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May 8, 2024
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Feb 8, 2024

This Is How Brands Capitalized On Taylor Swift's New Album Announcement.

The internet went crazy with excitement when Taylor Swift revealed her new album at the Grammys. Anticipation was high among both fans and brands. The black-and-white theme that Taylor applied to her social media profile picture sparked rumours that she might be teasing a re-release of her "Reputation" album, which shared a similar aesthetic.  Theorizing and analyzing every detail, fans took to social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter in a frenzy after this speculation went viral.

Then, during her acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards, Taylor dropped a bombshell: her new album would be called "The Tortured Poets Department." In the aftermath of this shocking announcement, Swifties and brands alike wasted no time jumping on the bandwagon to celebrate. The sombre, monochrome album cover quickly went viral, and fans and brands could not get enough of it. This is a collection of the top brand reactions that gained traction from Taylor Swift’s announcement. 

The Josh Marketing Department “Wine is what some might call, bottled poetry

The Tortured Owls Department

The Tortured Scrub Daddy Department

Literally Every Department

The Tortured Points Hoarders Department

Sol de Janeiro

Brands such as Duolingo, Scrub Daddy, and Walmart joined the trends, with some brands even changing their profile pictures to match Taylor's black-and-white aesthetic. 

As the excitement continued to build, brands found creative ways to engage with Taylor's announcement. Overall, the announcement of Taylor Swift's new album sparked a frenzy of creativity and excitement among fans and brands, showcasing the power of her influence on social media and pop culture as a whole.