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Apr 1, 2024
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Apr 1, 2024

Lamborghini Got a New Logo After 20 Years

After more than 20 years, Lamborghini has finally introduced a new logo, signalling a new transformation. The Lamborghini brand has always been known for its commitment to pushing boundaries and defying conventions. The introduction of this new logo is a clear reflection of that philosophy. The restyling of the brand's visual expression is aimed at reflecting the values of its "Driving Humans Beyond" mission, which include bravery, unexpectedness, and authenticity. The update is part of a larger evolution process that started with the Direzione Cor Tauri strategy. The goal of this strategy is to make changes that go beyond just the super sports cars and also include the overall corporate identity of Lamborghini.

Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

The new design showcases a bull positioned below the word 'Lamborghini' within a badge shape. Its purpose is to visually represent the brand's mission of "Driving Humans Beyond." The new logo features a wider Lamborghini font and a simple yet striking colour scheme. The brand's clear identity is emphasized by the primary colours of black and white, while yellow and a newly introduced gold are used as accent colours. The new logo, which is now featured prominently on all official channels, will also be used on upcoming Lamborghini vehicles.

The logo has undergone some important changes, one of which is the redesigned bull at its centre. This bull now appears on the company's digital touchpoints as a standalone element, separate from the traditional shield. This change makes the bull stand out more, emphasizing its iconic status. Some fans have pointed out that the new design bears a striking resemblance to the previous one, but this similarity can actually be seen as a positive aspect. The best logos are those that stand the test of time. In the case of Lamborghini, they are embracing their design heritage by making slight simplifications to their existing logo. This strategy fits with the current tendency among automakers to stay true to their classic designs, since going too far in one direction can occasionally have unintended consequences, as was the case with Kia.

Given that this is the first major update to the logo in nearly 20 years, graphic design fans are taking notice of Lamborghini's latest logo redesign. The new logo still features the iconic bull badge that was first introduced in the 1960s, but it has been updated to have a more polished and simplified look compared to the previous version. Lamborghini decided to follow the design trends seen in other car manufacturers' logo updates. They chose a flattened, two-dimensional image of the bull, which is placed inside a shield with gold and black colours. The Lamborghini font that we all know and recognize is still at the top, but now it's in a soft-gold colour that the brand describes as "minimal yet bold." Lamborghini has introduced a custom typeface to reinforce its dedication to maintaining a consistent visual identity across all its products and communications.

Lamborghini has changed its logo multiple times throughout the years. In the 1960s, they had a red shield with a black bull; then, in the 1970s, they switched to a black and gold shield. From 1974 to 1998, they used black and white badges. The latest update shows how the brand's look is changing over time while still keeping its traditional roots and incorporating modern design principles. Lamborghini has also introduced an official typeface that reflects the sharp lines and angularity that are synonymous with its design philosophy.

Lamborghini's vision for the future is based on their commitment to innovation, determination, and sustainability. The brand's transformation journey, which includes the revamped logo and the Direzione Cor Tauri strategy, is laying a solid foundation for the future. Lamborghini is well-positioned to make a big impact on the automotive industry in the future. They are meeting the demands for both aesthetics and sustainability, which sets them apart from other companies in this rapidly changing market.

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