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May 8, 2024
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Apr 8, 2024

Hennessy Rebrand Focuses On Its Versatility As A Cocktail 

Hennessy is widely recognized as an expert on premium spirits and is the maker of luxurious, signature-infused cognac. Hennessy's newest campaign, "Made for More," made its debut on Monday and featured Teyana Taylor and Damson Idris. This change comes as the company moves away from its "Never Stop, Never Settle" campaign, which was based on perseverance.  The new campaign, created by W+K, marks a departure from Hennessy's traditional marketing approach, emphasizing the spirit's versatility as a cocktail ingredient and presenting it in a playful and stylish manner.

Hennessy Made For More
Source: Hennesy 

The "Made for More" campaign features a series of unique and playful ads, showcasing stars like British Nigerian actor Damson Idris and American singer and actress Teyana Taylor. They demonstrate innovative ways of crafting Hennessy cocktails in unconventional settings. For example, Taylor is shown blending pineapple juice with Hennessy and bitters, with a twist, as a lime is shot at her from a tennis ball cannon. On the other hand, Idris is seen muddling a Hennessy berry mojito while sitting on a massage chair and creating another drink at an art gallery, using ingredients sourced in creative ways.

The campaign's aim is to showcase the ease of creating flavorful and complex drinks with Hennessy while also presenting the brand in a fun, stylish, and tonally unexpected manner. The website of Hennessy features 136 cocktail recipes, some of which are variations on classic drinks such as the Hennessy Margarita, the Hennessy Colada, and the Hennessy Mule. Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, have made these their go-to cocktail ingredients. The ads are also designed to feel like a cocktail in themselves, blending different people, places, and tones to convey a sense of 'more.'

This marketing shift also reflects Hennessy's status as a luxury brand, with its tactics and visual cues more reminiscent of fashion marketing. The campaign includes out-of-home ads shot by fashion photographer Micaiah Carter in various cities worldwide, along with social assets sharing additional cocktail recipes. Hennessy plans to showcase the drinks at summer festivals, starting with the Dreamville Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Hennessy's move to emphasize its versatility as a cocktail ingredient comes at a time when cognac makers are seeking to overcome a sales slump following a spike in demand during the early days of the pandemic. Hennessy wants to take advantage of the significant cocktail demand that other spirits, like tequila, enjoy by focusing on them. The campaign represents a strategic shift for Hennessy, aiming to refresh its brand image and appeal to a broader audience. By highlighting the spirit's versatility and presenting it in a modern and stylish light, Hennessy seeks to attract new consumers and reinvigorate its position in the market. The "Made for More" campaign is a bold move for the brand, showcasing another side of its rich personality with beauty, fun, and open-mindedness.

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