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May 8, 2024
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Oct 18, 2023

KFC Pretends To Be IKEA to attract customers to their new restaurant

We are sure you’ve already heard about KFC. We are also sure you enjoy the rainy Saturday’s trips to IKEA as much as we do. But have you ever thought about combining them together?

The famous fast-food chain KFC recently decided to open one of their restaurants in a not yet well-known shopping mall on the Spanish Island on Majorca. As the area is yet not very popular and well-discovered the chain was forced to come up with a brand new strategy and decided to get people to visit its new restaurant by pretending to be an Ikea that is in fact located in the area of the shopping mall as well.

Spanish agency PS21 created a billboard that utilized typical Ikea characteristics such as its blue and yellow colours, as well as the retailer's typography. The logo was so accurate that it caused some disturbance amongst the community and for sure - a lot of confusion once customers entered an American fried chicken restaurant instead of a Swedish furniture warehouse.

The brand shared the billboard image on their Twitter account and received a response from IKEA Spain stating, “Thank you KFC for telling people where the #ChickenChicken is: on our HUVUDROLL meatballs.” KFC claimed that the reason for the campaign is to “try to be part of customers' lives” and to “ “get closer to the inhabitants of this region.”

The campaign will run until September and It looks like there is no enmity or bitterness between the two companies and we can say that the campaign showed a very clever marketing strategy.

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