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5 Big Corporations with Strong Digital Marketing Strategies

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No one can deny the fact digital marketing has become the most crucial pillar for businesses to achieve success. There are some big players who employed the strongest digital marketing strategies in such a way that their success echoes all across the globe.

However, having direct access to the spectacular marketing strategies of big corporations isn't entirely possible. Such companies follow strict protocols to keep their secrets confidential. They do whatever it takes to keep sensitive information under wraps.

But fortunately, we have some great tools at our disposal to unravel, up to some extent at least, those secrets. These tools are study, research, and analysis. Thanks to them, we sneaked into the digital marketing strategies of some big corporations to find out what exactly enables them to stand out from the crowd. Surely, we are also going to share our findings with you in today's post.

So, let's dive deep into our topic without wasting a second.

1. Coca Cola

How Coca-Cola is focusing on digital marketing is a mesmerizing spectacle. First of all, one thing is evident from their grand digital marketing strategies and that is consistency. Remarkably, Coca-Cola has been keeping its brand identity and product consistent for more than 130 years now. After all those years, the company's logo has stayed relatively unchanged. Moreover, their slogans and taglines also convey the same message.

Secondly, they are strictly following a four-point digital marketing plan to make digital transformation happen. The four-point plan, powered by some creative marketing gurus, is running the show on four fronts. The company's core focus remains on enhancing customer experience and transforming the business to be at the top. Besides, the company also seeks to leverage data as well as technology and improve internal operations to achieve operational transformation. It empowers Coca-Cola to boost its speed reaching and engaging market. Moreover, the company also discreetly works on bringing cultural transformation that is engaging consumers on more personal terms. Thus, Coca-Cola has a perfect digital marketing strategy that elevates the brand experience.

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2. Apple

Apple's digital marketing strategies are also benchmarks for other corporations that aspire to achieve such heights of brand recognition. In fact, the globally popular tech giant employs different techniques. For example, simplicity is one of the most evident techniques you find in Apple's advertisements and other marketing campaigns. They keep content to the bare minimum and let their products speak for themselves. Then, there is Apple's unique value proposition. They strictly uphold unmatched quality and innovation that their competitors have never been able to contend with.

Standing out is another technique employed by Apple. Their products are paragons of excellence and reinforce the beliefs of consumers. Furthermore, Apple also remains focused on creating an experience that lingers in the minds of consumers forever. Right from the launch of products to advertisements and from physical stores to online shops, everything imprints a long-lasting effect. Other core digital marketing strategies you may find are product placement where it appeals the most, leveraging reviews, focus on the target audience, visualization and creativity, and even emotional marketing.

Apple Advertisement

3. Nike

Nike is another big name that has been impressing digital marketers with its phenomenal digital marketing strategies. The brand focuses on building rapport with consumers and communicating with them. Nike's Facebook page with 15 million+ followers paints the picture vividly. Additionally, Nike enjoys approximately 10 million views every first week of launch. These aren't just numbers. They are evidence of how effective Nike has been in its digital marketing strategies.

Moreover, the company's entire focus always remains on consumers because the company offers consumer products. You can observe and analyze from Nike's marketing campaigns how the brand motivates and urges consumers to turn to sports and fitness. Besides, it is also really commendable how Nike has blended innovation, creativity, effective digital business strategy and efficient social media engagement. Thus, the brand is becoming extremely popular all across the globe and its digital sales are experiencing new highs.

Nike's famous advertisement

4. Toyota

The Japanese powerhouse also has top-class professional marketers who know how to attract and engage consumers in the modern digital world. Toyota's digital marketing strategies are designed according to specific market conditions, purchasing power, and assessment of choices of target customers. Additionally, Toyota also shares engaging content on social networks and also runs digital marketing campaigns to entice, engage, and convert as many prospects as possible.

On the operational side, Toyota relentlessly seeks and ensures creativity and innovation. Afterward, the company creatively and aesthetically appeals to consumers and stirs their imaginations through mesmerizing images and videos on different social media platforms. Toyota also creates effective commercials that spectacularly attract audiences. Furthermore, the guiding principles of Kaizen also are instrumental in Toyota's digital marketing strategies that emphasize small but continuous improvements. In this way, Toyota has earned its place in the elite club of automobile manufacturers and has acquired a lion's share in the market.

Toyota's advertisement

5. Netflix

Netflix's intelligent and effective digital marketing strategies have led the brand to become a household name. Its popularity is ever-growing and that isn't a coincidence. It is the direct consequence of their remarkable digital marketing campaigns, commercials, and social media posts. First of all, Netflix is quite adept at grabbing attention and creating curiosity among users through social media. Their social media team creates original and captivating posts that get widespread among users far more than often.

Secondly, the brand cooperates and collaborates with various companies and applications such as banks, Instagram, and Snapchat. It also runs marketing campaigns in collaboration with those companies that achieve outcomes beyond any stretch of your imagination. For example, users can get a 50% discount if they have an account on a bank that is partnering with Netflix. Furthermore, personalization is also at its best here on Netflix. Its data-driven system always keeps users engaged by suggesting relevant content. Finally, Netflix employs numerous innovative techniques and creativity to create highly entertaining and engaging commercial films. All those factors combine to push Netflix to the summit of astonishing popularity and success.

Netflix's marketing strategy

These are just a few examples of how far the correct marketing strategies can take you. Many of the strategies used for these brands can also be scaled down for you to use in your brand strategy and reach new heights in your industry!

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