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May 8, 2024
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Apr 19, 2024

Boost Your Brand on LinkedIn: Effective Link Building and Visibility Strategies

LinkedIn perfectly combines the visibility of social media with a professional, business-focused audience. Enhancing brand visibility using social media isn’t a new concept, but the steps to apply that concept to an actual strategy aren’t always clear. This guide covers LinkedIn’s evolving marketing strategies and how business owners of all sizes can leverage them to increase brand awareness and establish a more prominent digital footprint. 

We’ll also review how link building strategies play into enhanced brand visibility and how a LinkedIn marketing plan that includes excellent content and strategic link building placement can boost your brand’s visibility to new heights.

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How Does LinkedIn Help With Brand Awareness?

LinkedIn allows business owners to present their products or services to a highly specific, targeted audience. It also allows brands to foster a deeper customer relationship, which helps establish trust and improve brand awareness and recognition. LinkedIn allows brands to reach other business professionals, unlike other social media platforms where you’re guessing who will most likely benefit from your services or engage with your content.

LinkedIn is especially beneficial for businesses in B2B markets. However, it also offers value to those hoping to boost their personal brand. On LinkedIn, you can create a unique brand identity that sets you apart from your competitors. Establish yourself and your brand as thought leaders and position your business as an expert.

What Is Link Building and Why Is It Important?

Link building is a digital marketing strategy that includes leveraging links on other businesses' websites that direct traffic back to your own. In addition to borrowing traffic from the intended website, backlinks boost your reputation with users and Google bots. Positioning backlinks on trusted websites helps brands establish trust with that audience. They also tell Google that your website can be trusted, which helps with rankings. Securing high-value links isn’t always easy, though. In order for a link-building campaign to work, it’s crucial to have high-value, relevant links leading back to your website. Millions of people in the professional world use LinkedIn, making it a reliable link to secure. Of course, leveraging professional relationships on LinkedIn also helps with link building.

Why Implement A Dual Strategy?

As with any marketing strategy, implementing more than one avenue will almost always produce better results. In this case, enhancing brand visibility on LinkedIn along with a comprehensive link-building strategy can produce excellent results.  Of course, good content and value should be the foundation of your dual strategy. LinkedIn provides businesses with a professional audience, but it’s your job to capture that audience.

User-Friendly Content Platform

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There’s no debate that content will dominate the digital marketing industry in 2024. High-value content has the ability to increase customer loyalty, boost brand awareness, and help close a sale. However, even with the best content published on your website, it may not offer any value if you have limited traffic. LinkedIn helps bridge the user gap, essentially allowing you to put your content in front of a highly relevant audience. LinkedIn can also be a good platform for testing out new content types, like video. LinkedIn videos with value tend to increase engagement rates, which helps take your marketing strategy to a new level.

Connecting You to Professional Collaborations

Another benefit of LinkedIn is that it makes professional collaborations easier. You can easily find industry influencers who can help you reach your digital marketing goals faster. Influencer collaborations serve multiple benefits, including more backlinks, better brand awareness, and the opportunity to secure even more trust from LinkedIn users. Outreach link-building services can even help secure unique collaborations and backlinks without spending your time or resources. Link building services can take a lot of the guesswork out of link placement, ensuring that you capture highly specific and relevant traffic that is likely to bring you results.

Other LinkedIn Tools to Further Your Brand Presence

Another benefit of LinkedIn is that the platform offers many valuable tools that can further your online presence. For example, LinkedIn ads allow brands to target specific professions. The ability to choose from single images, videos, carousels, or thought leader ads also makes aligning your LinkedIn advertising goals with your campaign goals easier. What sets LinkedIn-sponsored campaigns apart from other types of online paid advertisements is that they allow you to put your business directly in front of the decision-makers of a company. Built-in reporting tools also make it easy to establish progress toward goals while maximizing your budgeting goals.

LinkedIn also has retargeting tools, which allow you to continue displaying your advertisements in front of the same customers. Frequent exposure helps solidify your business in your target audience’s mind while significantly boosting brand recognition. Adding a link-building strategy to these techniques covers all your customer targeting bases, helping achieve multiple campaign goals at the same time. LinkedIn is a powerful business marketing tool that brands can use to leverage increased brand awareness. Integrating multiple marketing methods, including link building and video content, can exponentially increase brand awareness, helping to drive more users and conversions to your website.

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