 2024
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Jul 11, 2024

How Does Love Island US and UK Engage with their Audiences to Keep Them Connected?

Since debuting, Love Island has successfully drawn in millions of viewers and has developed into a necessity within British and American pop culture. The show provides entertainment and attachment; it is impossible to watch the show and not have favourites. From the fundamental texts to presenting the show on social platforms to the usage of influencers, the show remains prominent with its viewers. Furthermore, the distinctive features of the show draw people in through interactive voting, social media competitions and campaigns about the afterlife for its contestants.

Online Voting

Love Island succeeds when it comes to engaging with its audience. Firstly, they allow the audience to feel in control as they watch the show and get the option to vote online via social media. The ability to choose who stays and who goes lying with the audience is something that the audience loves. They essentially get to pick what couples to keep watching. This maintains entertainment and excitement for their favourite couples. Additionally, viewers watch competitions and stay active on social media as they follow the show out of suspense and loyalty. They stay consistent, especially with the audience, as they will text the islanders after the public has voted. During the show, you often hear the famous line "I’ve got a text!" Which is when the public has cast in their votes and the islanders have either a challenge or a voting ceremony. As well, Love Island masters maintenance, they’re consistency is one of their marketing tactics. It is almost universally known in the reality tv world when to tune in to Love Island. This resonates with its viewers and in return, has developed a strong loyal fan base.

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Utilizing Influencers

Love Island evidently brings in influencers or individuals who are on brand for them, meaning they only bring people on the show who fit their brand. Influencers play a paramount role, they can bring in more viewers or keep viewers away from the strong relationships that develop to the crazy drama that employes. The show's image is vital and the influencers are paramount as they represent the show.

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Sense of Community

When it comes to television series, it is relevant to utilize different platforms for viewers, however, for Love Island engaging on multiple platforms is something they just do. For example, host Sarah Manavis said that Love Island "made Twitter a kind place to be"in a Statesman article. That statement speaks volumes, as social media typically, well for celebrities in particular, acts as a hostile place where you cannot win. Usually people are tweaking your outfit, body or even your voice. However, being a part of the love island community with such a large impact it changed her daily life and her interactions on social media platforms. This displays the amount and the type of love the viewers gave / give to the show and its counterparts.

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Mental Health Challenges

The show is sadly tied to multiple deaths. Two former contestants and the show's first host, Caroline Flack have passed away due to mental health challenges. Additionally, previous contestants have talked about their struggles to fame and the negative connotations that developed from being on the show. The pressure the contestants undergo after the show is truly disheartening. Topics like depression, anxiety and suicide should never be taken lightly. One thing TikTok has had, is the increase in certain users utilizing its platform like psychiatrists. They come on and talk about medications, preventions, and better ways to cut down feelings of anxiousness and sadness. One psychiatrist actually took on the role of supporting the contestants after the show and providing them with his services, free of charge.

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Future Items

The show is still very successful, with the usage of social media, the ability of the viewers to vote and the transparency and authenticity consistently demonstrated.

As well, tons of marketing opportunities exist post-show for the contestants. As current brand owners are looking for influencers who will look presentable and appealing in their clothing or their accessories. The show and even the contestants provide brands with flexible strategies for marketing. The usage of platforms like instagram, TikTok and youtube have evidently been used by contestants after the show to promote the wear of different brands and even supply viewers with online codes to receive a discount at the checkout.

Therefore, although there are two different variations to the show: UK and US, the show is consistent with the way they engage with the audience. The audience is dealt with regularly between the two variations of the show. They handle all voting through viewers online, they utilize platforms of social media to keep viewers up to date and connected as well, the contestants do a great job of speaking out post-show on topics that matter to them. Although, there is a universal element of hopefulness for brands to take in mental health, a stronger focus on sustainable practices and to build and to maintain a social media platform based on positive connotations, there are still measurements that make the show flourish and make the audience and even contestants happy.

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