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Mar 21, 2024
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Mar 21, 2024

DoorDash Starts Testing Drone Deliveries In The US

DoorDash announced on Thursday that it has taken a step in its delivery services by starting to test drone deliveries in the US with Alphabet's Wing. Food delivery is about to get a lot bigger with this project, which brings a new level of speed to food deliveries. DoorDash's drone delivery service was first trialled in Australia in 2022 and now works with more than 60 stores there. It is now making its way to Christiansburg, Virginia, where some users will be able to order from their local Wendy's. This move shows that the company is serious about finding new ways to send deliveries that will improve the customer experience and make operations run faster.

Source: Youtube Wing Channel

In the pilot phase, DoorDash users will see the drone delivery option on the app's checkout page if they live close to the selected Wendy's store at 2355 N. Franklin Street. If they choose drone delivery, their purchase will quickly be made and sent out using a Wing drone, with a 30-minute delivery window guaranteed. Nonetheless, DoorDash stipulates some requirements for the delivery address in order to efficiently enable drone delivery. The property must have a small clearing with a diameter of about two meters set aside as the drone's landing area. To guarantee a smooth delivery procedure, a driveway clear of trees or other protruding items is also necessary.

Most of Wendy's menu items can be delivered by drone, but there are some restrictions based on size and weight. Items that are too big or too heavy may not be able to be delivered by drone. If an order is bigger than what a single drone can handle, DoorDash will send out up to three drones to quickly complete the order. However, if the order is too big for three drones to carry, it will be brought by a person, making sure that customers get their orders quickly no matter what method is used.

In the United States, the test program started at the same time that Alphabet started doing small-scale deliveries in Christiansburg in 2019. DoorDash wants to be a leader in using new technologies to change the way food delivery works, so they plan to expand the pilot to other places across the country later this year. Harrison Shih, senior director of DoorDash Labs, was optimistic about how drone delivery could add to the platform's services by giving customers more efficient, environmentally friendly, and convenient delivery choices. This shows that more people in business are aware of how drone technology can completely change the logistics and delivery sectors. 

Wing has developed partnerships with other well-known US companies, like Walmart and Walgreens, which shows that its drone delivery technology is trustworthy and solid. Wing has made more than 350,000 packages in three countries, so it brings a lot of experience and knowledge to its partnership with DoorDash. This makes the drone delivery pilot program even more likely to work and be successful. As both businesses keep improving and coming up with new delivery methods, the future of drone delivery in the food industry will offer consumers across the country speed, efficiency, and convenience.

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