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May 8, 2024
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Apr 23, 2024

The New Dove AI Campaign Stands Against AI-Altered Images

Dove has recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its "Real Beauty" campaign with a bold proclamation: a commitment to never using artificial intelligence (AI) to create or alter images of women. This move underscores a broader critique of digital manipulation in advertising—a theme Dove has championed since its viral "Evolution" commercial in 2006. The new initiative, encapsulated in "The Code," not only critiques but also provides a counter-narrative to the prevailing use of AI in defining beauty standards, particularly how it affects women's and girls' self-image.

Source: Dove

Dove's new "Keep Beauty Real" campaign is a significant stride against AI-generated perceptions of beauty, which have become increasingly prevalent in the digital era. By contrasting AI-generated images with photographs of real women, Dove not only challenges the authenticity of these idealized visuals but also underscores the psychological impact these images have on women and girls. The campaign emerges as a crucial commentary on the dangers of digital alterations, particularly in an industry grappling with the ethics of AI and its implications for real-world beauty standards.

Campaign Context and Motivation

The initiation of Dove's campaign aligns with a disturbing trend: the rise of AI in generating beauty standards that are not only unrealistic but also harmful. Dove’s research underscores this issue, revealing that a staggering 90% of women and girls are exposed to damaging beauty content online. This exposure often pressures them to conform to standards that are not only artificial but frequently unachievable without digital enhancement.

For parents, the concern is palpable. The digital age has ushered in a new standard of beauty—one that's crafted by algorithms and devoid of human imperfections. This has led to increased instances of body image issues among the youth, including disorders like anorexia. The campaign directly addresses these challenges by showcasing real, unaltered beauty, aiming to provide a healthier, more diverse representation of women.

The "Keep Beauty Real" Video

The centrepiece of the campaign is a one-minute video that starkly contrasts AI-generated images of "perfect" women against photographs of real women who embody Dove's inclusive beauty standards. This video not only serves as a call to action but also as a powerful tool to highlight the stark discrepancies between artificial beauty standards and real human diversity.

The Evolution of Dove's Campaigns

Dove's journey through advocacy for authentic beauty representation began notably with the "Campaign for Real Beauty." This initiative aimed to broaden the narrow, often unattainable beauty standards portrayed in media and advertising. The "Evolution" ad was a cornerstone, revealing the extensive digital alterations that transform a simple photograph into a polished beauty advertisement. This ad not only went viral but also sparked conversations about the authenticity of images in media. By pledging not to use AI for creating or distorting images, Dove is positioning itself against a tide of digital manipulation that it sees as harmful.

In support of its campaign, Dove conducted a global study that found 39% of women feel under pressure to change their appearance as a result of the influence of online images, many of which are artificial intelligence (AI)-generated or digitally enhanced. In response, Dove has crafted the "Real Beauty Prompt Guidelines," aiming to help users of generative AI platforms create ethical images.

Industry Response and Legislative Considerations

Dove's campaign is set against a backdrop of broader industry adoption of AI in advertising. Brands like Levi Strauss and Nike are leveraging AI to create novel advertising content, such as AI-generated avatars and promotional videos. However, Dove’s initiative challenges these practices by advocating for authenticity over digital novelty. Moreover, the campaign coincides with legislative movements aimed at regulating AI in the media. This legislative push aligns with Dove's call for transparency and could play a crucial role in establishing a more honest media.

As Dove leads with its "Keep Beauty Real" campaign, the potential ripple effects across the beauty and advertising industries are substantial. By advocating for non-AI altered images, Dove is not just promoting a brand value; it is setting an industry standard that may encourage other companies to follow suit. The campaign serves as a benchmark for ethical advertising and challenges other brands to reassess the role of digital technology in shaping public perceptions of beauty.

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