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Scam Alert

Beware of Scammers Posing as Brand Vision. How to Identify and Report Fraudulent Job Offers Exploiting Our Name

The following are scam websites and have no association with Brand Vision Marketing Inc:


At Brand Vision, we take pride in our reputation as a leading marketing agency. Unfortunately, scammers have been exploiting our name to deceive and defraud unsuspecting individuals. We want to raise awareness about these fraudulent activities and provide guidance on how to identify and avoid these scams.

Real Experiences from Victims

We've received numerous reports from individuals who have been contacted by scammers posing as representatives of Brand Vision. Here are some examples:

Email from an Anonymous Individual: An individual received an email from someone claiming to be an HR Manager at Brand Vision Marketing. The email offered a full-time UI Designer position with attractive perks, including paid time off and a stable long-term position. However, the offer required the individual to complete a "design test" as part of the recruitment process.

Email from Another Anonymous Individual: Another person was contacted by a recruiter via WhatsApp, directing them to a fraudulent website, brandvmwork.com, and asking them to register with an invitation code. This individual wisely contacted us to verify the legitimacy of the offer. We confirmed that this person was a scammer and not affiliated with Brand Vision.

Email Inquiry from Another Anonymous Recipient: An individual received a WhatsApp message from a supposed recruiter for a branding role. They reached out to us to confirm if the role was legitimate. We had to inform them that this was another scam attempt using our brand's name.

Identifying the Scams

The common elements in these scams include:

  • Unsolicited Job Offers: Scammers often reach out with enticing job proposals, claiming to be impressed by your portfolio or experience.
  • Fake HR Managers and Recruiters: They use names of fictitious representatives, falsely claiming to work for Brand Vision.
  • Suspicious Websites and Emails: Fraudulent sites like brandvmwork.com or emails from unofficial domains are used to appear legitimate.
  • Requests for Free Work or Payments: Scammers ask victims to complete tasks or send money for verification purposes, promising payment that never materializes.
Protecting Yourself
  1. Verify Email Addresses: Authentic Brand Vision communications will come from @brandvm.com or @brandvmblue.com email addresses. Be cautious of any other domains.
  2. Check Official Channels: Visit our official website and contact us directly to verify any job offers or recruitment communications.
  3. Avoid Sending Money: Legitimate companies will never ask you to pay for job-related verifications or tasks.
  4. Report Suspicious Activities: If you suspect a scam, report it to us immediately. Provide any relevant details, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or website URLs used by the scammers.
Important Note:

We never use messaging applications such as WhatsApp to offer jobs or communicate with potential employees. If you ever suspect a scam, please send us an email at info@brandvm.com to verify.

Scammers have been using fraudulent domains such as brandvmwork.com and brandvmtshop.com to deceive individuals into believing they are associated with Brand Vision. These fake websites are designed to mimic our legitimate operations, making their scam offers appear credible.

Reporting Scams

To help prevent others from falling victim to these scams, we encourage you to report any suspicious activity. Here are some top places where you can report scammers:

  1. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - Report Fraud: FTC Report Fraud
  2. Better Business Bureau (BBB) - Scam Tracker: BBB Scam Tracker
  3. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): IC3 Complaint
  4. Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
  5. Action Fraud (UK): Action Fraud
  6. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) - Scamwatch: ACCC Scamwatch
Our Services

At Brand Vision, we offer a range of professional services including web design, web development, branding, UI/UX design, SEO, audits, and consultation. We do not operate any type of online shop, offer courses, or provide investment opportunities.

Furthermore, we will never contact anyone to request payment through any messaging applications such as WhatsApp. All official communications and transactions are conducted via our official email addresses and domains, brandvm.com and brandvmblue.com. If you receive any suspicious communications claiming to be from us, please verify by contacting us directly at info@brandvm.com.

Our Commitment

We are committed to protecting our brand and helping potential victims avoid scams. We have done our due diligence and reported these fraudulent activities to the appropriate organizations. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to represent Brand Vision, please reach out to us at info@brandvm.com. We appreciate your vigilance and support in combating these fraudulent activities.

Together, we can protect our community from scammers and ensure that Brand Vision's name remains synonymous with integrity and excellence in marketing.