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Mar 25, 2024
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Mar 25, 2024

Threads Now Shows Live Sports Scores

Threads, an app owned by Instagram that is a lot like Twitter, is adding live scores for sports games, starting with the NBA. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced this news on Friday. He said that Threads has started testing live scores for NBA games and plans to add support for more leagues in the future. This new project comes at a time when Threads is still competing with X, a site that has been showing live sports scores for about ten years. Threads hopes that this new feature will attract users who usually go to X to talk about and get information on games in real time. Instead of just seeing live scores, Threads users will be able to tap on a team's logo to see talks about that team, which will help them connect with other fans.

Photo by Julio Lopez on Unsplash

Threads anticipates that this new feature will facilitate easier engagement in conversations related to users' favorite teams. The company says that basketball is one of the most popular topics on its site, and NBA Threads has become one of the most active sports communities in the app. The main goal of adding this feature is to make Threads the best place for sports discussion, which shows that the company wants to make a name for itself in this field. Functionally, Threads users will be able to access game-related information swiftly. Within a day of a game, they can search for it on Threads to ascertain its start time. Users can get real-time information on the current score while the game is going on. After a game is over, they can go back to Threads to see the final score, which makes sure that all game-related information is covered.

Adding live scores is the most recent move by Threads to broaden its platform and take on more established competitors like X. This week, Threads added the "trending now" feature to all U.S. users, which is similar to a feature that was already available on X. Users will be able to find and join current conversations on the social network thanks to this feature, which brings Threads even more in line with what its competitors offer.

Adding live scores for sports games is a step by Threads to increase user engagement and further establish itself as a place where people can talk about sports. Threads aspires to become a formidable competitor to existing platforms by capitalizing on its current user base and encouraging connections among sports fans. This will allow it to provide real-time updates and debates about various sporting events.

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