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May 8, 2024
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Apr 9, 2024

Bella Hadid's Orebella: Launch Date, Products and Beauty Secrets

The Teaser That Started It All

On February 22, Hadid shared a mesmerizing video on Instagram, offering a glimpse into the Ôrebella universe. The video features a close-up of Hadid's eye, transitioning to various scenic visuals of the mysterious Ôrebella logo. The caption, "Ôrəbella founded by Bella Khair Hadid," accompanied by the intriguing phrase "reveal your alchemy," has sparked widespread curiosity, suggesting a focus on personal transformation and individuality. A cryptic photo of Hadid posing next to an Ulta Beauty sign further fuelled speculation about the brand's future retail partnerships.

Then, on February 27, Hadid teased the brand with a short clip on Instagram, featuring a close-up of herself with a floral-pattern filter over her face, accompanied by Sade's "Kiss of Life" in the background. She captioned the post, "May 2. My passion. My baby, @orebella. Link in bio."

Hints and Speculations

Though the specifics of Ôrebella are still unknown, some intriguing clues have been revealed by Hadid's social media activity. The brand's website, Orebella.com, offers a 13-second clip that zooms into Hadid's blue eye, transforming into a kaleidoscopic montage of lo-fi landscape photography, before zooming back out. On Hadid's Instagram Stories, you can see floral images and what looks like a perfume bottle with the name "Oasis of Love" on it. This has led to speculation that Ôrebella could be a scent-focused brand with ties to Hadid's Palestinian heritage. 

Following her departure as the face of Charlotte Tilbury, the 27-year-old supermodel is set to join the ranks of models like Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Miranda Kerr, who have successfully launched their own beauty lines. Bella Hadid is following in the footsteps of her sister Gigi with Guest in Residence, Hailey Bieber with Rhode Skin Care, Selena Gomez with Rare Beauty, and Kylie Jenner with her myriad of fashion and beauty brands. Bella's latest endeavour? Orebella. But what exactly is Orebella?

What is Ôrebella?

@babybella777 mornings with me before we start making things for you cc @Orebella ☁️🤍🫶🏼🪩 #orebella ♬ ♡ ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ ♡ - SoBerBoi

Bella Hadid is known for her holistic approach to life, which is reflected in the range of products covered by the Ôrebella trademark. The first indication that a new brand might be coming was in 2022, when Hadid filed for a trademark for a business named Ôrebella. Based on what we can tell from our trademark search, Orebella is a beauty and wellness brand that is going to offer a wide range of products that are perfect for those who love wellness, including fragrances, scented lotions and oils, shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, styling creams, incense, and fragrance diffusers. While details are scarce, it's likely that the brand will focus on skincare, essential oils, and fragrances.

When Will Ôrebella Be Released?

Ôrəbella, founded by Bella Khair Hadid, arrives on May 2, 2024

The official launch date for Ôrebella is set for May 2, 2024. Fans can sign up for emails and SMS updates to receive an exclusive gift upon the brand's debut. While it's confirmed to be available in the U.S., it's still uncertain whether the brand will be released in other countries simultaneously.

As we inch closer to the launch date, the beauty community remains on high alert for any additional clues about Ôrebella. Will it be a scent brand, as suggested by trademark filings and teaser posts? Or will Hadid surprise us with a broader range of beauty products? Stay tuned for updates as we continue to find out more about Bella Hadid's Ôrebella.

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