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May 8, 2024
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Apr 16, 2024

IKEA New Gaming Furniture Is Launching This September

Ikea plans to introduce its Brännboll collection, a line of gaming furniture that promises to mix in perfectly with contemporary home decor, in September 2024, marking an exciting departure from the typical gaming aesthetic. It represents a deliberate departure from the stark, energetic designs frequently associated with gaming equipment. Instead, Ikea has chosen a path that integrates gaming furniture into everyday living spaces, making it suitable for a wide audience and various home settings.

The days of aggressive designs and dark, intense colours that demanded to be seen as "gamers" on gaming furniture are long gone. Avoiding this cliché, the Brännboll collection by Ikea draws on the company's Scandinavian design heritage for a simpler, more understated aesthetic. In keeping with Ikea's signature style—distinct, simple, and functional—the collection features twenty pieces, including tables, chairs, accessories, and storage solutions.

Source: IKEA

Design and Functionality

Launching in September, the Brännboll line includes various innovative furniture pieces. Among these are four types of seating arrangements that cater to different preferences and spaces, from rolling carts that double as side tables to versatile storage units that complement any room’s decor. Notably, the collection boasts designs that are less formal and more playful, such as the inflatable donut chair, which adds a whimsical touch while offering comfort and convenience.

The seating options are particularly noteworthy in the Brännboll collection. These include an armchair that converts into a lounging position, a rocking chair that moves with the gamer’s body, and an innovative inflatable donut-style chair with a tucked-away footstool. Each piece is designed not only for visual appeal but also for comfort and functionality during gaming sessions. The collection extends its practicality with a gaming station that cleverly folds away into a wardrobe-like enclosure, complete with foldable tabletops and integrated storage for PC towers and cables. This feature is ideal for gamers who prefer a discreet setup that can be hidden when not in use, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of their living spaces. Additionally, an easy chair with a suspended seat provides a novel seating experience, ideal for gaming scenarios that involve movement, such as racing games. These pieces exemplify Ikea’s attention to ergonomic design while maintaining simplicity and usability.

The collection includes distinctive items like the rolling cart, which draws inspiration from one of the designer's personal hacks. This cart serves multiple purposes: it’s a mobile storage unit for gaming systems and a projector, and it doubles as a functional piece of furniture when not in use. Similarly, a storage basket designed with inspiration from tennis court ball baskets serves as both a storage container and a side table, showcasing Ikea’s innovative approach to dual-purpose furniture.

Accompanying the furniture are various accessories and storage options, including Ikea’s recognizable pegboard customizations, wall-mounted display shelves for collectibles, and textile accessories like mousepads and throws that add pops of colour. These additions not only enhance the functionality of the gaming setup but also contribute to the overall decor, allowing users to personalize their space without it feeling overly themed or branded.

Source: IKEA

Research-Driven Design

Ikea’s commitment to understanding the lifestyle of its customers is evident in its thorough research process. Ikea's design team interacted with both avid and casual gamers all over the world to learn more about their gaming preferences and habits. This research revealed that gaming is a dynamic activity within the home, occurring in various settings from basements to living rooms. As a result, Ikea focused on creating furniture that is not only functional for gaming but also aesthetically pleasing for everyday use.

IKEA and their team chose a vibrant colour scheme for the Brännboll collection, featuring yellows, greens, blues, and reds, to inject energy and liveliness into gaming spaces. This choice reflects a shift from the typical gaming colour palette, which often leans towards darker shades. The bright colours not only make the furniture stand out but also enhance the overall mood and excitement associated with gaming.

Inspired by Lifestyle Trends

Ikea has positioned the Brännboll collection as inspired by street sports and athleisure, indicating a move towards furniture that fits into everyday life as seamlessly as sportswear integrates into casual wardrobes. This approach reflects a broader trend where the lines between lifestyle segments are blurring—gaming is no longer a niche activity but a part of everyday leisure, much like street sports. The inclusion of children and adults in Ikea's promotional materials underscores this commitment to age inclusiveness, suggesting that the furniture is designed to be as suitable for a teenager’s gaming session as it is for an adult’s relaxation time.

As the September launch approaches, the anticipation around the Brännboll collection builds, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its potential to redefine gaming spaces. This range promises to challenge the conventional boundaries of gaming furniture, integrating it into the broader context of home furnishings. It’s a testament to Ikea’s innovative approach to design, where functionality meets style in a way that respects the diverse needs and tastes of its global customer base.

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