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Jun 24, 2024
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Jun 24, 2024

Building Buzz: How Inside Out 2 is Captivating Audiences Worldwide

The buzz around Inside Out 2 continues to grow, fuelled by the anticipation that's been building for nine years since the release of the original film. Marketers at Pixar are concentrating on reviving the thrill and friendliness of the original film in anticipation of the sequel, which will bring along some new feelings.

Photo from Disney 

The anticipation began in 2022 when the sequel was announced. Since then, Pixar has kept the momentum going through a variety of strategies. Collaborations with IMAX, Dolby, and RealD 3D promise enhanced theatrical experiences that bring the film to life in stunning detail. Social media engagement has played a key role in rekindling the excitement from the first film, leveraging platforms to connect with fans and generate buzz. Additionally, a plethora of brand collaborations have been orchestrated to keep the hype alive and ensure that Inside Out 2 captures the hearts of audiences just as the original did.

Social Media-Powered Assets 

In the digital age, media assets play a crucial role in the success of any release, and the method of their delivery is equally important. Recognizing this, the marketing team began promoting the movie seven months prior to its release. They launched a teaser trailer and a movie poster featuring the beloved character Riley, now a teenager, navigating "Big Changes. New Emotions." This early promotion introduced audiences to the new emotion characters and leveraged social media strategies to enhance visibility and generate excitement.

The teaser made history by becoming the most-watched animated film teaser in the Walt Disney Company's history, amassing an impressive 157 million views within the first 24 hours across various social media platforms. Notably, TikTok alone contributed 78 million views to this record-breaking achievement. Continuing to build excitement, they posted a variety of short clips and static posts across social media platforms. This ongoing engagement culminated in the release of the official trailer in March 2024.

They continued to leverage social media to build momentum, as they regularly shared behind-the-scenes clips from dubbing sessions and cast interviews on their social media pages, keeping fans engaged and excited. Additionally, the marketing team took a creative step by collaborating with celebrities, notably through a partnership with the NBA on ESPN. 

Theatre Experience 

To create an immersive experience for their audience, Walt Disney Studio collaborated with multiple ticketing platforms and theatre chains to boost pre-booking momentum and theatrical numbers. Partners like Fandango, AMC Theatres, Regal Movies, and Cinemark Theatres played a crucial role in this effort. To further engage fans, mascots from the film made appearances at these theatres, adding to the excitement. Additionally, the film was released in various formats, including IMAX, Dolby Labs, and RealD 3D, allowing fans to choose their preferred viewing experience.

Never-Ending Brand Collabs 

Bubble Skincare 

In a delightful crossover, Pixar and Disney have partnered with Bubble Skincare to launch a unique collaboration celebrating the upcoming release of Inside Out 2. This innovative partnership introduces limited-edition packaging for some of Bubble Skincare’s best-selling products and two exclusive skincare sets featuring characters from the film.

Bubble Skincare, renowned for its high-quality ingredients and affordable pricing, has rapidly become one of the world's fastest-growing skincare brands. The collaboration with Inside Out 2 brings a fresh twist to their popular items, seamlessly blending the brand's beloved formulas with the emotions and characters from the animated film.

The Inside Out 2 collaboration includes two exclusive bundles, each designed as a three-step skincare routine packaged in a coordinating toiletry pouch.

The "One of a Kind" set features:

The Fresh Start Gel Cleanser, Water Slide Hydration Boosting Serum, and Cloud Surf Water Cream Moisturizer.

The "Think Positive" set includes :

The Fresh Start Gel Cleanser, Day Dream Tone and Texture Serum, and Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturizer. 

Priced at just $34 each, these sets offer a significant discount compared to their usual $45 retail value.

Bubble Skincare’s fun packaging, accessible pricing, and strong social media presence have captured the attention of teens and tweens across America. This collaboration is fitting due to the themes of puberty throughout the film. Available for a limited time, these exclusive sets offer a unique and exciting addition to any skincare regimen.

Photo from Bubble 


Joyburst, a premium hydration beverage brand, is excited to announce a special collaboration with Disney and Pixar in celebration of National Natural Joy Day. This partnership aims to spread joy ahead of the highly anticipated release of Inside Out 2. As part of this collaboration, Joyburst is introducing promotional packaging featuring beloved characters from the movie in three delicious flavours: Peach, Watermelon, and Strawberry-Lemonade.

In addition to the new packaging, Joyburst is organizing exciting giveaways with sweepstakes, and other activations, in collaboration with Disney's marketing teams. The brand will also have a presence at the red-carpet events for the Inside Out 2 premieres in Los Angeles and Toronto. This collaboration between Joyburst and Disney promises to bring joy and excitement to fans and consumers alike.

Photo from Joyburst 

Cawston Press 

This summer, Disney has partnered with British soft drink brand Cawston Press to celebrate the highly anticipated release of Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2.” This collaboration offers families an exciting chance to win a grand prize trip to Lisbon.

Cawston Press is featuring an exclusive on-pack promotion across its child-friendly Fruit Water range. These packs will showcase a special “Inside Out 2” inspired design, adding a touch of movie magic to the refreshing beverages. The promotion includes popular Fruit Water flavours such as Apple & Summer Berries, Apple & Pear, Apple & Mango, and the newly launched Sunshine Orange.

Photo from Cawstone Press 

National Mango Board 

In celebration of Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2, the National Mango Board and Disney teamed up for exciting sweepstakes. Fans had the chance to win tickets to the film's world premiere, which hit theatres on June 14. The sweepstakes launched on May 20 and ran through May 31, giving participants a limited time to enter for this incredible opportunity.

The grand prize for this sweepstakes included two tickets to the World Premiere in Hollywood, California, a two-night stay, and coach air travel for two. Adding to the excitement, the National Mango Board also participated as a World Premiere Sponsor, bringing the deliciousness of mangos to this joyful celebration.

Photo from National Mango Board 


Samsung’s ‘Discover the Joy’ campaign, launched across retail, digital, and social platforms, highlights the Galaxy S24, Neo QLED TV, and Samsung Galaxy AI. This campaign showcases various emotions from the franchise, aiming to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

A new campaign video, released on May 28, focuses on the Bespoke AI Laundry Combo, demonstrating how it transforms an everyday household chore into a hassle-free experience. The video, produced in collaboration with Disney and Pixar, features characters from the upcoming film "Inside Out 2," which hits theatres on June 14.

The whimsical video portrays the emotional roller coaster that Samsung’s Bespoke AI Laundry Combo can help users avoid, thanks to innovative functions like AI EcoBubble.  This 70-second commercial emphasizes how Samsung’s AI-powered washer cares about your emotions, offering a playful yet practical solution to laundry frustrations.


To celebrate this exciting release, Uber has partnered with Pixar to launch a special campaign centered around their new feature: Uber teen accounts.

During the opening week of Inside Out 2, from June 14th to the 21st, teens can take advantage of a complimentary Uber ride (up to $20) to see the movie. To claim this offer, teens simply need to use the promo code INSIDEOUT2. To top it all off, from June 11th to the 17th, parents can add their teens to Uber and get two free movie tickets, making it a perfect family outing. 

But that’s not all! Uber is also rolling out exclusive, limited-edition merchandise that can be purchased through the app. For $37.99, you can get the Emotional Support Water Bottle Kit, which comes with a 40-ounce tumbler from Owala and a set of mood-changing stickers 

Two tickets to Inside Out 2 will be included in the package for fans who buy this set.

This innovative campaign not only highlights Uber’s new teen accounts but also enhances the movie-going experience for young viewers, combining convenience, excitement, and exclusive perks.


Airbnb is offering fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create lasting memories by staying at Riley's Headquarters. This unique experience invites guests to a Las Vegas residence meticulously designed to replicate Riley's emotional control center, with Joy herself as the virtual host, welcoming the lucky visitors.

Perched high above Las Vegas, the residence boasts stunning views and allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of emotions. Guests can explore the headquarters of the emotions and participate in a scavenger hunt that unlocks new emotions, and after an exciting day, guests can use the control panel to find the perfect room that matches their mood for a restful night's sleep.

From July 1 to July 16, Joy is opening the doors to her emotion-packed Headquarters for 15 exclusive one-night stays, each accommodating up to four guests at the incredible price of $0 per night

Photo from Airbnb 

Disney and Pixar's international marketing strategies demonstrate their commitment to tailoring campaigns to specific audiences. In Europe and the UK, they collaborated with nine different brands, showcasing a diverse approach to partnerships. Meanwhile, in India, their social media campaigns featured iconic local stars, creating a unique and culturally relevant promotional experience. 

The anticipation surrounding Inside Out 2 is reaching new heights with the release. Pixar has masterfully maintained excitement through strategic collaborations, enhanced theatrical experiences, and dynamic social media campaigns. With unique brand partnerships and immersive promotional activities across the globe, Inside Out 2 is set to capture hearts once again, promising an unforgettable cinematic journey.

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