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May 8, 2024
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Feb 1, 2024

Lewis Hamilton Is Set To Transfer to Ferrari F1 in 2025

On the left: Photo by Jannis Lucas on Unsplash and on the right: Photo by Beto Issa/Fórmula 1 on WIkimedia 

Recent reports have emerged suggesting that Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion, is on the brink of a sensational move to Ferrari for the 2025 season. Despite neither Mercedes nor Ferrari having made an official announcement, a number of sources and leaks suggest that Hamilton and Ferrari are currently in advanced negotiations. This potential transfer has sent shockwaves through the F1 community, raising questions about the motivations behind such a significant decision and the implications for both teams. 

The reports highlighted that Hamilton, who had previously expressed his commitment to Mercedes and signed a multi-year contract extension in August of the previous year, might have an option allowing him to leave the team after the 2024 season. The trigger for this potential move appears to be Mercedes' recent struggles, particularly their performance deficit to Red Bull since 2022. Mercedes' team principal, Toto Wolff, and technical director, James Allison, reportedly called a staff meeting on Thursday afternoon to address the situation. While Mercedes has been Hamilton's home since 2013, the team's recent challenges seem to have prompted Hamilton to reconsider his long-term commitment.

The potential move to Ferrari is not without its uncertainties. The Italian team, too, has faced challenges in recent years, finishing third in the constructors' championship behind Red Bull and Mercedes. The last time Ferrari secured a drivers' title was in 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen, and they haven't won a constructors' championship since 2008. However, it seems that Ferrari's chief executive, John Elkann, has been eager to bring Hamilton to the Scuderia, and serious talks between the parties might signal a significant shift in Formula 1.

Further reports from various sources suggest that the leak about Hamilton's move to Ferrari may have come from one of Ferrari's sponsors, Peroni. The sponsor's Instagram post, announcing a new partnership with Ferrari, featured an animated image of a small Ferrari car with the race number 44—Hamilton's iconic number. This unintentional revelation added more fuel to the speculation surrounding the potential transfer.

While Hamilton had been linked to Ferrari in the past, the intensity and credibility of the current reports have heightened the anticipation and excitement among fans. The idea of Hamilton, a driver synonymous with Mercedes' success, switching to one of their major rivals is a narrative that could redefine the dynamics of Formula One. The reports suggest that Hamilton's current contract with Mercedes may include an escape clause, allowing him to explore opportunities with other teams. Hamilton's desire for new challenges, Mercedes' recent difficulties, and Ferrari's determination to retain his services might all have an impact on the decision to consider such a move.

It's worth noting that Ferrari has been strategic in securing their driver lineup for the upcoming seasons. Charles Leclerc recently signed a long-term deal with Ferrari, extending his commitment to the team until the end of 2029. However, the delay in Carlos Sainz's contract renewal, originally attributed to contract duration disagreements, may now be connected to Ferrari's ambitious pursuit of Hamilton.

The potential partnership between Hamilton and Leclerc at Ferrari adds another layer of intrigue to the story. Leclerc, a rising star in Formula One, partnering with the seasoned Hamilton would create a dynamic duo capable of challenging the dominance of Red Bull and Mercedes in the upcoming seasons. As of now, both Mercedes and Ferrari, as well as Hamilton's representatives, have not officially commented on the reports. The lack of confirmation leaves room for speculation and anticipation within the F1 community, with fans eagerly awaiting official announcements that could reshape the sport.

If the move happens, it would be a significant blow to Mercedes, which went through extensive contract negotiations with Hamilton to secure his services for the current year. Hamilton's decision to explore new horizons after being an integral part of Mercedes' success raises questions about the team's future trajectory and their ability to remain competitive in the F1 landscape. The ramifications of such a move extend beyond individual teams and drivers, impacting the dynamics of competition and fan loyalty. As the story continues to unfold, fans are left to ponder the implications of this unexpected twist and its lasting impact on the sport.


It was announced Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari is now official by the Ferrari X page: 

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