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Mar 27, 2024
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Mar 27, 2024

2024 Paris Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games Marketing Strategies and Brand Collabs

For the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) will have a significant role in bridging the gap between fashion and sports. Supporting art exhibitions and collaborating with international expos are only two of the numerous big events in which they have previously participated. It's hardly surprising that LVMH, a company well-known for its production, has become a major sponsor of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. They draw parallels between the fashion industry and athletics, just as they do between the fashion industry and cinema.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Getting ready for the Olympics involves a lot of work behind the scenes. Paris has hosted the Olympics twice before, but this time, there are concerns about things like traffic and construction. Despite the challenges, LVMH is excited about the partnership. While the exact amount of money they're putting in hasn't been made public, reports suggest it's a significant investment, around $166 million. This shows how serious they are about making the Olympics a success. LVMH sees the Olympics as a chance to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship. Leading this effort is Antoine Arnault, son of LVMH's Chairman and CEO, Bernard Arnault. With big-name brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton under their wing, LVMH fits perfectly with the Olympics' theme of "The Art of Crafting Dreams." The connection between Europe, where many luxury brands come from, and the Olympics is strong, making this partnership a natural fit.

The Olympic and Paralympic flames, along with the medals, will be transported in custom trunks made by LVMH. Exhibited in Louis Vuitton's studios close to Paris, these trunks are incredibly ornate and demonstrate the brand's dedication to the Olympics. Particularly impressive are the medal trunks, which feature numerous drawers for displaying the medals. Since its inception in 1988, Louis Vuitton has produced trophy trunks in an effort to be associated with major sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup of 2018. As part of a major sponsorship contract, they are contributing to the Games alongside fellow LVMH businesses Chaumet and Berluti. Everyone is looking forward to seeing these unique trunks used during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in July.

Photo by Bryan Turner on Unsplash

LVMH's involvement in the Olympics goes beyond just sponsoring. Several of their brands will play important roles, like designing the medals and organizing events along the Olympic Torch Relay route. They're also partnering with a charity to help people in need get access to sports activities. This shows their commitment to making a positive impact on society.

With the Games just around the corner, LVMH is determined to honour athletes' paths by providing support to individuals who have remarkable stories. From sportsmen shattering records to others conquering insurmountable odds, everyone desires a piece of the action. This is related to their belief in challenging themselves and aiming high, similar to how athletes do it. LVMH is aware of the fact that the Olympics evoke strong emotions in viewers. Becoming a part of the games gives them the opportunity to delve into these emotions and form deeper connections with individuals. Brands typically have to put a lot of money into marketing to achieve this, but the Olympics provide a rare chance to establish that relationship immediately.

Along with LVMH, the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics will include a number of institutional brands that will help spread the word about the Games far beyond the realm of athletics, into the realms of education, government, and nonprofits. Visual identities for these firms centre on 2024 to emphasize pre-game initiatives, with the goal of disseminating the games' positive influence far and wide. Generation 2024 is a program that aims to teach the virtues of sports to the youth of France through sports. An amphitheatre and ripples are some of the symbols used in the curriculum to represent the fun of learning via athletics. Terre de Jeux 2024 is an additional brand that plans to promote sports in all regions of France by incorporating cities, regions, clubs, and federations in the Olympic spirit. The arch that ripples out in waves in its visual design represents the growing sports excitement across the nation.

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

The Phryges, the official mascots of Paris 2024, have an energetic and captivating visual identity that represents freedom and revolution. With a visual identity that echoes a coat of arms, Le Club Paris 2024 provides members with an exceptional experience in the run-up to the Games. The volunteers, who will be the face of the games with their vibrant and varied visual identities, will make sure everything runs smoothly. The Forerunners Relays, which are a part of the Olympic Torch Relay, highlight the cultural and natural history of France in the lead-up to the Games. Cultural Olympiad events include festivals, concerts, and exhibitions that bring together sports and culture. The visual identity of the event reflects the movements and work of artists. French youth can participate in a variety of events honouring Olympic and Paralympic ideals during Olympic and Paralympic Week.

In addition to these institutional brands, the Games have international partners such as Airbnb, Alibaba, and Coca-Cola, which contribute to the event's success and global reach. All of these companies, along with LVMH and others, will help make the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics a story that inspires people all over the world and brings people together. For them, it's an opportunity to make an indelible mark in the realms of fashion and athletics. The lasting impact of LVMH's participation will be seen even after the Games conclude and the torch is passed to Los Angeles for 2028.

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