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May 8, 2024
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Jan 22, 2024

X Users are making money with Elon’s Ad Revenue-Sharing Program

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It is imperative for social media platforms to innovate in order to keep up with user expectations and retain both users and content creators. X, which was previously known as Twitter, is now undergoing a significant transformation under the leadership of its owner, Elon Musk. During this journey, they are not just rebranding to 'X', but also making a significant change from being a text-based microblogging platform to becoming an all-encompassing "everything app." The ad revenue sharing program on the 'X' platform is one of the many exciting features that have evolved since Elon took over. It has revolutionized how influencers can make money and given creators more control and opportunities.

A Transformative Shift: From Twitter to 'X'

The decision to rebrand Twitter as 'X' is a daring move that takes the company into new and unknown territory. Elon Musk envisions 'X' going beyond its previous role as a microblogging platform and transforming into a versatile everything app. X' has introduced some amazing new features that give creators more power. These include audio and video calls, as well as the ability to share longer audio, video, and text articles. In addition, companies now have the ability to use 'X' to post job listings, which allows them to extend its usefulness beyond the limits of traditional social media. 'X' is standing out by creating a space that supports influencers to earn money, leading the way in this revolution by aiming to motivate creators and reshape the digital landscape.

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Competition with Meta's Threads: The Battle Heats Up

'X' is not just rebranding itself in the cutthroat world of social media; it is also aiming for Meta's Threads. With its range of features that cater to different types of content creators and audiences, 'X' is ready to give Meta a run for its money. The Ads Revenue-Sharing Program is becoming a powerful tool for 'X', as it motivates creators to pick their platform over rivals like Threads.

The Ad Revenue-Sharing Program

This program encourages creators to make engaging and top-notch content by giving them the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue generated from their creations. The financial incentive offered by 'X' is a big attraction for content creators. It makes 'X' a desirable platform for creators who want to earn money from their work.

  1. Revenue Sharing - X allows content creators to share in the revenue generated by ads displayed alongside their content. This financial incentive motivates creators to produce high-quality and engaging content.
  2. Incentivized Content Creation - The program incentivizes creators to continue producing content on the 'X' platform, fostering a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem of content that resonates with audiences. 

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  1. Monetization Opportunities - Creators can monetize their talent and hard work, turning their passion into a profession. This opens up new revenue streams for individuals and businesses alike.
  2. Content Variety - 'X' supports a wide range of content types, including audio, video, and long-form articles. This variety allows creators to express themselves in diverse ways and engage with different audience segments.
  3. Global Reach - The Ads Revenue-Sharing Program is not limited by geographical boundaries, providing creators with a global platform to reach and connect with audiences from around the world.  
  4. Fair Compensation - Creators receive fair compensation for their contributions, ensuring that their efforts are duly rewarded and motivating them to continue creating compelling content.
  5. Creator Centric Approach - X places creators at the centre of its ecosystem, acknowledging their value and the crucial role they play in shaping the platform's identity.
  6. User Engagement - Revenue-sharing incentivizes creators to create content that engages users, resulting in a more interactive and dynamic platform for 'X' users.
  7. Business Opportunities - In addition to individual creators, businesses can also leverage the program to promote their products and services, expanding their reach and customer base.
  8. Support for Growth - Creators can reinvest their earnings into improving the quality of their content, upgrading equipment, or exploring new creative ventures, fostering personal and professional growth.

Empowering MENA Creators: Real-Life Success Stories

The impact of 'X's Ads Revenue-Sharing Program goes beyond borders, reaching the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has a thriving digital scene and a growing group of social media influencers. This makes it an ideal place for influencers to make money and for businesses to market their products through creators.

Image Credit: linkedin.com

Let's delve into real-life examples of influencers and brands in MENA that have harnessed 'X's ad revenue-sharing program in 2023:

1. The Travel Enthusiast: Sara's Journey

Sara, who is passionate about travelling and lives in Dubai, started her online adventure on platform 'X.' Sara is able to share her exciting travel experiences and make money through the Ads Revenue-Sharing Program. Her travel vlogs and posts are not only captivating, but also generate revenue for her. Thanks to this financial incentive, she has been able to travel to even more places and share even more interesting content with her expanding audience.

2. The Local Business Success: Café Aroma

Café Aroma, a charming coffee shop located in Cairo, used 'X' to advertise and showcase its inviting atmosphere and unique selection of coffees. Café Aroma used the money earned from these ads to grow and attract more customers. This shows how 'X' helps both individual creators and local businesses in the MENA region.

3. The Rising Star: Ahmed's Comedy

Ahmed, a talented comedian from Riyadh, discovered his unique comedic style on the show 'X.' He has become quite popular with his funny sketches and stand-up shows. And now, thanks to the Ad Revenue Sharing Program, he's turning his passion into a career. Ahmed has been given a great opportunity to shine and grow as a comedian thanks to 'X'. It's really amazing to see how this platform has such a positive impact on up-and-coming talents.

4. The Beauty Guru: Layla's Makeup

Layla, a talented makeup artist from Beirut, loves to share her beauty tips and tutorials on 'X.' She has been able to invest in better makeup products and equipment thanks to the money she makes from advertising on her makeup-related content. By investing in her videos, she is able to improve their quality and offer more value to her dedicated followers.

5. The Fashion Brand: Chic Boutique

Chic Boutique, a fashion brand located in Jeddah, has selected 'X' to advertise and showcase their newest collections. Chic Boutique was able to expand its market presence in the MENA region thanks to the revenue generated from these ads. This demonstrates how 'X' effectively helps businesses reach their target audience.

'X' is bringing about a new era of influencer monetization and creator empowerment in MENA and beyond with its Ads Revenue-Sharing Program and a range of innovative features. The platform's transition from Twitter to 'X' fits perfectly with Elon Musk's idea of a 'everything app.' It's also becoming the top choice for content creators because of its dedication to empowering them.

elon musk x twitter
Image Credit: techcabal.com

As 'X' keeps growing and improving its services, it has the potential to have a significant impact on the future of influencer marketing and creator monetization, not only in MENA but worldwide. Both creators and businesses are finding new chances to grow and innovate on the 'X' platform. The ad revenue sharing program is a great opportunity for content creators who want to earn money from their talent and effort. In the ever-changing MENA region, where digital influence is growing, 'X' has emerged as a driving force for change. It has created an environment that nurtures creativity and encourages innovation.

X's Ad Revenue sharing program is a significant change in the world of social media. It gives content creators more power, encourages users to get involved, and creates new ways to make money. As the program keeps growing, it's changing the online world and making 'X' a strong contender in social media. Elon Musk's visionary leadership and dedication to prioritizing creators have positioned 'X' to have a significant impact on the future of influencer marketing and empower creators worldwide.

Updated January 22, 2024

On January 16, 2024, MrBeast, the renowned YouTube creator, defied his previous reservations by uploading his first video directly to Elon Musk's social media platform, X. Titled "$1 Car vs $100,000,000 Car!!!," the move marked a departure from MrBeast's earlier concerns about the financial viability of X's monetization. Musk enthusiastically shared the milestone with his massive following, highlighting the potential of MrBeast's content on the platform. Despite MrBeast's initial hesitation, his video has garnered significant attention, amassing over 27,000 retweets, 277,000 likes, and 68 million views. However, challenges lie ahead as X's monetization policies, particularly counting views from Premium subscribers only, raise questions about the broader creator experience. While MrBeast benefits from pre-roll video ads through the pre-Musk Amplify program and additional ad support from Shopify, his success on X may not reflect the challenges faced by other creators navigating the platform's unique monetization landscape.

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