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May 8, 2024
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Apr 16, 2024

How to Market Your Finance Blog In 2024

Whether you’re offering insightful investment tips or expert market analysis, growing a finance blog isn’t always easy. While looking at SEO can certainly help, there are a range of other tried and tested methods that bloggers everywhere use. In fact, these simple steps you can take can elevate your blog and enable it to reach new readers on a consistent basis. 

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The blogosphere is certainly a saturated space. It’s therefore important that you strive to give your finance blog the best chance of being fruitful. Sure, you can share informative pieces around investing and various ramblings on emerging markets without a plan in place, but there is a strong chance that your efforts will be wasted. As such, it’s paramount that you make sure your blog has a chance of establishing success from the get-go by laying the groundwork that will enable it to flourish with every post you share. 

So, if you already have a finance blog or if you’re considering creating one on your own, then below are some simple ways in which you can market it and enable it to educate and inform as many finance-mad people as you possibly can. After all, given the fact that better traffic can essentially result in more earnings further down the line, it’s clearly worth putting a lot of time and effort into marketing your blog.

Create Content People Want To Read 

First and foremost, a great deal of your attention should be put into crafting engaging articles that your community of readers can’t resist looking at in more detail. Content is king, making it important that you stay on top of any emerging trends and hot topics. For example, with an estimated CAD$10 trillion in daily turnover, there is always an appetite for content around forex trading. Although people can learn about forex trading in Canada and make the most of useful resources solely dedicated to exchanging one currency for another, there is no reason why your blog posts on forex trading can’t supplement any other useful materials that are out there. For instance, you might focus on currency pairs and exchange rates for one week before taking a deeper dive into the world of forex with follow-up articles about relevant economic news and the various risks and rewards associated with buying and selling currencies. Essentially, focus on the topics your readers are looking for and always keep them at the forefront of any plans you have for your finance blog. 

Create Visuals To Complement Blog Posts 

Now, with quality content forming an integral part of your blog, you can bring further attention to your uploads by making them more visually pleasing and memorable. Visual content is certainly key in today’s world, where people are scrolling through websites quickly and tend to jump between sites with ease. It’s, therefore, a necessity that media like images and videos are integrated into your plans to create a more readable piece of content. Additionally, visuals of this type can add further value to your posts, enable readers to retain information more easily, and result in notable growth around traffic. In the finance genre, you could share original infographics showcasing your successful trades and investments, graphs illustrating market fluctuation, and other popular forms of media that people typically consume in today’s climate. 

Build Links To Your Site

Once you’ve established a way of creating impactful blog posts, it’s important to make sure they’re reachable to professionals in the finance sphere and people with a fascination with finance. Building organic links is a sure-fire way of improving your blog’s rank on Google. Known as link-building, it’s an effective long-term SEO strategy that the vast majority of websites put a lot of time and money into. By building relevant backlinks to your blog, you’re essentially enabling it to be more relevant and trustworthy on Google. Whether you opt for dofollow links or nofollow links, there are some things to consider here. For example, start with relevant keyword research in the finance arena, see the main keywords people are searching for, and incorporate them into your anchor texts. Likewise, you might even consider enlisting the help of an online personality through some influencer marketing. You can also guest blog on another site, host a guest blogger on your blog, offer competitions and giveaways, and loads more.

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Social Media Is Key 

While this next tactic might seem obvious, it’s amazing how many blogs aren’t using it at all or properly. Social media promotion will always be one of the best ways to promote your content in the modern environment. Whether you’re keen to share a post on how to trade indices via CFDs, which are leveraged products, or you’ve conducted a fascinating interview with a highly successful investor, cultivating a strong social media presence is another way of ensuring your content gets the attention it deserves. Join relevant platforms, such as X, Facebook, and Instagram; create a content calendar with a diverse range of engaging posts around your latest uploads; and share a range of must-see content that will attract more followers. It’s important not to be spammy here. In the same way, you want to provide value to your community of readers on your blog, and you also want to keep people’s attention on social media with a diverse range of fascinating finance-related material. 

Other Ways To Market Your Finance Blog 

While the aforementioned methods of promotion are sure-fire ways of expanding your finance blog’s reach, there are other additional avenues you can explore here. For instance, you can become a trusted voice on platforms like Quora and Reddit, resulting in people wanting to explore your blog posts. You can also consider a blog newsletter to build your list of readers, advertise it on Google Ads, network with related and similar blogs, make your blog mobile-friendly, and create a website heat map to review user engagement and adapt accordingly.

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