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May 8, 2024
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Apr 15, 2024

Sony Confirms PS5 Pro: What To Expect In Upcoming Release

Even though Sony has not yet launched the PS5 Pro, it seems more and more likely that we will get a mid-generation upgrade soon—possibly as soon as later in 2024.

Photo by Triyansh Gill on Unsplash

PS5 Pro Release Date

Reputable Kantan Games analyst Serkan Toto recently made a hint about a potential late 2024 release date for the PS5 Pro. This rumour stems from Sony's updated sales projection for the upcoming fiscal year, which implies a tactical change to relaunch the PlayStation lineup. Given that it will be four years after the PS5's release, late 2024 seems like a reasonable window for the PS5 Pro release, since Sony traditionally released the PS4 Pro three years after the original. Since Sony has a history of updating its console lineup in the middle of a console cycle—as it did with the PS4 to PS4 Pro—the PS5 Pro is anticipated to launch during the holidays in 2024.

Anticipated Upgrades and Specs

According to leaks and industry chatter, the PS5 Pro could feature substantial internal improvements over its predecessor:

CPU Performance: An anticipated 10% boost in CPU power. Features a new high-frequency mode at 3.85GHz,.

Memory: The PS5 Pro is expected to offer 13.7GB of usable system memory to developers, up from the 12.5GB available in the current PS5. The system memory speed is boosted by 28%, with total bandwidth gains potentially exceeding this figure.

GPU Performance: Approximately 45% faster rendering than the standard PS5.

These enhancements suggest a console ready to handle the increasing demands of next-generation gaming titles, including the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto VI, which could coincide with the PS5 Pro's launch.

Pricing Expectations

With no official confirmation from Sony, the price of the PS5 Pro remains speculative. However, looking at the pricing strategy for the PS4 Pro might offer clues. The PS4 Pro launched at $399, the same price as the original PS4 three years earlier. Sony could adopt a similar approach with the PS5 Pro, potentially setting the price at $499, aligning with the current cost of the PS5 with a disc drive in the U.S. Market adjustments and pricing strategies will play a critical role, especially considering the slight price increase Sony implemented for the PS5 in various markets in late 2022.

Photo by Roberto Vincenzo Minasi on Unsplash

Design Innovations

The design of the PS5 Pro is subject to speculation. Sony has made minor adjustments to the PS5's design with the release of the slimmer model, which introduced a slightly more compact form. It's plausible that the PS5 Pro could sport a larger size to accommodate its enhanced internals. One potential design change could involve the removal of the built-in disc drive, possibly offering it as a separate, detachable accessory, similar to the approach with the PS5 Slim. This modification would help reduce the console's size, though it may not be ideal for all users.

Controller Developments

The PS5 Pro is unlikely to introduce changes to the standard DualSense controller, which has been well-received by the community. However, the persistent issue of analogue stick drift remains a concern. An ideal upgrade would be the inclusion of the DualSense Edge controller with the PS5 Pro, featuring easily replaceable sticks, which would address the drift issue and enhance user experience.

Photo by Charles Sims on Unsplash

Future-Proofing Gaming

The PS5 Pro’s custom architecture includes support for advanced machine learning capabilities and is equipped to handle up to 300TOPS of 8-bit computation. This technical prowess is not just for enhancing current gaming standards but is also designed with future technological advancements in mind, such as potential support for 8K resolutions.

Expected Challenges and Opportunities

While the PS5 Pro offers notable advancements, it presents challenges such as the balance of power distribution between the CPU and GPU, especially in its high-frequency CPU mode. However, the opportunities it presents, like enhanced ray tracing and the potential for future resolution upgrades, are set to significantly elevate the gaming experience.

Sony's history of innovation in console development suggests that the PS5 Pro could be a significant leap forward in gaming technology. Whether these rumours hold true will only be confirmed with time, but for now, they serve to fuel the excitement and speculation of the gaming community worldwide.

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