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Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila Marketing Strategies

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Kendall Jenner launched the high-end brand 818 Tequila into the market in 2021. Named after the area code of Calabasas, California, where Jenner spent much of her childhood, this tequila is produced in Jalisco, Mexico, using Weber blue agave. There are four types available: añejo, reposado, eight reserve and blanco. Despite facing criticisms of cultural appropriation, 818 has garnered commercial success and even won awards. Kendall Jenner founded 818 Tequila in 2020 with the intention of revolutionizing the tequila market by putting a focus on sustainability, openness, and innovative marketing strategies

Source: 818 Website

Origins of 818

The origins of 818 Tequila are deeply intertwined with Kendall Jenner's personal journey and heritage. Kendall's interest in tequila stemmed from her familial connection to Mexican culture through Caitlyn Jenner. After immersing herself in the tequila industry for years, Kendall collaborated with experts and producers in Mexico to ensure the authenticity and quality of her brand. The name "818" pays homage to Calabasas, California, Kendall's hometown, further emphasizing the brand's roots and personal significance. 

Marketing Strategy of 818

The marketing strategy of 818 Tequila is characterized by its clever use of social media, leveraging Kendall Jenner's influence to create anticipation and mystery around the brand's launch. By strategically teasing the product and engaging with followers, the brand generated excitement and curiosity, driving anticipation for its release. Kendall's celebrity connections were instrumental in securing endorsements and promotions, amplifying the brand's visibility and reach. Educational content highlighting the uniqueness and quality of 818 Tequila further enhanced its appeal, while personalized experiences, such as surprise visits and events to various day clubs, and partnerships with restaurants has helped forge connections with fans and consumers. Despite facing negative press, including accusations of cultural appropriation, 818 Tequila turned these controversies into opportunities for meaningful conversation and engagement, demonstrating its resilience and strategic agility.

Kendall Jenner's decision to launch her tequila brand, 818, anonymously challenged conventional marketing norms, highlighting the essence of innovation and rebellion against traditional tactics. By defying expectations and focusing on product quality, Kendall positioned 818 Tequila as a brand rooted in authenticity and credibility. Trust in the product's quality emerged as a central theme, resonating with younger audiences who prioritize authenticity over celebrity endorsements. The anonymous launch of 818 Tequila emphasized the importance of product quality as a cornerstone of success. Kendall's decision to let the product speak for itself without relying on celebrity clout underscored her commitment to delivering excellence and building trust with her audience. 

Photo by Francisco Galarza on Unsplash

Compelling Narrative

The revelation of Kendall Jenner as the mastermind behind 818 Tequila created a compelling narrative that captured the imagination of consumers. Kendall's daring spirit and willingness to challenge conventions exemplified the ethos of the Kardashian-Jenners, showcasing their ability to disrupt industries and defy expectations. Crafting stories that resonate with audiences is crucial in today's attention economy, where authenticity and relatability are valued commodities. The Kardashian-Jenners' success in business ventures like Skims and Kylie Cosmetics exemplifies the concept of being both a model and a mogul. By leveraging their fame and influence, the Kardashian-Jenners have transformed themselves into savvy entrepreneurs, challenging preconceived notions about celebrity and business leadership. Their ability to build successful brands in diverse industries reaffirms the power of self-knowledge and strategic vision in leadership, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and defy limitations.

Handling Controversy

The launch of 818 Tequila faced criticism for cultural appropriation and concerns about the exploitation of workers and resources. Despite controversy, the brand garnered significant attention and discussion, illustrating the adage that "all press is good press." Kendall Jenner's strategic handling of controversy demonstrated her resilience and ability to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and engagement. By addressing concerns transparently and authentically, Kendall reinforced her commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices, solidifying 818 Tequila's reputation as a brand with integrity and purpose.

Photo by Matt C on Unsplash

Celebrity Endorsements

Kendall Jenner leveraged her extensive celebrity network to promote 818 Tequila, featuring it on various platforms and sending PR packages to A-listers. Celebrity endorsements played a crucial role in amplifying the brand's visibility and reach, attracting a broader audience and generating buzz around the product. By partnering with influential figures and tastemakers, Kendall expanded 818 Tequila's presence in the market and positioned it as a brand synonymous with style, sophistication, and quality.

Engagement with Fans

Kendall Jenner adopted a hands-on approach to promotion, personally driving the merchandise truck and visiting stores to connect with fans. This approach humanized Kendall's involvement with the brand and built trust among consumers, fostering a sense of authenticity and intimacy. By engaging directly with fans and consumers, Kendall strengthened 818 Tequila's relationship with its audience and reinforced its reputation as a brand that values community and connection. 

Sustainability and Community Impact

The success of 818 Tequila can be attributed to both strategic marketing efforts and Kendall Jenner's preexisting fame. Committed to sustainability, 818 Tequila's distillery runs on biomass and solar energy. As a certified B-Corp and 1% for the Planet partner, the brand sources 100% Blue Weber Agave from family-owned farms in Jalisco, Mexico. Initiatives like the "818 Bricks" program transform agave fibers and liquid byproducts into adobe bricks used in construction projects, contributing to community development and environmental conservation. By prioritizing sustainability and community impact, 818 Tequila demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices, setting a new standard for environmental stewardship in the industry.

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