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Jun 13, 2024
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Jun 13, 2024

4 Great Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

If you ask a social media expert what the best ways are to get more instagram followers, they will tell you that you can either grow your account naturally or use an Instagram growth service.  Although growing organically is the least expensive option, results can be obtained in several months or even more than a year. That is why many prefer to employ legitimate Instagram growth services. 

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Websites that let you buy Instagram followers or platforms for advertising your account can only be helpful if they use honest methods to help you gain followers naturally. To get real, interested followers, these kinds of services need to focus on things like targeted engagement and community building. Their main goals are to make you more visible, get people to interact with you, and make the platform more appealing overall. But how can you tell the difference between real growth services and fake ones? What are the best ways to get Instagram followers? These secrets will be revealed in our article.  

Identifying Legitimate Instagram Followers Services

You can find reputable and excellent Instagram marketplaces by taking into account a few important factors. If you are not too knowledgeable about social media management and advertising, it is usually best to read reviews like this one or find out which services your friends and acquaintances use. Some key factors that you can observe to find the most suitable ways to get followers on Instagram are: 

  1. Organic growth: Legitimate services prioritize organic growth rather than using artificial means (bots, AI) to inflate follower numbers. They engage with users who are genuinely interested in your content. 
  2. Real engagement: Quality growth services focus on attracting followers who actively engage with your posts rather than just boosting numbers. Genuine interaction is key to building a loyal audience. 
  3. Transparency: The most reliable services are transparent about their methods (how they grow your Instagram follower base), pricing, and expected outcomes. Avoid services that make unrealistic promises. 
  4. Compliance with Instagram policies: The service you decide to use must comply with Instagram’s terms of service. Using platforms that violate these terms may result in penalties for your account or even a ban.
  5. Reviews and reputation: Check reviews and the reputation of your chosen growth service. Look for feedback from other users to assess the effectiveness and reliability of the service. One such place is Trustpilot, a community for sharing reviews and ratings. 
  6. Targeting options: Quality services often allow you to target specific demographics or interests, ensuring that the followers you gain are more likely to be truly interested in your content.

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The Best Ways to Get Followers on Instagram 

Finding a legitimate source for your Instagram growth can be troubling. That is why our experts gathered information about dozens of social media marketplaces and picked the top 4 that outperform their competitors in reliability, effectiveness, and affordability. 

  1. Mixx

If you are new to Mixx and you want to increase your follower count, you have three options:

  • Try Mixx free trial and get 10 Instagram followers for free
  • Buy Instagram followers with instant delivery
  • Buy Instagram packages with managed growth

is the ultimate platform for brands and influencers on Instagram. It is the cheapest Instagram growth marketplace that provides premium quality followers without bots, fake profiles, or artificial methods. You can start with a free trial and observe the accounts that follow you. If you like what you see, you can move on to buying a package. 

The best way to get followers on Instagram through Mixx is to buy instant Instagram followers or targeted packages. 8 instant follower packages range from 50 to 10,000 followers. Alternatively, you can buy targeted growth packages in 4 categories: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. These plans offer from 2500 to 25,000 followers, 200 to 2000 likes on your 10 latest posts, along with 2,500 to 30,000 views, 2500 to 30,000 impressions, and 2 to 5 comments per each of your last 10 posts. 

  1. SocialGreg

SocialGreg is another amazing platform that offers more than one way to get followers on Instagram. You have three choices:

  • Use SocialGreg free trial to assess the quality of the accounts
  • Buy combo packages for businesses with SocialGreg
  • Purchase a customized Instagram followers package

The free trial on SocialGreg is for 10 Instagram likes. You can choose any post for the free trial and receive 10 likes. New users often utilize this option to evaluate the quality of the accounts that SocialGreg provides.  For the instant follower packages, you can choose the exact number of quality followers you would like to receive. As for the business packages available on SocialGreg, the offer includes three types of service plans:

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  • 7,500 followers plansome text
    • 500 likes for each of your next 15 posts
    • 10,000 views for each of your next 15 posts
    • 2,500 impressions for each of your next 15 posts
    • 500 saves for each of your next 15 posts
    • 500 likes on all old posts (maximum 10)
  • 10,000-follower plansome text
    • 1000 likes for each of your next 15 posts
    • 15,000 views for each of your next 15 posts
    • 4000 impressions for each of your next 15 posts
    • 1000 saves for each of your next 15 posts
    • 1000 likes on all old posts (maximum 10)
  • 15,000 followers plansome text
    • 1500 likes for each of your next 15 posts
    • 20,000 views for each of your next 15 posts
    • 7,000 impressions for each of your next 15 posts
    • 1500 saves for each of your next 15 posts
    • 1500 likes on all old posts (maximum 10)
  1. SocialWick

SocialWick is a company with 7 years of experience in the social media marketplace. It now has more than 16 different platforms covered by its diverse service portfolio. For Instagram clients, SocialWick offers two options:

  • Business packages for Instagram followers
  • Instant Instagram followers

Business packages at SocialWick are more affordable compared to other platforms covered in this article. It also ranges from 7,500 to 15,000 followers per package, with the price starting at $100. You are guaranteed to receive the same followers you requested along with the automated refills for 60 days. 

Instant Instagram followers come at various prices. The average price is $0.10 per 10 followers; however, the more followers you acquire, the more discount you receive. Furthermore, SocialWick offers targeted growth plans, a service that allows you to customize your audience demographics, locations, and user profiles. The customer support team can help you tailor your Instagram growth strategy before you make your purchase on the website. 

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  1. BuyTopLikes

BuyTopLikes is one of the most famous platforms, as well as one of the best ways to get followers on Instagram in 2024. The website provides multiple options for Instagram users to boost their accounts and follower base. The three most popular choices include:

  • Buy Instagram followers with instant delivery
  • Buy real Instagram followers who like your posts
  • Buy cheap Instagram followers

The instant delivery option provides high-quality Instagram accounts that have the appropriate account age, profile picture, bio, and posts and look genuine for the Instagram algorithm. These are real users who do not unfollow or deactivate their accounts. In case there is an issue, the company also guarantees 30-day refills along with a money-back policy. You also have the option to buy real Instagram followers who like your posts regularly. This service boosts your engagement rates and creates a sense of community on your account. It also suits the Instagram algorithm well because it assesses various follower interaction metrics, such as click-through rates, impressions, profile visits, etc. Finally, if you are looking for just numbers and your goal is to increase the follower count, you can purchase cheap Instagram follower packages. It is one of the best ways to get Instagram followers to enhance account appeal and attract organic visitors.

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