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4 Best methods to improve your ranking on Google search in 2022

Google maintains its rank as the #1 most visited site in 2022. To be easily found, your website must rank highly in the Google search algorithm. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds…

Search engine optimization (SEO) sounds easy. It’s three words, how hard can it be? But, professional marketers understand the innate value of proper SEO techniques. Many experts still struggle to rank highly in Google’s search algorithm. With Google being the most popular website in the world (86 billion+ monthly visits), a high ranking is an elusive unicorn for every marketer.

What makes Google rankings so challenging? A few complex factors.

First and foremost, it’s difficult to rank highly on Google because of the sheer volume of competition. Google is different than social media sites where you’re competing against those who exist on the platform. On Google, every website on the world wide web is ranked against one another. So your competition is vast and the target always seems to be moving.

Second, the Google algorithm is ever-evolving. Just when SEO experts think that they may have figured out a way to boost Google rankings one day - it could change just as easily the next.

To stay ahead of your competition, consistent innovation and adaptation are needed. To be #1 in the Google rankings, you have to remain optimized and ahead of the game.

Here are some ways that you can boost your Google ranking in 2022:

1. Impeccable Content Creation (Blogging)

Original and optimized content is still one of the best ways to increase your overall ranking on a search platform like Google. Your web content should also be trustworthy and informative (not just fluff that you’ve copied and pasted from other websites). Consider creating a “blog” or “insights” section on your website where you can continually post new and fresh content.

Google will prioritize and reward website content that provides expertise, authority, and is highly trustworthy. Excellent SEO-optimized content is relevant to your audience, should be easy to read, and should be written in a format that’s easy to understand.

Some SEO content tips:

  • Frontload your keywords in your content
  • Do not force the use of keywords, make it organic (and don’t be overly repetitive!)
  • Create longer content (1800+ words) for best traffic potential
  • Backlink throughout your articles and use reliable links
  • Ask other websites to backlink your information - or provide a monthly newsletter to industry insiders that may pick up or reference your content on their website
  • Do not encourage or utilize spam sites to link to your website, this will hurt your SEO ranking way more than it will help!

2. Great Design and Overall Functionality of Website

Google Executive, John Mueller, confirmed that simply changing a website’s design and layout can affect your overall ranking (despite the existing content and URL remaining the same). However, web design layout should still come with considerations that will impact long-term Google ranking factors.

When SEO web design is done correctly, it’s built into the overall design process from the outset. The ideal outcome is to add value to the website by making it search-engine friendly and a positive user experience at the same time. Some businesses may do well to explore the UX (user experience) or UI (user interface) of a website to fully realize the SEO potential of their website design.

Some SEO web design tips:

  • Eliminate unnecessary code or scripts
  • Replace cluttered design with clean and simple pages
  • Prioritize white space to allow for easily scannable content
  • Use accessible fonts and colours
  • Consider UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design of your site
  • Conduct keyword research and select the right ones for your audience
  • Use proper title tags, header tags, image alt tags, and meta description tags

3. Mobile Optimized Website

There are now officially more searches being conducted on mobile devices than laptops (or desktops). If your website isn’t optimized to fit into the palm of your user’s hand - then your business is going to miss out on customers. Boost your Google ranking in 2022 by developing a fully mobile-friendly website.

Your site also needs to have the proper load speed for mobile devices. If you miss this critical piece, your load speed will impact your overall Google ranking in the algorithm. If you haven’t prioritized a mobile responsive website before now, 2022 is your year! Keep in mind that Google mainly uses the mobile versions of websites to rank ahead of desktop versions these days. A mobile-optimized website is a great way to boost your Google ranking.

Some SEO mobile functionality tips:

  • Improve page load speed
  • Audit all pages for their ability to be mobile-friendly
  • Consider design flaws like small text, close buttons, and content that doesn’t fit the average mobile screen size
  • Use a responsive web theme in WordPress (or your website builder)
  • Consider the development of a standalone mobile app

4. Leverage Social Media for Traffic

Social media is a decent piece of search engine ranking. Google uses numerous factors to assess the quality of a website or webpage and social signals are one of them. It’s undeniable that the hardier your digital presence is (and the more SEO optimized), the better chance that you will have to rank highly in Google’s search algorithm.

In addition to boosting your Google ranking, shared content increases your backlinks and can increase total traffic. The more than your content is shared across social media platforms, websites, and via other links - the better. If you have the capacity, social media can be a great SEO technique to boost your overall Google search ranking.

Some SEO social media tips:

  • Cross-promote your blog content across social media platforms (ex. Tweet about your recent blog post)
  • Front-load your keywords in your social media shares and leverage the social network by tagging other user accounts, using hashtags, and optimizing your unique social media content for each platform
  • Engage with other pieces of content on social media and share beyond your own business and brand
  • Link your social channels directly on your website
  • Consider having a scrolling feed of your Instagram (or image-based social media account) somewhere on your website

Do you have more questions about increasing your Google ranking?

SEO isn’t for the faint of heart. Even the most experienced marketers admit that search engine optimization can be a daily challenge. If you’re having a hard time figuring out a strategy (or just putting boots to the ground) - consider reaching out to a professional agency that can help with your SEO technique. Be wary of big promises, but don’t discount the fact that effective content marketing agencies and web design professionals can boost your Google ranking over time!

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