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May 8, 2024
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Jul 11, 2023

10 Design Trends That Your Website Needs In 2021

  1. Gaussian Blur
  • Gaussian Blur works well in website design in a way to mix colours and provide another element to the design
  • Instead of having just a white or plain screen, gaussian blur allows for organic shapes by having a visual anchor on your website’s main page

2.    Dark Mode

  • Some companies are starting to offer a dark mode on websites, similar to a night shift, which allows users to experience the app in a different environment.

3.    Geometric Grids

  • A new way to design your website is by using a geometric grid
  • This is an upcoming trend in 2021 that gives a website a clean and bold look
  • Big squares or geometric shapes help navigate users around the website. As a plus, you can use different colour fills in each grid

4.  Custom Cursor

  • See the black dog in the bottom right of the web page
  • Cursors are an overlooked web design element and are something that can make your website stand out in 2021
  • Figure out how to elevate your website with a custom cursor. Does your brand have any symbols? Food for thought: your cursor could be a smiley face or a star.

5. Three Dimensional Colours

  • Three-dimensional colours and gradients have been trending in web design in 2021
  • For example, in Apple’s Big Sur OS update, wallpaper backgrounds include colours that are saturated and 3D

6.  Comfortable Colours

  • Eye strain and sitting at a desk are two things that many people have experienced during COVID-19 working from home
  • Web designers should look to include colour schemes that are easier on the eyes. This is not to say that saturated colours shouldn’t be used, but it is definitely worth choosing comfortable colours for a website that is more minimalistic or natural in essence

7.   Abstract Art Composition

  • Abstract shapes like gradients, geometric shapes and elements can all be incorporated into a complex piece of art
  • Web designers should look to include abstract art compositions to make pages feel alive and expressive

8.   Neumorphism in User Interfaces

  • Neumorphism combines skeuomorphism and material design
  • It gives a sense of 3-dimension in buttons and elements
  • It will provide a completely new experience for users

9.   Frosted Glass Effects

  • The frosted glass effect is a cool feature to implement on your website
  • It adds an extra touch to the website by adding a semi-transparent element to images

10. Interactive 3D Content

  • 3D is one of the top trends in graphic design and web design at the moment.
  • Adding 3D features to your website allows users to be engaged, excited, and waiting for more to come
  • Help your website stand out by adding graphic elements

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