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May 8, 2024
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Nov 27, 2023

Bonne Trouvaille

Branding for a Fashion Company

Bonne Trouvaille, a luxury women's fashion brand, has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. This case study delves into the brand's journey, its unique positioning, marketing strategies, and the key factors contributing to its success.

At Brand Vision, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched web design services to our clients. For this particular project, we were tasked with creating a visually striking and modern website for Bonne Trouvaille, where research, strategy, and graphic design came together.


Project Summary

For Bonne Trouvaille, we conducted a full-scale branding project, inclusive of extensive research, strategic planning, and creative graphic design. The outcome is a brand identity that resonates with their audience.

Brand Vision’s Impact

The impact we had on this project:

Our comprehensive work on Bonne Trouvaille, which included research, strategy, and graphic design, culminated in a website that improved usability, enhanced optimization for greater online presence, increased loading speed, and featured a clean and revised design and website structure. The outcome reflects a brand that effortlessly engages its audience.

At Brand Vision, we take great pride in delivering unparalleled services to our clients. For this specific project, our team placed a strong emphasis on crafting a visually striking and timeless platform. We recognized the project's significance to the client and ensured effective results by establishing clear goals and milestones throughout the project. Our determination was unwavering in creating a design that not only stands out among the competition but also effectively communicates the client's message and offerings.

Brand Vision played a pivotal role in assisting Bonne Trouvaille, a luxury women's fashion brand, in developing a compelling logo and establishing a cohesive brand identity. By employing a strategic and creative approach, Brand Vision ensured that the logo and brand identity truly reflected Bonne Trouvaille's essence and resonated with its target audience.

Branding and Logo Designing

Research and Strategy, Logo Design, Color Palette, Typography, Visual Elements and Imagery, Brand Guidelines, Implementation and Integration, Evaluation and Refinement


Stationery Design, packaging and tags, digital mockups, apparel mockups, signage and display materials, brand guidelines.

What was client’s reaction

I have 16 years of industry experience, and Brand Vision is the best agency I’ve ever worked with.
Bonne Trouvaille
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