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Jun 7, 2024
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Jun 7, 2024

Celebrating Women Through Coffee: Sofia Vergara’s New Coffee Company

Sofia Vergara adds to her entrepreneurial ventures alongside Walmart as she launches a new coffee brand which focuses on female empowerment. The award-winning actor already has Sofia Home and Sofia Jeans, which are featured in the multi-channel retailer. 

Photos from ¡Díos Mio! Coffee Website 

Origin Story 

Founded independently by Vergara, ¡Díos Mio! Coffee is an offshoot of Latir Experiences, a distinguished advertising agency in Colombia and Latin America. This brand, created in collaboration with the National Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia, offers three premium coffee blends—light, medium, and dark roasts. Each blend is a tribute to the unique qualities and characteristics of Colombian women. Vergara's childhood in Colombia, where she cultivated a deep appreciation for premium coffee, significantly influenced this venture, reflecting her commitment to high-quality standards and her love for Colombian coffee.

Vergara states,

“I grew up in Colombia, drinking Colombian coffee. We have spent the last few years creating these blends with an amazing team of female coffee growers behind us. Women represent 30% of Colombian coffee growers, and it’s an honour to highlight their families and legacies through ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE.”

The name translates to “My God!” in English, which Vergara says is “a common expression used by Latinos when discovering the perfect taste and flavour,”

About the Female Growers 

¡Díos Mio! Coffee’s website showcases the remarkable female Colombian coffee growers who are the backbone of their high-quality coffee production. With the launch of a new program, the brand aims to enhance education and the quality of life for these inspiring women. Not only is the new coffee launch a celebration, but it also raises awareness of important problems in the coffee industry, especially those that affect women. Women play a crucial role in the global coffee sector but face significant challenges. In comparison to men, women in this industry routinely have less access to basic resources like land, credit, and information, according to the International Coffee Organization (ICO). Due to limited access to high-quality land and financial services, female-operated coffee farms typically have lower yields, productivity, and income as a result of this resource gap. Additionally, women often lack decision-making power in their households and communities, hindering their ability to invest in their farms and boost productivity. Exclusion from training programs and agricultural extension services, typically designed for male farmers, further exacerbates these challenges. By addressing these issues, ¡Díos Mio! Coffee's new program hopes to make a significant impact on the lives of female coffee growers.

Photos from ¡Díos Mio! Coffee Website 

The Coffee 

Vergara's coffee brand offers a delightful range of coffee products to suit every coffee lover's needs. Available in whole and ground beans, the brand also caters to the convenience of modern consumers with K-Cups and Nespresso pods. These products have launched on the brand’s website and will be available in Walmart stores starting in September.

A grandmother's embrace is embodied in the Sweetness Light Roast, also referred to as Dulzura coffee. This light roast delivers a smooth, fruity cup with a delightful sweetness, reflecting the dedication and care of the coffee growers.

Photos from ¡Díos Mio! Coffee Website 

The Medium Roast blend offers a pleasing combination of nutty, white chocolate, and brown sugar notes for those who value a well-balanced cup of coffee. This blend is a tribute to the hardworking women who gracefully balance their passion for coffee with their families and careers.

Photos from ¡Díos Mio! Coffee Website 

Finally, the Strength Dark Roast pays homage to the resilience and vigour of Colombian coffee growers. This robust blend provides a strong coffee flavour with hints of cocoa, embodying the energy and strength running through Latin veins.

Photos from ¡Díos Mio! Coffee Website 

Whether you prefer a light, medium, or dark roast, Vergara's coffee brand has thoughtfully crafted each blend to deliver a unique and satisfying coffee experience.