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May 8, 2024
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Mar 28, 2024

LinkedIn Tests Its Own Version Of TikTok FYP

LinkedIn has taken a big step in the platform's progress by testing a separate video stream, which will improve the user experience. Users previously pointed out the difficulties that they encountered when trying to find virtual events and video content on LinkedIn, unless they were already following certain profiles. It was predicted that LinkedIn would respond to this by introducing dedicated events and video feeds, similar to what you would find on other social media platforms.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

The app is currently testing a new feature that offers a full-screen, vertical video feed similar to TikTok. It's currently in a limited beta phase. You can easily scroll through short videos, interact with them by liking, commenting, and sharing, and get more information from the captions. It's no surprise that LinkedIn is getting into short-form video content, considering how popular it has become and how much people enjoy it on different platforms.

But here's the thing: we need to consider whether there's enough relevant business content to consistently fill up this video feed. Although there are attempts to encourage influencers to convert their written updates into videos to increase engagement, it is still uncertain how effective this content will be. There's a possibility that the platform could see a lot of "hustle culture" content, where people show off their flashy success, mixed in with more meaningful and informative videos. However, LinkedIn has the potential to gather a wide range of video content on its platform. With the increasing number of user-generated videos, it offers an exciting and interactive experience for its members.

Moreover, the trend towards using video communication aligns with the preferences of younger generations, who are more and more drawn to visual ways of expressing themselves. As these demographics become more prominent in the corporate world, it's only natural that communication methods will need to adapt to cater to their preferences. Video content is great because it not only gets users more engaged, but it also keeps them on the site longer, which helps them form stronger connections and have more meaningful interactions.

The new video feed opens up exciting possibilities for advertisers to use this platform to reach and engage with specific audiences. This means that advertisers have the opportunity to find new and creative ways to incorporate video content into their marketing strategies. By doing so, they can increase brand visibility and engagement with their audience. The addition of video to LinkedIn's content ecosystem is a significant change that reflects a larger transformation happening on the platform. This change has implications for content creators, marketers, and users of LinkedIn. LinkedIn's decision to test a dedicated video feed shows that they are taking a proactive approach to meet user demands and stay up to date with industry trends. Although there are still challenges with content quality and relevance, the platform's venture into short-form video content shows potential for increasing engagement and interaction among its diverse user base. As we continue testing, you can expect LinkedIn's video capabilities to be improved and enhanced.

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