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Mar 19, 2024
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The 5 Benefits of Blogging for a New Business (Improve Your Traffic!)

Blogging can help to build trust and connection with your audience. It will also help drastically with boosting your traffic and helping search engines prioritize your website!

Every day, the internet has millions of people accessing it all over the globe. As a tool for businesses, the internet is far-reaching, engaging, and features content for any person with any interest. Blogging gives businesses (especially new businesses) a unique opportunity to discover and connect with new potential consumers by simply creating valuable written content.

The benefits of blogging for businesses are tremendous in terms of helping to build trust, position themselves as a thought leader, increase leads, and achieve a better rank in terms of search engine optimization.

Almost every business is getting into the content game… because it’s proven to be effective!

Here are the 5 reasons that your new business should be blogging.

Blogging helps businesses

1. Drive Inbound Traffic (and Generate Leads)

Inbound traffic to a new business’s website is invaluable. Blogging and authentic content creation are two of the lowest cost and easiest ways to draw traffic to your website. Not only that, but your business has the added benefit of attracting users who are fundamentally interested in content within your realm of expertise. That means that your leads aren’t cold – they’re already looking for the information that you can provide (and maybe goods or services related to it).

Every time a business writes and publishes a new blog on a website, that blog is a newly indexed page on the website. This is one more opportunity for your business’s website to appear on a search engine’s results page. Given the higher cost (and skill level requirement) of other digital marketing strategies, blogging is one of the top choices for many new businesses for this reason alone.

2. Convert Inbound Leads into Sales

So, now that your business has organic traffic arriving on your website – now what? It’s time to monetize and convert those warm leads!

Blog content leads are considered “warm leads” because the reader arriving at your webpage has done the work to seek out your business or content already. Whereas “cold leads” refer to traffic that has arrived at your website or product with less intent. A traditional cold lead is made through cold calling or other forms of direct outreach to a potential customer list that is not familiar with your brand or product.

In theory, warm leads should be easier to convert (which means to persuade them to buy your product). The easiest strategy to convert a lead is to add call-to-action suggestions for your readers in your blog post. For example, if your business sells orchid plant food, you may opt to write a sentence at the end of your blog post about the importance of feeding your plant with a premium plant food product. This is the easiest technique to convert leads using your blog post content.

You may also opt to place a free offer such as a 7-day email course or free shipping for products within your blog post content. Get creative here with the ways to convert your traffic – you know your business, sales processes, and products best.

Those who are advanced in their digital marketing strategies may opt to use blog content as part of their sales funnel. This overall funnel will work to move a buyer from the first contact points on your website or digital content to the conversion or sale of your product or service.

3. Position your Brand as an Industry-Leading Expert

Content, especially long-form and well-researched content, can position your brand or company as an industry-leading expert. The goal of your blog content is to educate and not sell. Authentic content is the best way to communicate your message and gain fans.

Education builds trust and loyalty with your target audience. Be sure to write about trending topics, and how-tos, and openly share your knowledge with your potential customers. Don’t be afraid to link other articles and content outside of your website to increase the overall search engine optimization performance of your article.

4. Get to Know your Audience Better!

Get to know your target audience and customer personas better by creating in-depth strategies around your blog content schedule. During your business’s original brainstorm for content, consider all of the topics and things that your potential consumer may be interested in reading about. You may even learn a thing or two yourself on the journey!

Don’t be afraid to insert your own brand’s tone and voice into your content as well. Speak directly to your target audience and add some flair. That’s what will keep your potential customers coming back for your new blog content (and products).

5. Drive Long-Term Results

In terms of digital marketing strategies, blogging is one of the initiatives that has serious longevity. This means that your blog content will always be working in the background to drive traffic to your website. It’s passive and will continue to rank over time if its search engine optimization is effective. Your business can enjoy days, weeks, and months of traffic originating from a single blog post. Imagine what a routine posting schedule could do for your business!

Get more traffic by blogging for your business

Given this long-term outlook, it’s also important to have realistic expectations when you’re building the foundation for your blog. The traffic to your website may not be immediate and it may take some time to grow your overall leads base. However, you can rest assured knowing that aside from some sweat equity and writing skills, blogging is one of the easiest ways to gain long-term results for your business. Make sure to carve out time for blogging in your digital marketing strategies (or assign the task to a talented team member).

Don’t overcomplicate things - just get started blogging!

With all of these great benefits of blogging for your business, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get cracking on a list of potential content ideas and start putting pen to paper. Or… digital words to a webpage? Don’t overcomplicate blogging and certainly don’t underestimate its value and impact on a new business. For those who are less confident in their writing skills, consider outsourcing to trusted freelancers or contractors. Blog content can be a small investment that results in a large payoff for your business!

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